Destan Episode 24 Urdu And English Free Of Cost

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Destan Episode 24 Urdu And English Free Of Cost

Destan Episode 24 Urdu And English Free Of Cost

Hello viewers! welcomes Pakistanwap to share important information with the esteemed viewers of the kurulus osman series. As always, the trailer of the upcoming episode of Kurulus osman becomes the center of attention. Sometimes fans love the action scenes in the trailer. So sometimes after the entry of new characters, the fans are interested to know about those characters. Destan Episode 24

And as soon as the trailer is aired, we do an autopsy of the trailer and share the full details with you. The new trailer was full of surprises. But the three main events that were discussed in the trailer. Destan Episode 24

The first incident that has shocked the fans so far. That incident is the incident of the woman leaving the series. While a new commander has been entered in the series. Fans are also interested to know about that commander. On the third side, Ali Bay, the son of Cobanoglu, came to meet osman Bay. We will also talk about who Cobanoglu’s son Ali Bey is and why he has come to meet osman Bey. Today in the first part of the video we will discuss these three important topics. So stay tuned with us to know the events of this important historical series. Destan Episode 24

Let’s first look at the most important topic and the most important character in this series. The bala hatun is shown on the bed and Allauddin tells Usman Bay that his mother is not well. Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem. viewers You don’t have to worry at all because the role of the bala hatun will not leave the series. Now you will wonder why the character of the woman above is in bed if she will not leave the series. If you remember that in the previous episode the bala hatun had an arrow. Destan Episode 24

Thus the arrow was shot from afar and the bala hatun was not much harmed. But it has not yet been confirmed whether the arrow was shot by Barkin Bay or a Byzantine soldier. Soldiers in Byzantine uniforms may also be from Barkin Bay. Because Barkin Bay then said that osman inagol would die in the fort and the women would die there. The bala hatun was shot in the arm and her wound was later scarred. If that arrow had been fired by Barkin Bay, then surely that arrow would have been poisoned. This poisoned arrow would have made the bala’s condition worse. Destan Episode 24

Destan Episode 24 Urdu

But the bala hatun will be treated in any case. There are two characters in the series that fans like the most. One of the characters is osman, the hero of the series, while the other character is Bala hatun. We have always seen that whenever one of osman Bay and Bala hatun is in trouble, the rating of the series increases. The series is made thrilling by putting the bala hatun in trouble. Historically, the bala hatun died in 1324. And just now osman Bay has conquered inagol Fort. And the inagol fort was conquered in 1299. Destan Episode 24

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Destan Episode 24 Urdu Subtitles

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I am a big fan of the bala hatun. But it is not appropriate to hate one character while another. The role of the malhun hatun is also a historical character. And in the Ottoman Empire, malhun hatun was the main role. The mother of the Orhan, was a great warrior. Viewers, What is your favorite role in the series malhun hatun and the bala hatun will definitely tell in the comment box. Every character of the kurulus osman Series is worthy of honor for us. viewers now talk about the new commander shown in the new trailer. Destan Episode 24

you are requested to like the video. And if you are new on this channel, subscribe to this channel. So that you get the first news related to kurulus osman Series. A new era has begun in the kurulus osman Series. And many new characters are now emerging as a new story. The newcomer commander looks like a mongoal. And yes he is the Mongol commander. The commander spoke to osman Bay in a very unique way. He said that we had met osman Bay. It is clear that he already knows commander osman Bay. Destan Episode 24

Destan Episode 24 English Subtitles

Thus, osman Bay and his meeting did not happen before. But he has come to osman Bay for some revenge. One more thing to make clear that these Mongols have been entered for the last time in kurulus osman Series. After that, the fall of the Mongols will now be shown in the series. The viewers is a surprising thing that this may be the son of Mongol commander Noyan. And it will take revenge. Because osman Bay took off the neck of Kara Shaman Togay in Sogut. Togay also said that he had two more brothers. Destan Episode 24

Destan Episode 24 , Therefore, it is possible that he will be a brother of Togay. As osman Bay is moving forward, the new enemies of osman Bay are also coming out. This commander will also be seen adding to osman Bay’s difficulties. But everyone knows what happens when you hit osman Bay. Where the number of enemies of osman Bay is increasing. There are also many strong friends of osman Bay. osman Bay told his soldiers that Ali Bay, son of Cobanoglu, would come to see me. They talk about who Ali Bey is and what is the purpose of his meeting with osman Bey.

Viewers like osman Bay told Ali Bay that their next goal is Bursa. After the conquests of Anagol and Bilecik, now osman wants to conquer Bursa. And Barsa is ten times bigger than inagol. osman Bay had to work hard for many years to conquer inagol Fort. So now osman Bay will need a large army to conquer Bursa. Therefore, many large tribes will also unite with osman Bay. Ali Bay is also the leader of a very strong tribe and has come to the aid of osman Bay. osman Bay is advancing, dropping his enemies. Destan Episode 24

Destan Episode 24 English Subtitles

On the other hand, Barkin Bay’s conspiracies continue. Romanos whom Barkin Bay reported to the caravan of the kayis. And then Romanos disguised himself and attacked the caravan. As a result, osman Bay suffered a great loss. osman was shown going to that place after the attack. Barkin Bay will unite with every enemy of osman Bay. Therefore, it is possible that Barkin Bay will now ally with the new Mongol commander. But by the end of the season, we’ll see the end of Barkin Bay. Even if thousands of enemies come forward, Destan Episode 24

they cannot stop osman Bay from reaching his target. We also saw the interior of inagol Fort in the new trailer. Where kayi flags are seen everywhere. And after the conquest of osman Bay, many changes were made in the interior. Such osman will go on and on and wave the flag of justice everywhere. Now the time is near when osman will announce the establishment of the kingdom. viewers You can ask any question related to kurulus osman series in the comment box. Destan Episode 24

Destan Episode 24 Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 24 English Subtitles

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