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Barbaroslar Episode 20 Dubbing Hindi And Urdu Free

Now ❤ Watch and Download Barbaroslar Episode 20 Dubbing Hindi And Urdu Free Of Cost | Barbaroslar Episode 20 | Barbaroslar Episode 20 Dubbing | Barbarosa Dubbing Hindi And Urdu | Barbaroslar Episode 20 And Watch More Historic Series Like Kurulus Osman | Alp Arslan | Barbrosslar

Barbaroslar Episode 20 Dubbing Hindi And Urdu Free

Barbaroslar Episode 20 Dubbing Urdu Dubbing Free

Barbarossler Season 1 Episode 20 In Urdu subtitles, maybe it talks to the horse, isn’t it? Let’s see who you bring me from Wasparken Castle. How long will we wait, Diogenes? No news from the scouts. When will we act? News is coming that Al Parslan will leave the headquarters. Headquarters will regain its rightful owner. Alperslan is also dead. Here’s a note from Maria, sir. Come to the cedar garden near the river before the sun sets. So you’re in good shape, Maria, that’s good news. This time, I hope you bring me good news. Sir, news came from the palace. What does it say, sir?, Barbaroslar Episode 20 Dubbing

Kekavmenos Satan writes his place on Karmatis’ head without blood. Sir, don’t be trapped. Why would a devil named Kekavmenos do anything for us? Good luck, Avar. Then the jackal becomes a jackal and the lion becomes a lion. Shall we bring gentlemen behind us, sir? Barbarossalar Season 1 Episode 20 In Urdu subtitles, this is not necessary, this is our own business. Come on horses. Mr. Alperslan. Let’s treat the horses quickly, Barbaroslar Episode 20 Dubbing

Barbaroslar Episode 20 Urdu

Mr. Bator, we are going to do something simple. The headquarters is yours. Why don’t we get together, sir? This is our own challenge.We’ve done a lot of them, hopefully we’ll do a lot of them. I hope so sir. Lets. I will come to you now, Mr. Bator. Great? Eagle Bay informed and consulted with these gentlemen last night and told them what he wanted. I couldn’t talk about it last night because I wasn’t feeling well. Since Yinal Bey invites us, let’s respond appropriately, Barbaroslar Episode 20 Dubbing

It is possible that Alparslan Bey wanted to consult with you about his problem. Destructive caravanserai in the hunting yard, on the way to Ray. Please tell Mr. Annal that I can’t attend because of my health, Mr. Bator. Let’s go on the road. Prepare the horses. I said the plan would work.Goethe called this poor man and still thinks he can own the headquarters. You did not deceive me, my beautiful Evdokya. I have always said what you can achieve with your intellect and courage. However, no one should be relieved before reaching a conclusion, Mr. Takfer, Barbaroslar Episode 20 Dubbing

Prepare the unit to take over Diogenes headquarters. Welcome, Mr. Tekfor. First of all, thank you for your congratulations, long live the great gentlemen of Turkmenistan. I wanted to come and tell you the news myself. Barbarossalar Season 1 Episode 20 In Urdu subtitles, my gentlemen, our Sultan, who has sent you to establish a homeland on these lands, are not Ibrahim Yenal, the son of Tughral Bay and the intelligent Yusuf Eagle?

Barbaroslar Episode 20 Hindi

That’s right, Yigal Bey, Oğuz’s language doesn’t change to say straight and curved. You gave way, you gave way. We too will fight round and round to snatch the province from the hands of infidels. No doubt about it, Mr. Bator. Has anyone in the Seljuk estate heard that he has cut the referee like a crop in the sky? But as governor of the Seljuk state of Mosul, I wonder why you became the subjects of a rebel group. That’s right, you brought us to this land, Annal Bay. But around Vasporkan, which was blown up in places, it was Alparslan Bay who guided the Turkmen, Barbaroslar Episode 20 Dubbing

The sword and the pen are together. We will definitely find the real girl too. Don’t worry about it It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. Urooj says that if the secret of the book is solved or it is taken to Rome, then the stock of pen and sword will be useless. Dervishes say they will not take it. They are also behind Muhammad. They can’t go anywhere without Abu Muhammad. On hearing this, Khidr says that if Abu Muhammad comes under our control, we can stop him, Barbaroslar Episode 20 Dubbing

Arooj says: Let’s find out. In the meantime, we will start preparations. Darwish says your journey is difficult and the path is very dangerous. Don’t grieve if your feet are broken. On the other side of this book is the cure for the sorrows and griefs of the oppressed. Hearing this, Arooj was forced to think. Betro was talking to his soldiers here. Where we are going to raid, Barbaroslar Episode 20 Dubbing

Barbaroslar Episode 20 Urdu Dubbing

Kill everyone there. We only want Abu Muhammad alive. Having said that, they left. Here the astrologer was telling the ascent. Muhammad Bahria is around the ancient Mamluk headquarters to the east of Marvi and is accompanied by Harabai. Hearing this, Khidr said that there are two ways to get there.

Moses and Muscat will go. Walk south with some soldiers. Reached the place where the people of Abu Muhammad had pitched their tents. Inshallah Musa says that Baba Urooj has sent us. These are the ones who are going to raid this place. Meanwhile, Arooj’s horse fell down after hitting the rope and Arooj fainted. Khidr says it is an ambush. At that moment, Petro’s soldiers arrive and the battle begins. Muscat and Musa were fighting valiantly and killing them but were martyring the Muslims at night, Barbaroslar Episode 20 Dubbing

Seeing this, Heera started pulling Abu Muhammad out of there and shot him, which injured him and he fell down. The men captured Abu Muhammad. It seems to rise and destroy it. The soldiers of the rise were also constantly fighting here and one by one they were eliminating the infidels.Here at night and his soldiers martyred all the Muslim soldiers while Petro Musa Muscat wounded both of them after which he says at night should we not leave the mark of ascent?

At night, he takes guns from his soldiers and fires on Musa and Muscat, after which he shoots them and martyrs them.Wakes up that we wasted a lot of time, immediately moving away from Rahul, seeing this he reached us there, after that his brother reached a place but reached him. And said what happened here? , Barbaroslar Episode 20 Dubbing

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Rabi’i says that the people of Al-Manus raided us and they took Abu Mah with them. Here, as Elijah sees Muscat and Moses, he shouts, “My brothers! It is very sad to see this.” Gone. Got sad, Barbaroslar Episode 20 Dubbing

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