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Destan Episode 23 In Urdu And English Free Of Cost

Destan Episode 23 In Urdu & English Subtitles Free

Hello viewers! We welcome you to Pakistanwap to share with you important information related to Kurulus osman. osman Bay’s two sons are being called princes. Although the prince is always called the sons of the Sultan. osman Bay who has not yet become a sultan nor has he succeeded in establishing an empire. But still osman Bay’s two sons, Allauddin Ali and orhan, are being called princes. In fact, osman Bay is about to succeed in establishing an empire. The agreement reached between Nikola and osman Bay in the presence of the Byzantine Emperor and Sultan Massoud was a clear indication of this, Destan Episode 23

That osman Bay is now very close to laying the foundation of the empire. Because the agreements made in the presence of the emperor and the sultan are always between the states. And now, with the emergence of Osman in Anatolia, the establishment of the state is not far off. But with the elimination of some major enemies before the formation of the state, some important victories remain. osman Bay has spread his net to reach Aryus and Nikola. osman Bay had assassinated Bilecik Tekfor Justinyanus. The governor of Yarhasar was left alive, Destan Episode 23

osman Bay always uses his intelligence to solve important issues. Leaving Basieleus was also part of osman Bay’s plan. Because osman Bay’s nephew Aktimure is also among the prisoners along with Basieleus. Aktimure will now stay with Basieleus. And so osman Bay will continue to receive news of Byzantine projects. If we talk about how long Aktimure’s character will remain in the series and when Aktimure Qayi tribe will come. So viewers, it’s possible that Aktimure will run long in the series in place of his father. Because the character of Gunduz Bay will be martyred by Nikola on the occasion of the conquest of inagol fort, Destan Episode 23

Destan Episode 23 Urdu

But osman Bay will then be able to conquer inagol Fort by spying on Aktimure’s inagol Fort. And on the occasion of the conquest of inagol Fort, Nikola’s character will also leave the series. Nikola’s death will be witnessed by Turgut Bay. And only after the conquest of inagol Fort will the Qayi tribe of Aktimure return. And the meeting of Ayesha hatun and Aktimure after the return of Qayi tribe will also make everyone cry. Because then the martyrdom of Gunduz Bay must have taken place. The events of the conquest of inagol Fort will be shown in the last episode of Season 3, Destan Episode 23

It is also possible that osman Bey conquered yarhasar and inagol together. But since the conquest of inagol Fort will take time. Therefore, osman will turn to Yarhsar before inagol. If we talk about why osman will not be able to conquer inagol fort soon? So viewers, one of the reasons is that master Aryus and Nikola are now big planners through Barkin Bay. Master Aryus’ plan against osman Bay will succeed. Master Aryus and Nikola will be able to hit the target. Therefore, after the destruction of weapons, osman Bay will take some time again, Destan Episode 23

Meanwhile, through Aktimure, osman Bay will be able to find out about his old enemy Aryus. Because in the next two to three episodes, the role of Master Aryus will end. But before the death of Master Aryus, Barkin will declare his open opposition to osman Bay. Although Barkin Bay has two tribes, no chief will support Barkin Bay. When Barkin realizes that osman Bay knows his true nature, he runs to Nikola. If Barkin runs away from here to Nikola, then once again Barkin Bay will face the wrath of Master Aryus. Because Master Aryus always wanted Barkin to take possession of Sogut, Destan Episode 23

Destan Episode 23 English

But now that the plot to assassinate osman Bay has failed in the Bilecik fortress, every enemy of osman Bay seems to be worried. osman Bay also conquered the Bilecik fortress and saved his sons from the tyrants. In the conquest of the Bilecik fortress, osman Bay did not suffer any major loss. The Qayi hatuns and Aktimure were instrumental in the conquest of the Bilecik fortress. Now, after the death of Barkin Bay and Master Aryus, it will be Nikola’s turn. And osman Bay’s age-old dream will come true. Because for a long time, conquering inagol fort has been osman Bay’s dream, Destan Episode 23

After inhsar, Bilecik and now after Bilecik, Yarhsar Fort will be conquered. And this season will end with the victory of inagol Fort. The series will also feature a major battle on the occasion of the conquest of inagol Fort. After the conquest of the fortress of inagol, osman will succeed in establishing a kingdom. Let’s take a look at some more important questions going forward in the video. Let’s talk about how Kosis will help osman Bay on the occasion of the conquest of inagol fort. Will Nikola still be able to capture Harmankaya Fortress in the absence of Kosis? Destan Episode 23

Who will protect the Bilecik fortress now? How many children of Fatima hatun as well as Malhan hatun will be shown in the series? Which new character will be introduced in the series after the death of Selcan hatun? Will there be any childern of the Bala hatun other than Alauddin Ali? What significant developments will take place in the role of Princess Holofira? Will we be able to see Princess Holofira and orhan’s wedding by the end of this season? There are many more important things you will find in this video. You must watch the video till the end to know the details of all these, Destan Episode 23

You must like the video before proceeding with the video. If you are new to this channel, subscribe to the channel so that you get the first news related to Kurulus osman. The series of unique and rating breaking episodes of Kurulus osman series continues. The last episode ends with the joy and victory of the Bilecik fortress. The death of the selcan hatun there saddened everyone. The last sign of the Ertugrul series has finally left us. A very strong character who connected eight seasons with this historical series and gave it good success. Of course, no character will be able to fulfill the deficiency of Selcan hatun, Destan Episode 23

And for the time being, there is no substitute for Selcan hatun in the series. In the coming season we will be able to see many new faces. Because at that time osman Bay was facing opposition from Mongols and Byzantines. But in the coming season, many strong Turkish tribes will also be seen opposing osman Bay. But still the worst and most hypocritical Barkin never misses an opportunity to harm osman Bay. But Barkin Bay’s days are numbered. Soon osman Bay will bring Barkan Bay to an end. If we talk about the children of osman Bay and Malhan hatun, Destan Episode 23

If we talk about the children of osman Bay and Malhan hatun. Apart from orhan, Fatima has just been mentioned in the series. Another daughter of Malhan hatun was Fatima hatun. Fatima hatun who was the only daughter of osman Bay and Malhan hatun. We will be able to see the entry of Fatima hatun and other children in the coming season. Apart from Alauddin Ali, no other children of Bala hatun will be seen in the series. Princess Holofira was rescued by Turgut Bay and brought to the Qayi tribe. Princess Holofira will now be a part of the Qayi tribe for some time, Destan Episode 23

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The love story of orhan and Princess Holofira will continue with the presence of Princess in the Qayi tribe. But their marriage will not be possible this season. Because according to history, orhan was 17 years old at the time of his first marriage. And Princess Holofira, who was orhan’s first wife. When Prince Arhan had four marriages. This season, instead of orhan, the focus will be on the important victories of osman Bay, Destan Episode 23

Now let’s talk about Kosis and Harmankaya forts. In Kosis’s absence, Nikola could now capture Kosis’s castle, Harmankaya. But osman Bay will now protect Kosis in every way. Now the alliance between Usman Bay and Koss will last forever. viewers: Do you also want to see Kosis soon become Muslim? You must tell us in the comment box, Destan Episode 23

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