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Barbaroslar Episode 22 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free

Now ❤ Watch and Download Barbaroslar Episode 22 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free of Cost | Barbaroslar Episode 22 , Barbarossa Episode 22 Urdu | Barbaroslar Episode 22 English Subtitle And Watch More Historic Series Like Kurulus Osman | Alp Arslan | Barbrosslar | Teskilat

Barbaroslar Episode 22 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free

Barbaroslar Season 2 Episode 22 Urdu & English Subtitles Free

Barbarossler, Mediterranean Sword. Welcome to our short analysis article about what will happen in the new episode 22. Our series, which manages to tie its fans to lifeless screens with its action-packed scenes every week, is the most interesting issue of the next episode, How will Hızır Reis get rid of Kalymnos Castle? And who will save Baba Oruch from execution? When Khizr Raees wanted to save Maryam, whom he considered a prisoner in Clemenos Palace, Maryam, under the influence of her brother Petro’s medicine, thought that Khizr Raees, on whom she had placed her heart, was the enemy, and Khizr Raees.

He had to be saved when he was trying to save Mary.Perry Race and Nico, who accompanied Clemenos, will save him. Another good development was that Kılıçoğlu Şahin Bey got Isabel’s sister. Barbarossa Episode 22 In Urdu, Shaheen Bay, who was not accepted by his brother Shahbaz, showed his identity by shooting his brother when he was about to destroy Shahbaz’s father’s cannons. The second most interesting question is the new section which will save Baba from execution. This prediction was made by my brother Murat Shooting, who supported us by writing in our previous analysis video, Barbaroslar Episode 22

Of course, Father Darwish will save Father Roza from the ropes. Barbarossa Episode 22 in Urdu, because you all already know who Darwish Baba is and how important he is. Like Pierre Reis, his Messiah must have been related to Pasha Darwish, who had come in the past by order of the Sultan. And when the Messiah would talk to Pasha Darwish and find out the truth, he would end the execution. And Baba Oru will be waiting for a great position, Barbaroslar Episode 22

Barbarossa Episode 22 With Urdu subtitles Gentlemen, you will continue after Gündüz Bey until the infidels leave these lands. There is no stopping you, but first of all, our tribes will be rewarded with the spoils of Harmankia. Good lesson, your Shaan, what about Usman Bay? What will happen when he comes? Usman Bay is one of the great heroes of this land. When his anger subsides, Sultan Mesut will forgive him. I hope it’s Destor sir? – come on. News came from Konya that Mr, Barbaroslar Episode 22

Usman B also martyred a sergeant and several Seljuk soldiers. Göktuğ, one of the Alps, was martyred in the desert. Göktuğ… Kayı’s Brave Göktuğ… Göktuğ… My Brother! Goctag! You .. You .. Barbarossa Episode 22 Queen with subtitles Queen! My brother died because of you. You brought death to this tribe. You will go away with immortal death, Minister Boran! – Death! I say Boran! What’s wrong with standing in front of a minister in the presence of a brain? Ati Boran – You must come to your senses.

Barbaroslar Episode 22 English

When we hope that you will be forgiven, you run from wrong to wrong. I knew Sergeant Al-Jazdi, he was a lion of lions. Usman is now on an irreversible path. Gentlemen, you did the right thing by electing Mr. Gundoz as the head. Give me the good news, the Minister Addict, the two men with hidden faces have thwarted all our tricks. But Silicon Hatton is seriously injured and is now in Darwish Lodge. But Silicon is severely wounded, which means that all those men will die in front of the two-faced robber, Barbaroslar Episode 22

What if something happens to your head for a while without me, Farman! It will not stay here. But first I will look at Gehato. Order of Commander Onat! Barbarossa Episode 22 Not a single bird will be able to fly with Urdu subtitles and no one will leave Konya unannounced! let’s go! Stop! We say the bird will fly away, where does this car go? What does it take? There are servants in it who were cut by Usman. Commander Camel’s order: If you want to see the dead, open it late.

Don’t want to take it let’s go. Follow the oncoming vehicle. Mother! Is it good If something happens to my mother, I will put both hands on your neck.Gündüz, open your eyes and take a good look. How was it Tell me, who did this? Who will work together? You can also ask. The one who will benefit from our death has done it. Julia is with you Nicola, her dog. But Nicola is not the only one behind it, Barbaroslar Episode 22

Barbaroslar Episode 22 English Subtitles

You know exactly who we stand in the way of, Gündüz Bey. Minister Alimshah sent this dog after us. Aren’t you tired of knowing what happens to you? You know better, Gundoz Bay. The minister and Nicola have the same goals. Mother. I will not associate it with those who do. You drove me out of my obedience. Mother… Barbarossa Episode 22 With Urdu subtitles, you separated mother from her child. Who are you Kayı is in the palm of our hand. His new gentleman Gündüz will not go beyond me.

Beautiful Usman tried to kill the Sultan, now the traitor Konya will be his grave. They say that the Sultan is not well. What if he dies? We mourn His youngest son becomes Sultan. Our movements are good in both East and West. Gündüz will snatch Harmankaya from Nicola’s hand. After this first step, Aznak and the surrounding lands will become ours. By the power I gather there, I will form a large Greek-Turkish-Mongol army! To this army I will overthrow the Mongol ruler Argan Khan. I will sit! You will sit on the throne, Barbaroslar Episode 22

Even if they do not call me Sultan, I will still be the ruler of Ali Seljuk. Usman will die with Barbarossa Episode 22 Urdu subtitles. Where were you, Usman Bay? Where were you? Kosses at the end. – Finally. Usman! Where do you go So call me you are one of those people who fell like snow on Ali cellulo. Your end will be like that of your servants. Now I am about to fall on you, Othman! come on, Barbaroslar Episode 22

Barbaroslar Episode 22 Urdu Subtitles

They grabbed a man and killed him. They will strike the man on the chest, the man will weep on my back. At last he stopped and said man we will hit your chest, why are you crying on my back? Do you know what he said? Obviously my words will have no effect on you. If you want to wake up from the slumber of negligence during the day, you can become a disciple of your conscience and a guide of your soul. Everything is as clear as day, Barbaroslar Episode 22

Barbarossa Episode 22 With Urdu subtitles, you had earlier beaten Salmon. You escaped when he was about to be killed in the room. The dagger is yours. When Uthman dies, you will be remembered as a traitor, and so will Oban! Surely Allah reveals to the servant what He knows! Long live Osman! The wave of our forehead spreads from tongue to tongue! The whole world knows Uthman. You should not worry! brother! O my brother, my brother! The bone of the brave melts, the name remains, you fought bravely, brother. Go to our Lord in peace.

My Lord with the comfort of dying on the straight path. Eşhedü en la… My end has come, but not far from you. Yes! for God’s sake! Hey Mashallah Solgur Agha! You made noise and created fear in the heart of the oppressor. You bit him like a hunter, God willing! He is called a lion hunter, I was enough when he called you Usman. Thanks but today the lion and the dog came to you. To be there. If you have a problem in Konya, I will be with you wherever you are. Be there! “You too, Usman B, Barbaroslar Episode 22

Barbaroslar Episode 22 Download

Have you ever wondered what your mother would say if she knew you were turning your back on your brother? Don’t care Come on, I didn’t turn my back on my brother. I’ve always been jealous of you, you know? Halima Hatoon has brought up such good children, I used to say that she would stand behind her brother and make up for his absence. My burning liver I am with my brother again. Ask here; which side are you on?, Barbaroslar Episode 22

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