AlpArslan Episode 36 Urdu Subtitles Free Of Cost


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AlpArslan Episode 36 Urdu Subtitles Free Of Cost

AlpArslan Episode 36 Urdu Subtitles Free Of Cost

Hello Friends! Welcome to pakistanwap Why is Osman crying? What happened to Konur Alp? Why is Osman Bey looking worried about this? How has the series played with history again? What would be the distortion in the series if all the chronological order were reversed? Will there be a new war among the Turkish chieftains for the leadership of the Marmaracik fortress? Osman will hand over the endless Marmaracik fort? Has Beyindir Bey really joined hands with Olof? AlpArslan Episode 36

Why has Ismihan Sultan turned to Yenisahir? Is Beyindir interested in the affairs of the Seljuks? Is the reason for Ismihan Sultan to come to Yenisahir is Beyindir Bey? Also, why are historical wars not being shown in the series? Must read the article till the end to know the full details of many more interesting things And The new season of Kurulus Osman series was certainly launched in a grand manner And many of the shortcomings of the previous season were tried to be overcome at the start of the new season

AlpArslan Episode 36

The change in action and the abundance of slomos made everyone happy But if the last episode can be called the best episode of this season so far So it will not be wrong The episode was visually perfect But the convoluted storyline was also enough to make fans more conflicted The series’ play with history is beyond the understanding of the fans But whatever it is, the awesome battle scenes of the new episode have won the hearts of the fans somewhere

And there is no doubt about that That this episode improved the ratings of the series It’s not that the series is under fire for nothing, the hard work put into the series is always appreciated. But the real problem is the historical events Fans of historical series can understand Which way is the series turning? And where are the mistakes being made? Of course, this is not the first time That the series is contradicting history Often in these cases there is a high and low

AlpArslan Episode 36 Urdu

But the Kurulus Osman series makes history mess up at times Speaking of the current situation, the action, suspense and story of the episode was at its best so far this season But the historical manipulation has surprised everyone Fans have been waiting for historic battles like Kohnesar and Dembos since day one While the series is going on blindly about this The sudden conquest of Marmaracik fort and the announcement of Koprohisar as the next target is surprising the

fans ٰٰIsmihan will also discuss Sultan’s entry and emotional scenes in Osman Bey’s trailer But first let’s mention the historical differences and wars As soon as the Marmaracikchak fort was shown We told you that it will be conquered soon The lack of a big battle earlier this season has been made up for by this victory Which proved to be very useful But historical randomness is the subject of everyone’s debate We told you as soon as we came in front of the Marmaracik Fort

AlpArslan Episode 36 Urdu Subtitles

That the historical period of his victory is 1303 While in the series it will be conquered That’s exactly what happened Now the series is going through the 1300 era Because a war and a state like Kohanisar has not been declared yet And the state was not officially declared Now the victory of Kuprohisar has been mentioned, you give a little detail about it Which you will surely be surprised to know that the conquest of Kuprohisar

came before the Yenisahir Or it should be considered that the period of both conquests was very close Both these conquests took place around 1300 to 1301 While Marmaracik was conquered in 1303 Meanwhile, the battle of Kohanisar took place in about 1302 The series has seen a victory for Marmaracik While the Kohnisar battle was not revised And how the Kurulus Osman series team is planning these historic events It is beyond comprehension Kuprohisar

AlpArslan Episode 36 In Urdu Subtitles

which is a victory before Yenisahir It will be shown later It should be remembered that the victory of Yarhisar and Yundehsar has not been shown yet Which are long ago events The conquest of Kuprohisar is also a step towards Iznik All these conquests are similar to the siege of Iznik The conquest of Kuprohisar would bring the road to Iznik under the control of the Turks. AlpArslan Episode 36

Alp Arslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Episode 36 Urdu Subtitle

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