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Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 18 Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost

Now ❤ Watch and Download Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 18 Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost | Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 18 | Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 18 Urdu | Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 18 Urdu Subtitle And Watch More Historic Series Like Kurulus Osman | Alp Arslan | Barbrosslar | Teskilat

Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 18 Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost

Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 18 Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost

Hello friends! Welcome to pakistanwap You have all seen and heard many stories of thrones But the story of the Great Ottoman Empire is like a shining diamond Which attracts everyone’s attention An empire that ruled for six hundred years and revolutionized the Muslim world It was not easy to lay the groundwork Nor was maintaining the glory of the empire a child’s play

Many rulers worked tirelessly for this great cause The history of this great empire was initially transmitted orally And then it was turned into a book Thus, this history was penned after a long time But it is still fresh in the hearts of fans And of special importance Many series were presented on many sultans and queens of the Ottoman Empire , Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 18

He was mentioned in many Muslim and non-Muslim projects But this is not a story that will be completed in a few pages Writing deeds of this great state can fill the pages But their stories will not end You may have heard many stories about the beauty and glory of royal families

But Turkish Industry Challenges Showbiz Industry Around the World by starting the story of shepherd Ertuğrul Gazi Since then, everyone has known better about the Ottoman Empire And who sowed the seeds of this great kingdom? You all know very well At first, everyone knew Murad I as the first Sultan of the Ottoman Empire But now things are different The series,

Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 18

which started with Suleiman Shah and Ertuğrul Ghazi, has been imprinted in the minds of fans. Everyone is interested in Osman Ghazi’s son Orhan Ghazi Fans have been familiar with Ertuğrul Ghazi and Osman Ghazi since the release of the Turkish series. But everyone wants to know about Orhan Ghazi Today’s video will shed light on his life situation An invaluable diamond of

the Ottoman Empire whose story of bravery is written in golden letters in history Following in the footsteps of Osman Ghazi’s heir Orhan Ghazi gave a new direction to the Muslim world. His conquests and achievements are innumerable We will talk about his life in perfect order Orhan Ghazi which is also called Orhan Bey He was born in Söğüt in 1281 , Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 18

Historians do not agree on the date of his birth But according to most references, the birth of Date was written in 1281 There is disagreement that he was the eldest son of Osman Bey Or he was his second child In strong traditions, he was their first child And the same is shown in the Turkish series Kuruluş Osman Its golden age was from 1324 to 1362, Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 18

There is considerable historical controversy over these early leaders Who was given the title of Sultan for the first time in the Ottoman Empire? It is believed that Sultan Murad I was the first to receive the title of Ottoman Sultan While in different traditions the title of Sultan was used for Orhan Ghazi And he was called Sultan I Azam Orhan Bey

And the same name was written on the coin of that time In addition to this, Sultan Orhan was also inscribed on its seal While Ibn Batuta had declared the first Sultan Osman Ghazi Ibn Battuta wrote of Orhan Ghazi that he was the richest of the great Turkish kings in army and land. According to Menakib-i Orhani, in modern history, after much disagreement, Orhan was born in 1281.

And he was eighty years old While there was a huge disagreement on his birth In addition, there are different opinions about his mother But the argument of all of them was that Orhan Ghazi was the first child of Osman Ghazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, and Malhun Hatun. Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 18

Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 18 Urdu

He is remembered as a compassionate ruler Orhan Ghazi was a charming ruler with long blonde hair , tall heighted and blue eyes Which the people loved very much And the scholars also respected him very much He is said to have mingled with most people And listened to their worries And there is no specific information about Orhan Ghazi’s childhood

and boyhood It is unknown at this time how he was brought up, how he was educated Or he was illiterate Nothing can be said about it It was then mentioned for the first time in Ottoman history When he married Nilüfer Hatun, the daughter of the governor of Yarhisar This was around 1298 It was also mentioned in the conquest of Kopruhisar in 1300 And then it was assigned to the border lands of Karacahisar Osman Ghazi gave his son the leadership of the army in the area

And since then he has been involved in various wars with his father And in the history of Orhan Ghazi, there are differences step by step But we will tell you all the details in every aspect After that, let’s talk about taking over the legacy of Osman Ghazi So there is a lot of disagreement among historians Many non-Muslims also spent their time on the history of the Ottoman Empire

Byzantine historian Laonikos Halkokondiles wrote without any argument That is when Orhan Ghazi’s father died So he gathered his army from Uludağ and defeated his brothers And got the head According to the Ottoman historian Ibn I Kemal But after all this, according to the great historians of the Ottoman Empire, Asikpasazade, Oruç Bey and Nesri, after the death of Osman Ghazi in 1323-24, Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 18

his children convened a council according to the Ottoman traditions and customs. And in this council, Orhan Ghazi suggested that his brother Allauddin be given the leadership Allauddin denied the allegations, saying his brother’s bravery and military prowess were important He should be considered worthy of this leadership seat Orhan Bey then, according to tradition,

offered his brother an equal share of the emerging kingdom. Allauddin denied that his father had nominated Orhan Ghazi as his successor. And that the empire should not be divided After which Orhan was declared entitled to no seat And took over the leadership of the Ottomans But he asked his brother Allauddin to stay here as his minister Which he accepted , Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 18

We will also talk about his services during the Orhan Ghazi era But speaking of the time of this incident, when the first coin in the name of Orhan Ghazi was issued It has Islamic history 724 and the month of Rabi-ul-Awal That is, it was 1324 Proof that when Orhan sat on the throne After becoming the ruler of the Ottomans, he received many wonderful titles He was also called Sucaeddin,

ihtiyareddin and Seyfeddin Orhan Ghazi was the first Ottoman ruler to be named Tugra Tugra was actually those words of calligraphy The manner in which the name of the sultan or ruler was written According to Oğuz dialect and tradition, the print signature of the ruler was called Tugra Orhan Ghazi really deserved all these praises He started such a great series of victories in his time , Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 18

Which became faster with each passing day His brother Allauddin has also rendered invaluable services in this regard In the early days, he paid close attention to the Ottoman army And in the first few years of the reign of Orhan Ghazi, he achieved many victories in Anatolia. Initially, he paid taxes to the IlKhani state, like other Anatolian tribes But in the meantime he launched a barrage of attacks on the Byzantines And the power of the Ottomans continued to grow Orhan Ghazi conquered Mudanya in 1321

And extend your rule to the shores of Marmara He also built a mosque named after him in Gebze, the largest city of Marmara, in 1323. Ghazi commanders piled up victories in your 1321 to 1326 The Ottoman Empire began to expand rapidly to distant borders The invaders achieved great victories which are recorded in the golden pages of history Konur Alp turned to the western

Black Sea region Akcakoca won victories in Izmit And Abdul Rahman Ghazi waved his flag over areas like Yalova, Mudurnu, Armenipazarı, Kandıra and Samandıra His next target was Bursa Which was also the dream of Osman Ghazi The great victory of Bursa and other deeds of Orhan Ghazi will be explained in full detail in Part 2 of this article . Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 18

Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 18 Urdu Subtitle

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