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Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 21 Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost

Now ❤ Watch and Download Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 21 Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost | Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 21 | Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 21 Urdu | Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 21 Urdu Subtitle And Watch More Historic Series Like Kurulus Osman | Alp Arslan | Barbrosslar | Teskilat

Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 21 Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost

👉 Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 21 Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost

Hello Friends! Welcome to pakistanwap Will the Aygul Hatun be martyred? Wouldn’t Cerkutay’s role be part of the half-season? Will the Ottoman state be declared in the next episode? Which hero has been secretly included in the ranks of Osman Bey? Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 21

Which Byzantine man will help kayi women save Kumral Abdal and Dawood Ustad? Has this season ended prematurely? In addition, we will share many more important information with you in today’s video So be sure to watch the video to the end and subscribe to our channel The Kurulus Osman series has made every heart go crazy with its brilliant episode After a long time,

it seemed to the fans that this action-packed series fulfilled many of their wishes The episode was full of action, suspense and humor Osman Bey’s powerful style won the hearts of the fans We told you that when Osman Bey’s game will come out So everyone will praise But the last episode was so wonderful that the fans didn’t even get a chance to blink

And he kept staring at the screen Curiosity was maintained from the beginning to the end of the episode The action is growing with each passing day And when the curiosity and action is at its peak, the season will come to an end When the trailer of the new episode was released, it was also announced that the next episode will be the last episode of this season.

Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 21

We have already told you that the season will come to an end by June 15 And that’s exactly what happened But the desire of the fans to complete the century of the series episodes could not be fulfilled Last season of Kurulus Osman had presented 36 episodes Therefore, it was possible that this time too there would be only 36 episodes

But this season the season will come to an end in 34 episodes But fans are already worried that their favorite series will be missing from the screen for a while On the contrary, it is very difficult for the fans to wait for one day after the end of the season So now everyone feels that the season has ended prematurely , Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 21

And they weren’t given much time to enjoy the series The main reason is that many episodes have been delayed this season And in some episodes there was a break But the season was to end in those days of June So the story was wrapped up two episodes earlier And instead of 36, 34 episodes came out That is, the series could not complete a century of episodes Well,

the next episode is the last episode of the season And the anxiety of the fans has reached its peak In addition to this, the curiosity of everyone who has sent the story is increasing A series of surprises from the team of Kurulus Osman , Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 21

And the trailer of the season finale shook the hearts of the fans When he saw the Aygul Hatun falling into the arms of Cerkutay Everyone was really worried about whether the Aygul Hatun would be martyred Viewers, if you remember, we told you a long time ago that not only Cerkutay is a fictional character. In fact, there is no mention of Aygul Hatun in the history,

Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 21 Urdu

ie the series can tamper with these characters at any time. And now it seems to be happening It was no less than a shock for the fans to do so with the Aygul Hatun Everyone is sad that a character like Aygul hatun is really going to get away from them Viewers are sad to say that it may be time for the Aygul women to part ways At the end of the season,

a big character was expected to disappear And this surprise is found in the case of the Aygul Hatun Which has an arrow very close to the heart Which will lead to his martyrdom We were prepared for this surprise in the last episode The emotional scenes of Aygul and Cerkutay still made fans skeptical Everyone was worried in their hearts that now it was time for them to part

And now that fear has come true Aygul Hatun will be martyred At the same time, fans are worried that Cerkutay’s role will be abolished Viewers have, of course, shot the Cerkutay But in such a precarious situation, the elimination of Cerkutay can put everyone in trouble Therefore, such negligence will not be allowed

The biggest event of the season finale is indeed the price of the state for which not only Osman Bey but also the fans have been waiting a long time. At last that wonderful moment has come Before the formal declaration of the state, Osman Bey introduced the new state in front of his soldiers and Seljuqs in the tribe. Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 21

He won the hearts of the fans When Osman Bey refused to be subordinate to the Seljuk state He also said that kayi will not stand in the shadow of anyone This majestic style of Osman Bey enchanted everyone And when Osman Bey said this regularly That they would go against the orders of Sultan Allauddin and conquer Yenishar

Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 21 Urdu Subtitles

And there will be a sermon in the name of Osman Bey So the fans were overjoyed Because the state has almost been announced And the sermon is given in the name of the sultans And now a sermon will be delivered in the name of Osman Bey instead of Sultan Allauddin This means that Osman Bey will have the importance of Sultan of the new state

Now that all the Turkish tribes are under Osman Bey instead of the Seljuks And Osman Bey is responsible So it is clear that a new Turkish state has been established This state, ruled by the Ottomans, will for a long time shine like a sun in the Muslim world Also important in the series was the inclusion of a Brave man in the series

Osman Bey The series ends with one character on the other side and a new character emerges on the other side The new season will also feature the entry of Osman Bey’s historical associates But before that, a Seljuk hero stopped by Osman Bey Konur Alp’s friend Balban whose personality looks quite impressive He was so impressed by Osman Bey’s words

There is no doubt about it But on the one hand, we saw that the women going to Yenishar are in trouble And the Aygul Hatun has an arrow On the other hand, Kumral Abdal, Dawood Ustad and Akcha Darwish were also caught Who were spying for Osman Bey in Yenishar They have been severely tortured since their capture , Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 21

and intentions Instead of turning to the Seljuk state Osman Bey preferred to move forward under the banner This bravery will not only increase the power of Osman Bey Rather, it is a slap in the face to the Seljuk state, which has not been able to maintain its prestige In addition, Yenishar’s victory will be the highlight of the season finale

But we don’t think any of them will be martyred Even before that, women will plan to save them And maybe a Byzantine priest will help them But even if the priest is not caught, he can help them Otherwise, women will have to be released on their own And they will succeed But even if she gets into trouble at the last minute,

Osman Bey’s soldiers will save her This season will come to an end with its excellent episodes The season will finally air its final episode on June 15 Which will be full of great battle scenes, suspense , Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 21

and ups and downs Viewers, how much you are eager to see the finale this season? Be sure to let us know in the comments box If you like the article , please like and share it See You Soon!

👉 Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 21 Urdu Subtitle

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