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Destan Episode 11 Urdu And English Free Of Cost

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Destan Episode 11 Urdu And English Free Of Cost

Destan Episode 11 Urdu & English Subtitles Free

In the previous episode, Alpago decides to visit the palace after the events that took place outside the assembly area and units. Cresic asked Akiz to talk to Khan as soon as possible and allow the marriage. Ece finds out that Kircicek wants to marry Batuga, but she can’t catch him. Alpago believes Cresic can take revenge and asks Akiz questions. Meanwhile, some assailants start shooting at the people entering the palace. Soldiers try and defend Alpago. Akiz is going to Batuga and trying to keep it. is.

Destan Episode 11 Urdu

Batoga says something went wrong. Some infantrymen kidnap Balamir and take him to a forested area. Akiz saw Balmir walking in the forest area and started chasing him angrily. Saltuk goes to the forest area to catch the traitor. Although Balamir no longer recognizes the assailants, he tries to get out of them. Akiz stopped Balmer’s horse and caught him in the woods, Destan Episode 11

Colpin arrived shortly afterwards. Colpin needs Balmer’s release. Saltuk angrily asks Colpin what happened. Colpin explains that Tottenham escaped from the castle and that is why he had to be put to death. Akiz moves to cover that the attackers are from Dog and provides Almego to Balmer. The ritual begins with Khan’s arrival at the palace. Alpago sits on the back of the throne and is anxious to observe the ceremony. Dennis says that once the ritual is unusual, the throne now belongs to Alpago. Alpago immediately calls Blamir and resents the decision, Destan Episode 11

Destan Episode 11 English

Saltuk tells everyone that there may be a betrayal of Balamir and an attempt to assassinate Khan. Cressick comes as a witness and confesses that he did it all at his father’s behest. After noticing Cresce, Balmir asks where the real claw is.Balmir goes on to say that he had previously harmed Alpago. Alpago looks at the claws. Alpago said the committee would decide on Balamir around noon. Alpago goes to his room and realizes that Akiz is the real fork.

Ece talks to Mei and tells her that Alpagu has risen again. He says Temur’s activities have damaged Mei’s reputation and asks Ece to kill Totkon. Timur goes to a motel out of town with Tottenham. Batuga learns that the Chinese armed forces are advancing towards the border and sending them to Yemen to track down Timur. The gathering condemns Balmir. Alpago says Balmer will be hanged at sunrise. Upon hearing this, Colpin planned to get Balmer out of prison. Colpin sends a mysterious message to May about this arrangement, Destan Episode 11

Destan Episode 11 English Subtitles

Alpagu ask to Akkiz and requests that she leave the palace. Akkiz acknowledges this so reality with regards to Batuga isn’t uncovered. Alpagu then, at that point, orders Temur to be brought to the royal residence and sends Kaya to this mission. Alpagu becomes furious with Balamir’s partner and excuses him from his post. Ece comprehends that Alpagu is exceptionally irate and requests that he quiet down a bit,Destan Episode 11

Alpagu calls the cleric and Mei. Alpagu needs the Chinese officers to leave the line region straightaway. The minister requests that Khan track down Temur. Alpagu says he is prepared for the fight to come and sends the minister. Alpagu then, at that point, becomes irate with Gunseli and asks her not to commit any errors once more. Alpagu at last becomes furious with Kircicek and says he will send her to one more clan as a lady, Destan Episode 11

Destan Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles

What happens next is that Totkun and Timur can protect themselves. Paper (written on the message) can be found in the Batuga tomb. Can a snake bite Akis? Watan Episode 10 will be released on historical series with Urdu subtitles. Stay tuned to the historical series to enjoy your curiosity, Destan Episode 11

Kircicek asks Batuga to try to change his father’s decision. Akiz cannot return to his tribe because Colpin has barred him from entering the tribe. Colpin wants to kidnap Balmer.

“I’m cutting my arm, we’re all going to burn here and we have to cut our arm,” says Saltuk. Akiz stands up and says no I won’t let you cut my arm. Then Oliveja sees Timur’s horse running past him. Olivier says Timur was also in the tent. And then the commander standing next to him says that if he saves them, he too will be burned, Destan Episode 11

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Then Oliveja ran towards the fire (tent). Timur… Timur… My son is burning Save him! And the commander runs after him and knocks him unconscious. Then her eyes open and she wakes up and says that Batoga and Akiz are dead ..? In the next scene, Alpago Khan throws things here and there and Siyas Batoga is not here and my soul is burning without him; Saltuk runs away and says my prince .. Timur says, cut off the arm! And that’s where the trailer ends, Destan Episode 11

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