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Barbaroslar Episode 23 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free

Now ❤ Watch and Download Barbaroslar Episode 23 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free of Cost | Barbaroslar Episode 23 , Barbarossa Episode 23 Urdu | Barbaroslar Episode 23 English Subtitle And Watch More Historic Series Like Kurulus Osman | Alp Arslan | Barbrosslar | Teskilat

Barbaroslar Episode 23 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free

Barbaroslar Season 2 Episode 23 Urdu & English Subtitles Free

Thank you very much Lord with Barbarossa episode 23 Urdu subtitles. He stabbed the Sultan in the back. He tried to kill her. And then ran away. What? Her brother is no more. Please do not stand in front of me if it touches me. Wherever I look, I will take your life. All you have to do is be a decent man of your tribe. This is to give justice to the kingdom. Usman. Find him and bring him safely to me. Hazrat Sultan Mesut Usman tried to kill you. He killed Commander Timogai and escaped. We are looking for Usman, we will kill him as soon as we find him, Usman will die, Barbaroslar Episode 23

And he will follow in his footsteps to his death. How is Silicon Hatton? He is not well, my minister. His wound is very deep. What does Usman do when his mother is dying, Connor? Of course he will come to see his mother. Keep your eyes on the lodge. This is your order, my minister! O Lord of Glory! I will not be afraid of the snare of the oppressor or the hypocrisy of the hypocrite. I always trust you, I always trust your sales. O Lord O Lord! Help me and my generation to convey the word and the sentence to the world. I have walked because of the word of God., Barbaroslar Episode 23

O king, who is the gracious Lord? Save us from all the evils that come before us for the system of small and big worlds.O Lord, I have life and sacrifice in Your way, O Lord! You, the Knower of hearts, give me the strength to break down the walls that come before me. Amen or Lord! Amen. How did you compete, Mr. Bamsi? You buried your brothers like me. Advise me, especially Bamsi brain double pistes. Bamsi Bay also endured all the hardships I endured. You saw it all. Tell me, how is it handled? Just say it Or did you give him that option? , Barbaroslar Episode 23

Give it to me too Just say that What should I do now? Vote… Vote… Just say that. Just say it One of my brothers was martyred, the other’s mind is far from me,What should I do now? What happens to me, what happens to me, what happens to me! Oh, it’s up to me to be as flexible as Bamsi Bay. It’s up to you to cut them all off! And goodbye! Yes, I will cut them all, brother.We are running, sad. You swear revenge. My master’s dreams are like heaven. It’s not about treating Posata, bro. It is in the heart. It has to be obeyed., Barbaroslar Episode 23

But it’s not enough to believe such a headline, you have to believe it. My Lord has assured us. My master encouraged us. What do you think I have come a long way from the Caucasus. I followed Usman Bay, I am one of the believers, brother. If you have lost a sibling then you have gained a sibling .Minister Alam Shah! Minister Alam Shah! I have important news, Nicola! What news is unimportant that you are going to give? We played such a big trick on Usman in Konya that now he is the traitor who killed Sultan Mesut., Barbaroslar Episode 23

Barbaroslar Episode 23 English

How did it happen This is my secret. Now we have got rid of Usman forever! is that so? Usman no longer has a head on his body, right? Not yet; Usman somehow managed to escape from the palace. Hell with that! How can it be! How can you forget when you have succeeded in imposing such a great crime on yourself! This is really disappointing, Minister Alam Shah! Nicola even greater disappointment!I should have killed Koss before he left for Constantinople! Done, Nicola, there’s no point in spitting. But in the end, you will not hide your defeat, just as you do not hide your victory. Barbaroslar Episode 23

You will not hide it so that the thorns which you think have come out of our way will not bite at our feet. Also, you don’t have to worry about ‘Uthman. The Seljuk soldiers will soon capture him. His head does not stay on his body for long. Then I promise that I will kill Kosis by grabbing him by the hands. Promise me, samples of the goods we will bring to market tomorrow will reach here, Barbaroslar Episode 23

I’ll show you early in the morning. So I’m a guest at your palace tonight, Nicola. I will be honored. Othman – Othman. Tell my ‘Uthman that your mother is pleased with you. Always walk on the path of the state that Usman dreamed of. I hope you see those days together. Don’t say that, I hope we all see together. My dear daughter Barbarossa Episode 23 My Usman dreams of this glorious state with Urdu subtitles, Barbaroslar Episode 23

Perry Race and Nico, who accompanied Clemenos, will save him. Another good development was that Kılıçoğlu Şahin Bey got Isabel’s sister. Barbarossa Episode 22 In Urdu, Shaheen Bay, who was not accepted by his brother Shahbaz, showed his identity by shooting his brother when he was about to destroy Shahbaz’s father’s cannons. The second most interesting question is the new section which will save Baba from execution. , Barbaroslar Episode 23

Barbaroslar Episode 23 English Subtitles

This prediction was made by my brother Murat Shooting, who supported us by writing in our previous analysis video.Of course, Father Darwish will save Father Roza from the ropes. Barbarossa Episode 22 in Urdu, because you all already know who Darwish Baba is and how important he is. Like Pierre Reis, his Messiah must have been related to Pasha Darwish, who had come in the past by order of the Sultan. And when the Messiah would talk to Pasha Darwish and find out the truth, he would end the execution. , Barbaroslar Episode 23

And Baba Oru will be waiting for a great position.In a previous episode, Mary says she did nothing. Petraeus says he is going to die because of what happened to Leonardo. As Oroj looks at Leonardo with some questions, the Rhodes Knights delivery begins to rush through to attack him. Gladious is looking for Khezar on the island to catch him. Orj’s friends have a place to deliver and save the knights on their way. Together with Perry, Khizer attacks the Knights, after which they are rescued., Barbaroslar Episode 23

When Gladys sees the corpses inside the forest area, he immediately heads for the harbor and tries to stop Khizer. Gladious can’t catch it, as Khizer drills holes in boats inside the harbor.Shaheen says he is going to work for Unita. Shahbaz gives his brother a gadget, but can’t stop him. Shahbaz tells Shaheen that he does not need it in any way. Make a mistake in this matter. After a while, Amir joins the lodge and says that Oroj wins against the Christians, Barbaroslar Episode 23

Arooj says Elias needs to marry Easter right now and he wants the wedding arrangements to be completed as soon as possible. Khizer secretly meets Mary while she is wandering around the island. Maryam tells Khazar what happened inside the fort and leaves with him to go to Alexandria. Peters knows that Mary has released Clemens and orders Perry to be killed, Barbaroslar Episode 23

Barbaroslar Episode 23 Urdu Subtitles

Dervish arrives while Anton and Leonardo are talking inside the basement. Darwish says it is important to help prisoners of war for miles and tell them their religion. Perry says he was attacked by some Christian soldiers while mapping a fort in the past. Perry keeps telling his story and says that Dervish had saved it. Sultan Perry’s pocket looks at the drawing in the e-book and he realizes what a gift it is. Sultan punishes Perry and asks him to protect the maps. Pirates inside the lodge say the Oroj wars have disrupted trade, Barbaroslar Episode 23

Perry says he did all he could for the Muslims in the Mediterranean and killed the pirates. After leaving Perry’s lodge, Petros’ boys attack him. With the help of Darwish, Perry defeats the invaders. Perry acknowledged the dervishes and thanked them for their help in the past. That night, the wedding ceremony began at the climax.Gladious ships attack defensive lesbos and take them away quickly. Gladious asks the cannons on the ship for triggers on the island. Shahbaz plans to take Leonardo from Oruj and takes action, Barbaroslar Episode 23

The next day, a masked man enters the basement and neutralizes Oroj’s soldiers. Anton is probably very happy to see this boy and thanks to Petraeus. Isabel finds out about her brother’s whereabouts and is waiting for Oroj in the forest area to keep him safe. When Perry is ready to catch Anton and Leonardo, Shahbaz’s pirates stop him. Shahbaz tells Leonardo who he is and unloads his luggage at the port. Petraeus meets with representatives of the Christian states and tells them that they will quickly stop the Turks in the Mediterranean., Barbaroslar Episode 23

Barbaroslar Episode 23 Download

A boy enters the castle, as Petros says Leonardo will come soonThe boy is Oroj and says he will end Paitros’ plan before the opposition starts even before it starts.Barbarossa Episode 23 With Urdu subtitles you say that I am subject to Obama, not me. Do you agree with Turgat? If we give up everything and spend the night in this cave, then surely our belief is the same. But I’m just worried. Mari is a very strong girl. He finally learned to fight from his older brother. Thanks. In addition, Kayı’s women are with him. Surely they will see each other, right Usman Bay? , Barbaroslar Episode 23

They care for each other; we care for each other. After picking up the pen, I will go on my way, Usman Bay. You know, our enmity with you is very old. Destiny opens such doors; Allah alone knows who will be friends and who will be enemiesWell, if you’re with me right now; of course, there’s a reason. My Sultan! Thank you my Sultan! Who did this to me? My Usman Sultan. Usman Usman escaped from the palace and is wanted everywhere. He is said to have come from Konya, Barbaroslar Episode 23

The Sultan is still alive. Usman: You survived again, huh. Kai Bay, Gunds Bay, has arrived. – Let it come! Welcome, Mr. Gundoz. I wish we could talk alone. Who will carry out this treacherous attack on women, Minister Alimsha? As I heard, I sent soldiers there. It is said that Julia did. This is obviously Nicola’s job. Excessive power is enough for chickens only. Nikola he. Silicon spilled my mother’s blood. Barbaroslar Episode 23

Thank god did you hear It is cruel for me to have Nicola, the infidel who killed my mother and sisters, on the throne of Harmankaya! It has to do with Harmankaya Kayı,The Alps are longing for victory, my lord. We have everything right. By the command of Allah, we will get the victory of Harmankia. It will or will not happen, of course, let’s stand with the Alps. This is your order, sir. This time Usman created a situation where it is said that Ayesha Sultan was trying to kill him. Fortunately, the Sultan did not die, Barbaroslar Episode 23

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