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Lost World of the Maya!

Hidden beneath the vast canopy is a lost world of the ancient maya nearly two million square miles of lush green hide centuries-old cities riddled with mysteries but today lasers in the sky are helping to expose these secrets it’s kind of like having x-ray vision and seeing beneath the canopy without having to touch …

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Why wasn’t Thailand Colonized?

Why wasn't Thailand Colonized

As the powers of europe began to grow and expand throughout the world’s history colonialism became the forefront of this expansion over time almost every non-european nation became a colony of one european nation or another at some point only a few countries managed to escape becoming overpowered by the europeans which makes us wonder …

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How was England formed?

How was England formed?

The existence of England is one that is often taken for granted and looked at far too scarcely. This may be due to the overshadowing history of the development of Great Britain and the United Kingdom, but nonetheless, in order for these unions to be formed, England had to already exist – and it actually …

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Why didn’t Rome Conquer Germania?

Why didn't Rome Conquer Germania

ancient history has become almost synonymous with the immense significance and influence of the marvelous roman empire extending far across the european continent and lasting for centuries the romans seemed capable of doing just about anything that they put their minds to regardless of the challenge so why did they stop where they did was …

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The Austro PrussianWar

The Austro Prussian War

in this article, we will talk about The Austro-Prussian War Europe has always been home to conflicts and power struggles across the map. For a continent so big and intertwined, and with frequently shifting borders all throughout history, it’s no surprise that war would often become inevitable. In the case of Central Europe, as the …

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