Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 3 In Urdu Subtitles Free Of Cost

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 3 In Urdu Subtitles || Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 3 In Urdu Subtitles Free Of Cost || Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 3, You Can Watch here More Historical Series Like Kurulus Osman,  AlpArslan, Barbrossa, Etc In Urdu Subtitles

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 3 In Urdu Subtitles Free Of Cost

The story begins in the Mediterranean when the Mediterranean was occupied by the Byzantine Empire for centuries. Due to their internal strife, the Roman Empire was not as terrified as before

but its navy was still so strong that the Mediterranean trembled with the terror of the Christians. No bird could fly here and no ship could pass without the permission of the Crusaders.

The Muslims were strong on bad terms, but the king of the sea was a Christian. Let’s just say that they considered themselves God’s criminals. If a sailing ship fell into the hands of Christians, it would either be burned or sunk.

Travelers were killed with extreme cruelty. Muslim Marine Corps were ready, but the king of the sea was a Christian. Let’s just say that they considered themselves God’s criminals.

But the Islamic Navy had allied to deal with these most difficult situations and this Muslim alliance created difficulties for the Crusaders.

The Muslims did not have a navy, so Hazrat Amir Mu’awiyah established the first navy, and the establishment of this first navy dealt a great blow to the Christians and the eastern part of the Roman Empire fell out of their possession.

Although Amir Mu’awiyah had conquered Cyprus, a very important part of the Roman Empire, and inflicted terror on the Romans, but due to the internal situation, he could not achieve many fruitful results.

Beware of the dangers that lie ahead. And with time, the Muslims began to cultivate naval power in a very cheerful manner.

To save Undoubtedly, this great power was the “Ottoman Empire”. It was a time when Europeans were watching the storm in the East, the horror of which had long been etched in their hearts.

That is, to establish an empire of brave Turks and advance towards Europe. It was at this point that the great navy, which was about to embrace the Mediterranean, came into being. Christians who were proud of their centuries-old naval power were staring at Daniel Pass with tears in their eyes.

And the Mediterranean, where the Romans ruled for a thousand years, is now the focus of Ottoman rule. The powerful navies of the Republic of Venice and Spain began to respond to the Ottoman operations and the seas began to shake. But despite such great achievements,

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 3 In Urdu

the ships of the Ottoman Empire were reluctant to advance in the first Mediterranean, the main reason being the lack of proper leadership. And that is why any major expedition

or military operation by the Ottomans in the Mediterranean would be postponed because there was not a single emir of the sea who was well aware of the ups and downs of the sea and,

but Allah Almighty. This problem was also solved and a figure in the form of Khairuddin Barbarossa came to the fore who caused panic in the sea in the early sixteenth century Khairuddin was aware of all the ups and downs of a sea that are necessary for an admiral.

That is why their actions and war deeds were so valued and enduring that for many decades their parrots kept talking in the Mediterranean and Christians trembled at them. Khairuddin Baba Urooj’s real name was Khizr Oglu.

It was this Baba who rose to prominence in the West and became Barbarossa (red-bearded). Barbarossa was born in 1478 on the Greek island of Midnli. Their living conditions are not described in great detail.

According to some historians, he spent his early life in Yeni serving the Ottoman Empire, while according to some he was a soldier from the beginning.

Some historians say that his father traded by ship and later he also traded. But everyone agrees that Barbarossa became a pirate whose aim was to attack and damage Christian ships. Because their home was in Greece and its environs,

they often competed with the Knights of Rhodes and St. John. The Knights of St. John’s were famous for their hostility. In the same operation, Barbarossa’s brother “Elias” was killed and Barbarossa was wounded and arrested. He was imprisoned on the island of Rhodes, from where he escaped to Italy a few months later. From Italy,

he traveled to Egypt. Egypt at that time was ruled by Mamluk princes. Barbarossa somehow managed to meet Mamluk Crown Prince Sultan Qansuwa Ghauri. In the same meeting, the Sultan provided them with a large ship so that they could expand their operations against the Christians.

By 1505 he had succeeded in acquiring three ships. The following year, Barbarossa set up camp on the island of Jaria. From here their operations shifted to the west where the great empires of Spain and France were located.

In 1492, a tragic tragedy took place which is known as the “Fall of Granada”. Europe, which had been ruled by Muslims for eight hundred years, was cut off.

Muslims were treated very inhumanely in Spain and were subjected to extreme atrocities by Christians. Ten years after the fall, Muslims had only three options: emigration, abandonment of Islam, or death. Under these circumstances,

the North African coast was the only recourse. But the problem was that the sea was in the middle. It was very difficult for the stranded and homeless Muslims to cross this sea,

only the Turks were the nation that could move these Muslims from Andalusia to North Africa. So Khairuddin Barbarossa offered his services to solve this problem.

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