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Destan Episode 17 Urdu And English Free Of Cost

Now ❤ Watch And Download Destan Episode 17 Urdu And English Subtitles Free Of Cost | Destan Episode 17 English | Destan Episode 17 | And Watch More Historic Series Like Kurulus Osman | Alp Arslan | Barbrosslar | Teskilat

Destan Episode 17 Urdu And English Free Of Cost

Destan Episode 17 Urdu And English Free Of Cost

Hello viewers! welcomes the esteemed viewers of Destan to the Pakistanwap for the latest information. It might be nice to have Destan’s team waiting for the fans. Eventually all the false rumors died down and the trailer of the new episode was aired. We have already told you to stay calm as the upcoming episode will be aired on its own time. And they say that it is good to wait for good things, Destan Episode 17 Urdu

And that’s exactly what happens to Destan’s fans who seem to be waiting to see the new episode and trailer of the series. After the release of this awesome trailer, the wait for fans to watch the new episode has increased even more. Good days come to those who hope for good, even in bad times. In these difficult days, some happiness has come to osman Bay. The series of osman Bay’s conquests has begun. Destan has conquered inhsar Fort. And now osman Destan next target is inagol, Destan Episode 17 Urdu

By this time, Destan would have been unsuccessful in conquering inagol, but the enemy made such attacks one after the other that Destanbecame weak. Despite the martyrdom of the soldiers and the lack of weapons, Destan’s intentions never faltered. Therefore, there is no doubt that after inhsar, Belicik and then inagol will also be under the control of Destan. Because the time is near when the flag of Destan’s state will fly in all the border areas, Destan Episode 17 Urdu

Despite the great hypocrisy of Master Aryus, Destan did not give up. And the happiest thing is that Kosis and Turgat Bay did not leave Destan behind during this difficult time. osman Bay has also planned to trap the enemy. First of all, let’s talk about the conquest of the fort. In the new trailer we have seen that Destan and Turgat Bay together have conquered inhsar Fort. Turgat Bay along with Destan played a very important role in conquering inhsar Fort, Destan Episode 17 Urdu

Because at first Turgat was went to Takfur of the inhsar fort. And then after besieging the fort, Destan and his soldiers also entered the fort. In the previous episode we saw that Destan had sent Koh-i-Noor Alp to the Governor of inhsar Fort. Koh-i-Noor Alp had told the governor of inhsar Fort that he would pay the tax to Destan on time. But the governor of inhsar Fort refused to pay taxes to Destan. If the ghee does not come out of the straight finger, then the finger has to be crooked, Destan Episode 17 Urdu

Similarly, Destan decided to conquer inhsar Fort. In fact, conquering inhsar and the Belicik fortress would greatly increase the power of Destan And then it will be easy for osman Bay to conquer inagol fort. Because Destan himself has told his soldiers that inagol is not an easy target. Conquering the fort of inagol requires a large army and a large military force. There is no doubt that Nikola and Master Aryus will be very upset after the conquest of insar Fort, Destan Episode 17 Urdu

Destan Episode 17 Urdu

Because Nikola is already afraid of osman Bay’s power. Nikola knows that his fort is targeted by Destan . So now Nikola and Arios will work together to make a big plan against osman Bay. Aryus has told Barkin Bay that he will gradually end osman’s power. Aryus now wants to assassinate important people connected with Destan . First, Aryus planned to assassinate Gundoz Bay. And after that Aryus wanted to weaken Destan by killing Sheikh Adabali, Destan Episode 17 Urdu

Because Destan had mentioned to Ibrahim Faqih that Sheikh Adabali is very important to him. Whenever Destan encounters a problem for which he cannot find a solution, he goes to Sheikh Adabali. So Aryus planned to permanently extinguish the light of Destan’s life. And now Aryus has given Barkin and Cornelia the next goal to kill the selcan hatun. Because Selcan is a very intelligent hatun and always seems to give useful advice to Destan the new trailer, Destan Episode 17 Urdu

we see that a selcan is going to attack ,anyone hiding in a niqab. viewers, if we talk about whether the time has come now that the role of selcan hatun is going to leave us. So viewers are not like that at all. Behind the veil, it would be Cornelia who would want to kill a selcan hatun. But the selcan hatun will easily overcome Cornelia. And now the time has come for Cornelia to be exposed. We’ve already told you that Cornelia will be caught in the next episode, Destan Episode 17 Urdu

But before that, osman Bay, who will try to get information from Cornelia, will have already killed Cornelia. According to our analysis, neither the role of Selcan hatun nor Sheikh Adabali will leave the series. Because when Destan will lay the foundation of the empire, then it is very important for some old historical characters to be with Destan . Now Kumral Abdal will be able to cure his Sheikh. Because Kumral Abdal has come to know that Sheikh Adabali has been poisoned, Destan Episode 17 Urdu

Destan Episode 17 English

So now they will prepare a poison antidote. viewers Mari’s role was dropped from the series because the actor who played Mari had joined the second series. But the actors playing the role of Sheikh Adabali do not want to leave the series. Therefore, Destan’s team will not make the mistake of removing such an important historical character. Both Kosis and Turgat Bay are with Destan . While the enemy thinks that he has broken the allies of Destan Now the game has become even more interesting, Destan Episode 17 Urdu

Because the enemy had set a trap for osman Bay and then Destan controlled Aryus very well in his trap. Now Aryus will also try to ally with Kosis and be exposed. Once Aryus is exposed, there will be mourning and only Destan’s sword will clear Aryus’s sins. Now, let’s move on to more important events. Let’s talk about when the end of Aryes will be seen. Will the Selvi hatun bring the reality of Barkin Bay to the forefront? Besides Nikola and Aryus, who is the main enemy of Destan ? Destan Episode 17 Urdu

Who will help osman Bay in the future besides Kossis and Turgat Bay? Which big battle will be shown soon in the series? When is Akitmure, son of Gundoz Bay, becoming part of the series? There are many more important things you will find in this video. You must watch the video till the end to know the details of all these. You must like the video before proceeding with the video, Destan Episode 17 Urdu

The brilliant episodes of Destan series have captivated everyone. Sometimes it seems that Barkin is more dangerous than Aryus. Because Barkin is doing such things under the nose of Destan without any hesitation, no one can even think. The obvious killer of Omar Bay is Barkin Bay But Barkin also has a complete plan to assassinate Ivaz Bay. In the near future, Barkin Bay will also collaborate with another enemy, Gangur Bay. And it is possible that Gangur Bay became an ally of Barkin as well as Nikola, Destan Episode 17 Urdu

Destan Episode 17 English

osman Bay will be imprisoned for seeking information from Cornelia. But Barkin Bay seems to be clearing the way for Aryus in every way. Arius has inflicted a series of losses on Destan . Arius and Nikola will still work together to add to osman Bay’s woes. After the death of Ivaz Bay, osman Bay as well as Turgat Bay and Kossis will be further disturbed. Because even Kosis and Turgat Bay do not understand the tricks of the new enemy. Both Turgut Bay and Koss are eager to kill Mari’s killers, Destan Episode 17 Urdu

But this time the enemy is Nikola’s teacher. So think how dangerous he would be to Nikola? But now slowly osman Bay will try to root out the enemy. The first will be the end of the treacherous Cornelia. We will see the end of Cornelia in the next episode. Cornelia is likely to die at the hands of Barkin Bay. Because Barkin and Aryus would never want Cornelia to reveal their secrets. So Barkin will already bring Cornelia to an end. After Arios, Nikola’s next ally will be the governor of Belicik or inhsar Fort, Destan Episode 17 Urdu

Because Nikola will unite with anyone who opposes osman Bay. Because even Nikola never misses an opportunity to harm osman Bay. But soon osman will emerge with insignificant victories. kayi tribe did not know the intentions of selvi hatun and barkin bay. Even Selvie didn’t fully understand Barkin Bay. ivaz Bay, the father of the selvi hatun, has just been killed by Arius. iwaz Bay has been martyred while praying. After losing her father, the pride of the Selvi hatun will also be reduced to dust. And his attitude will begin to change, Destan Episode 17 Urdu

And when the reality of Barkin Bay comes out, then Selvi’s character will be positive. After Barkin’s death, the Selvi hatun may marry a Destan’s soldier. Barkin will end in the same season, while the events of Selvi’s wedding will be shown in the next season. But the Akca shepherd was also called a historical figure. When Akca’s character was said goodbye to the series in a few episodes, Destan Episode 17 Urdu

Now it has come to light that it was the character of Akca Chuban who left the series. While the role of Akcha Koca will be brought back in the series. And Akca Koca will again be the partner of important victories with Destan. Viewers, You can ask any question related to series, Destan Episode 17 Urdu

Destan Episode 17 Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 17 English Subtitles

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