Ancient Pakistan: Is Taxila a part of Pakistani history

Ancient Pakistan: Is Taxila a part of 'Pakistani history
Ancient Pakistan: Is Taxila a part of ‘Pakistani history

Ancient Pakistan: Is Taxila a part of Pakistani history

Social media users in India are engaged in heated discussions about the history of Pakistan with the hashtag ‘Ancient Pakistan’ and funny and ridiculous tweetsand memes are appearing in this regard.

However, it is also a serious matter for historians.

However, according to the definition of the Nation State, the existence of Pakistan came into being on August 14, 1947, while the echo of this concept can be heard even more than a decade and a half or two and a half decades ago.

In fact, Qamar Abbas Khokhar, a former ambassador of Pakistan to Bangladesh, posted a picture of the subcontinent’s oldest educational institution in Taxila on his Twitter account, saying that the institution used to be in ‘Ancient Pakistan’ in which 16 More than a thousand students from different countries were studying and 64 subjects were taught there.
Although the tweet is a year old, it was first retweeted by a Bangladeshi user and then tweeted by someone referring to Afghanistan, followed by a discussion of ancient Pakistan.

The image of Takshala or Taxila shown in it can be called an imaginary image created with the help of technology based on the ancient relics there.
“People do not agree with the idea of ​​a common past.”
Many people on social media are saying that his grandfather, great-grandfather and even Bharatiya Janata Party leader LK Advani is older than Pakistan, so someone is saying that he is laughing at the mention of ancient Pakistan. I couldn’t sleep all night.

When Muhammad Sohrab, a professor at the Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi, was asked where Pakistan’s history begins and I mentioned the ongoing debate on social media, he said that people’s opinion about history is very limited. While it is much more diverse and broad than your imagination about the past.

“People are not in agreement with the idea of ​​a common past,” he said. Those who are talking like this do not know that all the leaders who fought for the name of Pakistan, including the founder of Pakistan, are greater than the real existence of this country.

“But Pakistan’s history is much older. There is a history of a geographical region and a history of political conquests. In addition, there are other aspects of it.

He added, “The concept of India or India as it is today is the religion of the Mughals who defined its boundaries, enacted a law and gave it a language that was understood and spoken from Kabul to Bengal.” Used to go

On the other hand, Manan Ahmed Asif, a history teacher at Columbia University, told Rana Safavi in ​​a caravan program that when he started writing a book on the history of Sindh, he thought that this history started with Muhammad bin Qasim. Does not exist, but already exists.

In another discussion, he said that the arrival of Islam in the subcontinent did not start with Muhammad bin Qasim but before that graves were found on the shores of Malabar and a mosque was found there before his arrival.

He said that as an official justification for the existence of Pakistan, you can start it from wherever you want, but it is a process that has been going on since ancient times.

Professor Sohrab said that look at the Arab countries, did it not exist before Islam, did it not have a history? In his view, the concept of history is being viewed in India in two compartments and these two compartments are Hindu-Muslim compartments.
But Hilal Ahmed, a professor at Delhi’s leading Center for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) and author of several books, says a recent Pew Research Center survey in which he was involved and The survey found that “more than 90% of people say that India is a country of all people of all faiths.”

But he also said that a country’s history is influenced by its politics.

“When India was divided in 1947, it was a geographical division, not a division of history,” Hilal Ahmed told the BBC by phone. The two have a lot in common, but they have different views on how to look at history.

Giving an example, he said that there is a New Lahore Colony in his neighborhood in Delhi and similarly there is a Lahore apartment in Vasundhara which shows that history belongs to the people.

Prof. Hilal Ahmed further said, “Monuments and historical buildings are an integral part of history and it is a historical tragedy that Jawaharlal Nehru’s two oldest monuments or relics in India are Moin Jo Daro and Harappa in present day Pakistan while Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s Pakistan. All the important monuments of India, the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort are left in India.
But there is a difference in the way the two countries view history. India has adopted the idea of ​​harmonizing and harmonizing with all, so there is a continuity in its historiography while it is lacking in the official history of Pakistan.

He said that in the year 1956-57, the famous Urdu poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz had submitted a document to the government of Pakistan in which he had talked about linking the history of Pakistan with Moinjodaro and Harappa. And this was the period when Pakistan was declared an Islamic state, because it was not an Islamic republic at the time of its establishment.
But Mohammad Sohrab says it is a tragedy that in India or Pakistan, a ‘xenophobic nationalist narrative’ is being made about history based on hatred of others.

Reaction on social media
However, referring to the history of ancient Pakistan, Qamar Abbas Khokhar had made several consecutive tweets last year in which computer-generated images of Moin Jo Daro and Harappa were also presented. And one of them tweeted that the world’s first expert grammar expert and political philosopher Chanakya Kotlia was also in ancient Pakistan.

Human remains in the Taxila area date back to the Stone Age, but the city dates back to the 6th century BC. It is also mentioned in the books of Hindus and Buddhists, but it is said that it grew up in Moriah and was very popular among the educational institutions here.

He tagged a user named Hanan 21 with his tweet who wrote in his recent tweet that Taxila’s educational institution flourished for almost a thousand years until it was demolished by the Hindu king Mehir Kal in the sixth century AD. Given

But in some places it is written that the city settled by Rama’s brother Bharat was in ruins since the second century AD and it was demolished after the fall of Toraman.

A user named Bhardwaj writes that this is ‘ancient Pakistan’. The word Pakistan did not exist before 1933.
Many people wrote while presenting a map of the subcontinent that ancient Pakistan used to be a part of great India.

A user named Priyanka Chopra wrote with it, ‘Look at the map of the Great Moriah Empire. And this is the future of Pakistan.
Ranganath Singh, editor of Maharashtra’s popular media house Lokmat’s Hindi website, posted a Hindi translation of Qamar Abbas Khokhar’s tweet with an imaginary picture of Taxila on his Facebook page and thanked him for sharing the information. ۔

Sonam Mahajan wrote on Qamar Abbas’s tweet that ‘there was no such thing as ancient Pakistan. The faith on which Pakistan was built is itself only 1400 years old. You cannot boast of the 2700 ancient Indian University as your own unless you acknowledge your Hindu past.
In response to N, a user named Sattar Farooqi writes, “Dear sister, the religion of Islam has existed since the first day of humanity’s arrival on earth. Please read and learn the Qur’an.

While a user called Pakistan for Ever wrote: ‘The history and cultural structure of the Indus has always been different, unique and distinct from the Ganges Republic. Most of our traditions have been based on Buddhism and Islam and Muslims and Sindh have taken a separate path from India. Pakistan is a historic decision in itself.
However, experts believe that it is not only India and Pakistan but also the common history of the subcontinent that will continue to be sacrificed to political priorities.

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