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Barbaroslar Animated Cartoon Episode 4 With Urdu Subtitles Free Of Cost

Now ❤️Watch and Barbaroslar Animated Cartoon Episode 4 With Urdu Subtitles Free Of Cost | Barbaroslar Cartoon Episode 4 | Barbaroslar Cartoon Episode 4 Urdu | Subtitle And Watch More Historic Series Like Kurulus Osman | Alp Arslan | Barbrosslar Teskilat

Barbaroslar Animated Cartoon Episode 4 With Urdu Subtitles Free Of Cost

Barbaroslar Animated Cartoon Episode 4 With Urdu Subtitles Free Of Cost

Hello Viewers, we welcome you to Pakistanwap to share important information related to the new season of Kurulus osman Series. In the new coming season where many battles will be seen. There, osman will leave the Kayi tribe and settle in Yenisehir. Sugut will be shown a little less than before. The focus of the series will be on Yenisehir and inagol. inagol fort, which was given to Turgut Bay after the conquest. In inagol Fort and Yenisehir, osman Bay’s soldiers will be seen preparing for the conquest of new forts. osman Bay’s new goal is to achieve iznak and Bursa.

In order to gain access to iznik, Usman left the tribe and went to live in iznik. Even before iznak, Uthman would have won many important victories. The battle of Kohnisar will take place before the victory of iznik. Apart from the Byzantines, the Mongols will also be seen adding to osman Bay’s difficulties. But osman would easily defeat the rebellious Mongols. osman Bay will not have to suffer as much from the Mongols as in the past. On the contrary, the great battles of osman Bay with the Byzantines will be witnessed. Emotional scenes are always seen along with the action to balance the story of the series.

In the coming season where we will be able to see the love story of Koh Noor Alp moving forward. Boran’s second marriage will also be shown there. There are usually two to three weddings in each season. Therefore, the wedding of Koh-i-Noor Alp will be shown first in the new coming season. After that we will be able to see the wedding of Boran Alp. And for the first time, the two weddings will be held in Yenisehir. Where osman Bay is very happy after conquering Yenisehir. There the enemy is very sad after losing inagol and Yenisehir. And the emperor wants to take back his lost fortress by making every effort.

Therefore, osman Bay will have to make big decisions at every moment. And now, with each passing day, osman seems to be getting stronger. Viewers Moving on to the video, you are told the key events of Season 4’s story. When will Kosis and his offspring be part of the series? Apart from the rebellious Mongols and Byzantines, what enemies will come to harass osman Bay? Will the unity of iznik and Bursa Tekfurs be shown? What great help will the Seljuk Empire bring to osman Bay? Why Bala hatun and Allauddin will not be shown in the series again? Barbaroslar Animated Cartoon Episode 4

Barbaroslar Animated Cartoon Episode 4

What new characters are being added to the series? What new strategy is osman Bay adopting for his victories in the upcoming season? When will Sultan Masood be included in the series again? There are many more important things you will find in this video. You must watch the video till the end to know the details of all these. You must like the video before proceeding. If you are new to this channel, subscribe to the channel so that you can be the first to get all the news related to Kurulus osman. Preparations are underway to bring the story of the new season to the screen. Barbaroslar Animated Cartoon Episode 4

And soon we will be preparing to add new characters to the series. Because the actor playing the role of osman Bay has read the story of Kurulus osman Season 4. There is no doubt that after the Kurulus osman series, a series will also be made on orhan. But orhan’s role will not be abolished yet. Nor is the Kurulus osman series coming to an end soon. Because there will be at least seven seasons of the Kurulus osman series. And after that the orhan series will be brought to the fore. After the fifth season of Kurulus osman, orhan’s character will be shown to be strong. Barbaroslar Animated Cartoon Episode 4

The main victories of osman Bay in the series are yet to be shown. viewers, If all the important victories of osman Bay are also made a part of the series, then the series will go on for a long time. Because osman Bay had made many important conquests after the establishment of the empire. After the establishment of the empire in 1909, by 1308, Usman Bay had conquered many important territories. Some years after 1308, osman Bay could not achieve any significant victory. On the contrary, osman Bay had taken a defensive stance. Barbaroslar Animated Cartoon Episode 4

Barbaroslar Animated Cartoon Episode 4 Urdu

The reason was that every Byzantine Tekfur had raised an army against osman Bay. And the other big reason was that the Tekfurs had bought the Catalans to fight against osman Bay. The Catalans were also featured in Season 3 of kurulus Osman. Who were seen damaging osman Bay for gold coins. In the coming season, we will be able to see Catalans become part of the series again. And these Catalans will again be seen to be a problem for osman Bay. But where osman will be seen defeating the biggest enemies. There the Catalans will also be overthrown by a brave Ottoman soldier. Barbaroslar Animated Cartoon Episode 4

Kosis will also be seen supporting osman Bay against big enemies. By the time Kosis left the series, Kosis had become a Muslim. Kosis’s wife and children will also be shown in the coming season. According to history, Kosis had three sons and a daughter. We will see in the coming season that Kosis will settle in Yenisehir with his wife and children. Kosis died after the conquest of Bursa by orhan Ghazi. After Kosis, Kosis’ sons and grandsons also played an important role in the development of the Ottoman Empire. Barbaroslar Animated Cartoon Episode 4

Loyalty to the descendants of Kosis after Kosis is also recorded in the pages of history. Kosis will be back in the series next season. And Kosis will now be featured in the series under the name of Abdullah Mahial. Kurulus osman in Season 4 where osman Bay’s Byzantine enemies will appear. There will also be some tribes in Season 4 who will oppose osman Bay. Season 3 featured Gangur Bay from the Garmian tribe. Gangur Bay was also seen secretly opposing osman Bay. Whoever becomes a traitor then his punishment is determined by the sword of osman Bay. Barbaroslar Animated Cartoon Episode 4

Barbaroslar Animated Cartoon Episode 4 Urdu Subtitles

Gangur Bay was not shown in the series again after the time jump. But now, in the coming season, when the Garmian tribe will be fully part of the series, then the role of Gangur Bay will reappear. osman Bay who will fully declare the empire. Then some Turkish tribes will declare rebellion with osman Bay. Along with the Byzantine enemies, some Mongol enemies will appear as usual. The Byzantines can make an entry in the series of Commander Mozalan. Barbaroslar Animated Cartoon Episode 4

At the same time, iznik and Bursa Tekfurs will be made part of the series. While some rebel Mongol groups will be more visible from the Mongols. Mongols will not be a big challenge for osman Bay next season. On the contrary, great battles will be fought between the Byzantines and osman Bay. Season 4 begins with a big battle between osman Bay and the Romans. VIEWERS, You can ask any question related to kurulus osman series in the comment box. Barbaroslar Animated Cartoon Episode 4

Barbaroslar Animated Cartoon Episode 4 With Urdu Subtitles

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