Destan Episode 16 Urdu And English Free Of Cost

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Destan Episode 16 Urdu And English Free Of Cost

Destan Episode 16 Urdu And English Free Of Cost

In the previous episode, Akiz and Kolpin try to save the faction. Batuga asked Balamir to stop the attack but still could not convince him. Akiz enters the tent and cuts Balmer’s neck delicately. Akiz says Balmir suffers from smallpox and will not be able to leave the palace normally. Balamir emerges from his tent and stops his officers to stop. Batuga was incredibly amazed by Akis’s exercises and fell in love with him. Timur says he does not consider Kaya his relative. Batuga says he will send another message to Regal Home to save Timur,Destan Episode 16 Urdu

After investigating Batuga’s message, the Sultan begins to speculate about everyone in the palace. Alpago Khan then summons everyone in the royal house to the royal house and starts asking them for petitions. The way Khan explains the big issues, he still can’t figure out who is helping Batuga. Akiz says that one of the slaves of the royal house brought this condition. Batuga questioned the young man and sorted out what Ybek had done. Aibek’s daughter discovered a secret message in a palace lobby.

Yibek took this message to Ece. Ece understands that the message came from Batuga and that he actually referred to smallpox.As Colpin plans to go to the palace for the chamber, Batuga stops him and tells him that the faction is quarantined. Colpin recognizes Batuga’s design. Khan received another message one evening at his favorite position. Khan examines Batuga’s message and makes sure he finds out about the treasures in the palace in exchange for Timur’s opportunity, Destan Episode 16 Urdu

Kun Ata observed that the disease appears once in different years. Kaya goes to the western khanate and still sees that all the officers are dead there. Colpin says he took command of the Western Khante after the Alpago coup. Kirk escapes from Manco and goes to Dag. Manko secretly chases after him and tells Akiz that his mother is still alive. Interesting scenes await us in the new Dastan episode 16 in Urdu subtitles, as you can see in the promo. So what’s going on in the trailer? Let’s take a look together. Manko, Akiz, Batuga and Alpago are talking in a tent.

“I love claws,” says Manu. When Akiz asks why, Mano says get married. Batuga gets very angry and throws the knife in Manko’s hand. Mancho shouts from the angle. Akiz and Alpago are surprised. They tie Manko up and torture him. Alpago asks where Akiz’s mother is. Manko says: “Even if I die, I won’t tell.” Yaman hit another punch. Meanwhile, Kaya arrives at Mount Oba with her men. Alpago asks what they are doing here. Kaya says she lost half her dormitory. The woman with whom Ulu Ece planned to kill Tılsım is speaking.

Timur is probably aware of this fraud. Ulu Ece says: “My family, my home, my coxuntry is falling apart.” Vargi Beg and Taizo conspired against Alpago Han. He says Alpago will die. When Alpago is on the road, the soldiers introduce themselves to him. Alpago rebels said, “You took half of my country, take my life. At that moment, Akiz and his cavalry arrive and rescue Alpago. When Alpago asked why he saved her, Akiz said, “You still have to hold us accountable. We will not stop until we get you off the board,” he said. The trailer ends with Akiz and Batuga embracing each other.

Destan Episode 16 Urdu

When Balmir and Cholpan captured West Gokhanet, Alpago Khan declared war. When the sons of all the tribal chiefs killed by Alpago Khan leave him and join Balamir, there is only one solution left. Asking for help from China in exchange for salt. Batuga’s prediction came true if the country was divided and China would attack. To prevent this, Akiz and Batuga split in two and carried out a major operation. Choosing Timur’s side, he takes his place with Batuga, Destan Episode 16 Urdu

Akiz and Timur allied themselves with the Sabars and attacked all the salt deposits of the Gok Khante. Batuga and Saltuk, on the other hand, want to force their tribesmen, who were devastated by the smallpox epidemic and salt shortage, to reconcile with the smallpox vaccine and the promise of salt. Plays for the new state houses, and makes up his mind to eliminate Batuga. Will Batuga, who wants to force Alpago to meet the tribal chiefs with the salt given to China, be able to save Balmir and tell his father Alpago Khan the whole truth?

How will Akiz respond to Manu’s marriage proposal to find her mother, whom she knows is dead? Because the last episode ended in an impressive place. In the new episode, the battle between Gok Khante and Batuga unit will continue. But even people will be held hostage. One of them would be Alpago. The rock has already been caught. But once an agreement is reached, it may be given to Gök Khanate. In the new episode, Ulu Ece will emphasize that these circumstances will not stop the riots.

Kaya will try to solve this problem. Akiz and Batuga will take refuge in Mountain Base in the new episode. Colpin, who opened his doors to them, will be praised. Saltuk will definitely go there. Balamir will claim that it is time to divide the country, Destan Episode 16 Urdu

Destan Episode 16 English

“If the Turks are divided, everything will be fine,” said Batuga, placing his sword on Belmir’s neck. Akiz and Batuga’s main goal from the beginning of the series. Gather all the Turks under one roof. Batuga even has to stop Akiz from killing his father just for that. In other words, Alpago’s death means the separation of the state again. Combining them is not easy. For this they want the state to remain and other Turks under this state.

Batuga sneaks into the basement and asks Akiz why he returned to the palace. Akiz said Balmer set the trap for Nagal and Teginas. Batuga realizes that Balmer wants to be an innkeeper and comes out of a secret tunnel with Akiz. Sarma gives the paper to Batuga Khan and tells him that he cannot get the seal. Batuga says Balmer should not die, but Akiz disagrees. Destan Episode 16 Alpagu says he will allow Doug to trade now, but Colpin wants more.

Alpago tells Colpin that he will have the right to vote on the council and invites him to the palace. Some strong B come into Balmer’s tent and ask him to prove Alpago’s weakness. Edge asks Akiz to leave the palace, but Akiz returns to his room without saying a word. Alpago says he reconciled with Doug for a year and Colpin will attend a hunting fair. Colpin says Totkin will marry Kaya. Balmer planned to attack the hunting vacation and alerted his soldiers.

Qan Ata saw Khan’s wound and mentioned the herbs needed for medicine. Khan said he could not take the medicine he needed now because of the hunting holidays. When Cresce returned to his room, he saw Akiz. Akiz says he is not a paw and will attack Balmir Teginas. Kirchik fights Akiz but is defeated. Akiz then goes to Kolpan’s room but finds no one there. Batuga says Colpin may have gone to talk to Saltuk, Destan Episode 16 Urdu

Destan Episode 16 English

Akiz said he wanted to go hunting with Kaya and got permission from Khan. Cresc goes to Gunselli’s room and poisons him to kill the tick. Cresce says he just wants to escape from the palace and asks Ganselli for help. Balamir’s army first attacked Akiz and Kaya. The other soldiers start attacking Timur. Destan Episode 16 Alpagu thought for a moment and said that he would leave Khan’s post because his health was not good.

Alpago said there would be a big meeting soon where council elections would be held. When Timur returned to the palace, he went to the barn and talked to Tatkan. Tottenham says he loves Timur but has to obey Colpin. Timur became very angry and started arguing with Kaya. The poison began to work and the totcon fell to the ground. Alpago quietly left with Batoga and Akiz, Destan Episode 16 Urdu

Destan Episode 16 Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 16 English Subtitles

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