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Barbaroslar Episode 33 ( Barbaroslar Season 1 Final ) Free

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Barbaroslar Episode 33 ( Barbaroslar Season 1 Final ) Free

Hello viewers! We welcome you to Pakistanwap with another important video related to Barbaroslar. The time has come for the new episode of Barbaroslar series to be aired. Also, the second trailer of the new episode has been aired. The second trailer once again shows the plots of Barkin Bay. The time of Barkin Bay’s death is near. But even as he dies, Barkin will be seen harming Barbaroslar in one way or another. On the orders of the Seljuk Sultan Allauddin, the soldiers came to arrest Turgat Bay. But Osman Bay has explicitly refused to give Turgat Bay. Barbaroslar Episode 33

While Barkin Bay has also killed Mustafa to create a rift between Ali Bay and Barbaroslar. Barkin Bay wants to blame Osman Bay for Mustafa’s murder. But soon, when the reality of Barkin Bay becomes clear, the relationship between Ali Bay and Osman Bay will improve. The end of Season 3 has also been announced. The last episode of Barbaroslar Season 3 will be aired on June 15. Season 3 ends in episode 98. There are now two to three episodes of Barbaroslar Season 3 left. Then we have the new season 4 coming up with a new story and many new characters. Barbaroslar Episode 33

And we will have to wait a long time to see the new season coming. Let’s take a look at the highlights of the rest of this season. When will Barkin Bay and Romanos end? Will Sultan Allauddin himself come to the kayi tribe? When will Osman announce the establishment of the empire? Season 3 will end with what big victory? Which key characters are saying goodbye to the series by the end of this season? Won’t the roles of Aktimure and Ayesha hatun be shown in season 4? When will the birth of the second child of the Bala hatun be seen? There are many more important things you will find in this video. Barbaroslar Episode 33

You must watch the video till the end to know the details of all these. You must like the video before proceeding with the video. If you are new to this channel, subscribe to the channel so that you will be the first to get all the news related to Kurulus Osman. A series of interesting and explosive episodes of Kurulus Osman series continues. This season will end with the death of Barkin Bay and the siege of yenisheir. osman Bay will start the siege of the yenisheir. And at the start of the new season we will see the victory of the yenisheir. Now the first Mongol commander will be eliminated. Barbaroslar Episode 33

And then there’s the Romanos and the end of Barkin Bay. The reality of Barkin Bay is very close. Osman Bay has said that there is someone who is very close to us. So Barkin Bay will die soon. Aktimure and Ayesha hatun will definitely be seen in the upcoming season. While we will not be able to see the second son of the Bala htaun.

The Bala hatun has been unexpectedly shown pregnant in the series. Because historically, the only son of the Bala hatun was Allauddin. But now, to add to the excitement of the series, the Bala hatune has been shown to be pregnant. But there are chances that the Bala hatun will not be able to have another child. Barbaroslar Episode 33

The Bala hatun will lose her child in the womb or at birth. We have seen before that the Bala hatun always faces great trials. But the Bala hatun also told osman Bay that her love makes her strong. Therefore, all the difficulties will not be able to harm the Bala hatun. Ayesha hatun is covered with clouds of grief after the death of Gunduz Bay. But Ayesha hatun will soon break her silence.

Because Ayesha hatun is also pregnant and the series will show the birth of her child. Everyone knows Aktimure’s bravery. Gunduz Bay and Aktimure were instrumental in the conquest of inagol Fort. And Aktimure is still seen fighting with his uncle. After a long wait, Kosis is finally shown to be a Muslim. Barbaroslar Episode 33

Barbaroslar Episode 33, And Barbaroslar said that surely one of us is helping Romanos. Romanos can’t do anything without Barkin Bay’s plan. Barkin Bay conveys every secret news of osman Bay to Romanos. Because Turgat will be able, to tell the truth very clearly. But in the meantime, things will get much worse between osman Bay and Ali Bay.

And the enemy also wanted Ali Bay’s trust in osman Bay to be completely destroyed. But there are chances that in the end, the cebe will bring the real truth in front of Barbaroslar. Because the cebe is not sincere with anyone. Its purpose is to work for gold coins. Viewers, You can ask any question related to Barbaroslar series in the comment box. Barbaroslar Episode 33

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