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Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 7 Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost

Now ❤ Watch and Download Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 7 Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost | Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 7 | Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 7 Urdu | Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 7 Urdu Subtitle And Watch More Historic Series Like Kurulus Osman | Alp Arslan | Barbrosslar | Teskilat

Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 7 Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost

Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 7 Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost

Hello Friends! Welcome to pakistanwap Who will be the big villains of next season? Which commanders and traitors will come forward? How many victories and wars of Osman Bey are left? Are countless governors and castles coming up in one season?

Osman is about to fall into which enemies from all sides ? Will Osman Beck be attacked at the beginning of next season? Now which enemies will be seen colluding to defeat Osman Bey? How many seasons are Osman Bey’s glorious victories yet to come?

And is Orhan Ghazi’s series really going to start after next season? In addition, we will explain in detail many other important things So you must watch the article till the end And Kurulus Osman Season is presenting the history of the Ottoman Empire in such a wonderful way

That everyone has become addicted to it The great Ottoman conquests that became the foundation of a successful Muslim state Fans look very excited to see them But remember that all three seasons of the Osman series have so far shown very few victories Because at first,

Osman Ghazi spent a lot of time handling important matters and becoming a leader And finally the incident of the Ottoman monumental conquest of Inegol Fort came to light At the same time, the Yenisahir was soon conquered After the end of last season, they are thinking that maybe Osman Bey’s victories are over.

Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 7

That is why such rumors are circulating Orhan Ghazi’s series will start soon But we have repeatedly told you that the real story has just begun Many fans have told us that they want to know the details of all the great victories of Osman Ghazi. So we’ll talk about that in today’s article We have seen some important victories in the beginning Inegol Fortress,

the first major Muslim achievement in history It is shown in the third season Now you can imagine for yourself that 3 seasons have passed showing the first big victory So how many seasons are going to cover all the other big battles There is no doubt that this series will go on for many more years while describing the victories of Osman Bey

And now it’s time for the series to show no more time gap Because this golden age had begun when Osman Bey Then came successive victories Which cannot be ignored At the request of many fans, today we will give you a brief introduction to all these wars and victories. Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 7

Inegol Castle and the city of Yeni have already won the series And Osman Bey’s next goal is Iznik and Bursa The city was conquered between 1300 and 1301 Beyond that, the siege of Iznik and Bursa does not begin On the contrary,

the areas around them were occupied earlier The first major battle since then has been the Battle of Bephous Which was fought in the spring of 1302 In this war, the Byzantine emperor had sent a large army, Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 7

In order to stop the growing conquests of Osman Bey There were about 2,000 Byzantine soldiers in that war Which were under the control of Commander Mozalon It is now clear that the first dangerous commander to be seen in the Kurulus Osman series And those who will come to attack Osman Bey with a large army at the beginning of next season

That’s it If you remember, Osman mentioned it again and again last season That the emperor is sending an army to attack Now, at the beginning of the new season, we will finally see that army and the Ottomans with it. Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 7

Remember that the Muzalon family was very loyal to the Byzantine emperor Two brothers can come forward here George Mosalon who will attack with the Byzantine army And Stephen Mudalon, who will plan with Catalanio

Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 7 Urdu

If we look at the history after that, we will see the battle of Dembos in 1303 In this battle, Emperor Andornekus, in alliance with the rebellious Mongols, planned to invade Osman Bey. According to historians, this was the first war , Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 7

In which the Byzantine town came under the control of the Ottomans In this battle Adranos castle known as Orhaneli The battle was fought by the Governors of Urünlü, Kestel, Bidnos And the whole place came under Ottoman control In the spring of 1303, Ottoman and Byzantine forces clashed in a village on the way to the Yenisahir.

Osman Bey’s beloved nephew Aydogdu was martyred in this bloody battle The governors of Kestel and Dimbos were killed by the enemy Kate’s governor was caught fleeing and sent to hell in front of his castle And then that fort was also captured

These great wars shook the Byzantines Andornekos then tried to unite with the Mongols and then the assassins He offered unity to Al Khani Khan Ghazan Khan Ghazni Khan was entangled with the Mamluk Empire And then since he died,

this alliance could not happen But then, in his confusion, the emperor sought another way and sought the help of the Catlanio’s Which was headed by Roger de Flor The emperor even got his daughter Maria married to Roger de Flor , Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 7

He caused quite a stir in Anatolia Defeated the great Turkish tribes Karamaullar was also at the top He did not face the Ottomans formally But it had a profound effect on the rapidly growing Ottoman conquests He went to see the emperor’s son Michael and was killed in Edirne under a conspiracy in 1305.

But there is a strong possibility that Roger de Flor will be featured in the series Historians say that if Roger de Flor’s attacks had greatly affected the development of the Turks In those days the conquests of the Ottomans in Marmara had diminished Around 1307 or 1308 the great Ottoman wars and invasions had resumed After that,

the period from 1313 to 1315 was also full of victories Meanwhile, Koshi Mihal and the Ghazis helped Osman Bey Conquered by Leblebici, Gölpazarı, Geyve, Akhisar, Meke, Lefke Now, after all these victories, Osman Bey’s next target was Bursa Which was the strongest city of the Byzantines Because of all these victories,

Osman Bey may have already laid siege to Bursa Because all three sides of Barsa were now for the Turks Which were surrounded Bursa After that, Osman Bey built two small forts So that Bursa is completely besieged , Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 7

Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 7 Urdu Subtitles

And the responsibility was given to his nephew Aktemur Bey and his partner Balancik The question now is how many seasons all these victories will take the series Now you can imagine for yourself what these glorious victories we have described so briefly

You don’t have to show them in one season So think now that this Caesar will be over by next season And the beginning of Orhan Ghazi’s series is not right at all In our opinion, if all these glorious wars and historical events were shown in full detail So the matter will remain there

Then the series will offer 4 more seasons And so the series will be seen for a long time to the wow of the fans How eager are you to watch all the historical battles and do you also want Kurulus Osman to present Season 7 season? Be sure to express your opinion in the comment box Like and share the article See You Soon!

Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 7 Urdu Subtitle

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