AlpArslan Episode 31 Urdu Subtitles Free Of Cost


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AlpArslan Episode 31 Urdu Subtitles Free Of Cost

AlpArslan Episode 31 Urdu Subtitles Free Of Cost

Hello Friends! Welcome to pakistanwap Is the new season of Kurulus Osman series going to make a great start to the love stories? Will Konur Alp win the trust of Ofilia, the emperor’s daughter? Is Konur Alp’s story about to start with a Byzantine princess? Will Konur’s character become a detective forever like Sungurtekin Bey? How is the character of Kantakazenous misrepresented in the series? Will this season show the death of Emperor Andornikos? AlpArslan Episode 31

Will Kantakazenous kill the emperor and take over the Byzantine throne? What historical discrepancies are troubling fans? Is there another child from the Bala Hatun shown? Is the new season presenting a reverse story from history? Are the differences between Aleaddin Bey and Orhan Bey going to intensify? Will share more interesting information in today’s article So watch the article till the end The episodes of the new season of Kurulus Osman series have started For which the fans had waited for a long time As soon as the famous Turkish series stepped on the screen,

the fans started swinging with joy There aren’t too many historical series at the moment Therefore, the fans were looking very eager for their favorite series The news broke when the series started its fourth season That the real historical story of Osman Ghazi is going to start from now That’s why everyone’s enthusiasm was doubled But the first episode made everyone very happy There some events have confused them Now it’s not like the series has come out with a lot of twists and turns Rather, perhaps they have a slightly different starting point ,AlpArslan Episode 31

AlpArslan Episode 31 

And the way Korolesh Osman’s team plays with the fans’ emotions It is possible that these historical events will soon be properly described And now they are trying to gauge everyone’s interest by presenting them in this random order Many fans questioned what historical contradictions the series was portraying after all It is not fair to be critical about such a wonderful series Let us tell you in detail what historical mistakes have been made This is not the first time that the series is presenting events outside of history ,AlpArslan Episode 31

The series was expected to run on schedule So this change is shocking everyone Before discussing this historical manipulation, it is important to discuss such a topic Which has forced everyone to think Everyone is just curious about it Yes, we are talking about everyone’s favorite Konur Alp Indeed, his character has now become a home in the hearts of fans And everyone is very interested in his story Everyone was very curious about this topic even before the start of the season Fans wanted to know who would pair up with Konur Alp

And then it became clear from the trailer of the second episode That maybe the real story is going to start In such a situation, fans were quite surprised to see him bowing before a Byzantine princess The question on everyone’s mind is whether Konur Alp is going to rule the heart of the Byzantine princess If talking about who that princess is So this is no ordinary princess In fact, it is also the heir to the Byzantine throne If you remember, this princess was mentioned in the last episode itself The emperor’s daughter, Ofilia, is the heir to the throne And his character will be seen strong

And now that Konur Alp is spying for Osman Bey in the Byzantine palace So he will look close to a royal person Due to which he gets important information And as he bows before the princess It looks like he will be able to win her trust Konur Alp’s footsteps will be strengthened by the princess in the Byzantine palace The possibilities of the same are visible Seeing the princess, everyone’s real question is this Whether his story is about to begin with Konur Alp Konur Alp’s first encounter is with a Byzantine woman ,AlpArslan Episode 31

AlpArslan Episode 31  Urdu

And that too the daughter of the heir to the throne Seeing the marriage of a soldier of Osman Bey with this princess is a very surprising event But anything can be expected from Kurulus Osman And it looks like this story is going to be interesting Special plans have been made to feature Konur Alp as a spy Fans are asking if Konur Alp’s character is going to be like Sungurtekin Bey And he will appear in the series periodically as a detective The interest of the series is being peaked by showing a story like a keep calm spy The history of Konur Alp should be taken into account So in this sense,

Konur Alp must be seen alongside Osman Bey on the battlefield Not only this, he will also be seen with his Ghazi colleagues on various campaigns Among them were Akcakoca, Abdul Rehman and Samsa Çavuş Konur won’t see Alp as a spy for long Already historical characters are few and far between around Osman Bey And if a historical character like Konur is also removed from Osman Bey So the series will be out of balance So let me tell you that after some time Konur Alp will appear in battle alongside Osman Bey.AlpArslan Episode 31

Not only Konur Alp but also the stories of Cerkutay and Aktemur Bey have started in the series The Kantakeznous K series has seen quite a few dangerous characters And the first impression was that Kantakozenos wanted to kill Emperor Andornikos and take the throne himself. And there is no doubt that Kantakozenos will be the next Byzantine emperor Because he will be the deputy of the young emperor That is, for some time Kantakozenos is also to take the Byzantine throne But he attacked the emperor himself and tried to kill him No such event is recorded in history Rather,

he had also married into the family of Emperor Kantakuzenos And for a long time he also performed duties under Andornikos But the series shows him thirsting for the Emperor’s blood and throne from day one Meanwhile, Ofilia has also emerged as the heir to the throne The series is going to show a great battle for the Byzantine throne Apart from this, some historical upheavals are troubling the fans Osman Bey looked something like this in the last episode As if he were fighting on behalf of Rome There are good indications of Byzantine-Ottoman alliance ,AlpArslan Episode 31

AlpArslan Episode 31 Urdu Subtitles

While in this historical time Osman Bey clashed with the emperor And the Emperor had sent an army under Commander Muzalon to attack Yenisahir Who was defeated by Osman Bey After that, the emperor made great efforts to stop the conquests of Osman by making alliances with other enemies. While the series is synonymous with it The relationship between Orhan Bey and Alauddin Bey does not appear to be particularly relevant to history The relationship between Alauddin Bey and Orhan Bey,

considered as an example for Ottoman princes, is also shown to be under the influence of fictitious events. While they were never confused for power And here matters are getting worse just for the head of the forts’ Apart from this, the most surprising events were that Where suddenly we saw a small baby lying in a swing in the Bala Hatun’s room The fans were shocked if she is the second child of Bala Hatun Which has no reference in history Rather, such an event is against the glory of the historical series

And history is insulting This has not been clarified in the series yet That he is the child of the Bala Hatun But this fear is bothering the fans What is that child doing in the Bala Hatun room? Because the news of Bala Hatun becoming a mother was found in the last season And it cannot be said that he will be the child of Malhun Hatun , AlpArslan Episode 31

Because the news of the Malhun woman becoming a mother has not been reported this season and before This matter is going to confuse everyone more In your opinion, that child may or may not belong to the Bala Hatun? Express your opinion in the comment box Like and share the article See You Soon! AlpArslan Episode 31

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