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Great gift on Pakistan’s 50th birthday … Nazir Sabir, the first Pakistani to cross the Himalayas

Some time ago, the Pakistani nation suffered a tragedy. Ali Sadpara, a famous Pakistani mountaineer, died while trying to reach the highest peak of Pakistan. Mountaineering is a dangerous hobby. That is why only brave people come here. Ali Sadpara hoisted the Pakistani flag on different peaks at different times, which is a matter of pride for us. Such is the big name of Nazir Sabir.

1997 was the golden jubilee year in the history of Pakistan. Fifty years have passed since the nation took over the country this year. I was busy – big nations celebrate big days with such zeal – Nazir Sabir, who climbed K2 in 1981, had the same intentions. Nazir Sabir started trying to climb Everest again with a team of 10 members. He also went to Everest in 1996 but due to an accident he could not continue the expedition.

Well, in 1997 he was relieved of many other responsibilities, including the Northern Area Council and five years of ministry responsibilities. Going forward with the intention, the last time he tried to lead the same campaign from Tibet – this time he chose Nepal, in this team with Nazir Sabir, one American, four Canadians, one Armenian, one Australian. Also included-

Thus it was an international team and the leader was Pakistani Nazir Sabir. He completed this campaign by setting up camps at four different places. Temperatures typically range from minus 35 to minus 40 degrees. From here, on the 13th of May, the advance began. Camp Three arrived. There was a problem. Started climbing

In the same interview, he said, “At 11:40 pm, as we started to move from the fourth camp to the summit, the moon came up – the snow-capped Everest had enchanted us.” The wind was very cold, and it was very difficult to move forward. The fourth camp had to come again. On the night of 15th May, they set out on the expedition with a stronger intention than before. On 16th May, the weather seemed a little better. Yes, the moon was sometimes disappearing in the clouds causing the light to diminish – there is a time when one step of yours can cause you to fall into a deep abyss, (maybe something like this Ali Sadpara). Will be on K2 later with) –

The night was drawing to a close. After a pause, he again set out to cross the Himalayas with his companion. The moon had disappeared, but the sun’s rays were still visible. Everest Nazir Sabir had climbed the head – those who were left behind were also coming towards the peak, Nazir Sabir not only climbed the peak but he also completed the return from the peak in record time – Nazir Sabir was the first Pakistani A greater gift could have been given to the beloved homeland by a mountaineer.

The coffin, which had been considered empty for 150 years, contained an embalmed body

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