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History of Great Brazil | The History of Brazilian

when Portuguese explorers arrived in Brazil the region was inhabited by hundreds of different types of Jacobo tribes very little is known about the history of Brazil before 1500 the current most widely accepted view of researchers is that the early tribes came into the Americas from Asia either by land across the Bering Strait or by coastal sea roads along the Pacific or both Europeans arrived in Brazil at the opening of the sixteenth century.

History of Great Brazil  The History of Brazilian

the first European to colonize what is now Brazil on the continent of South America who was pedro álvares cabral in 1500 under the sponsorship of the Kingdom of Portugal until 1529 Portugal had very little interest in Brazil mainly due to the high profits gained to its commerce with India China and the East Indies the Treaty of Tordesillas was applied which had divided a new world into two ports between Portugal and Spain that’s why today’s.

Brazil is the only Portuguese speaking country in the South America anyway starting in the 16th century sugarcane grown on plantations and became the base of Brazilian economy that was the start of the use of slaves on large plantations to make sugar for export to Europe during the first 150 years of the colonial period attracted by the vast natural resources other Europeans powers try to establish colonies in several parts of resilient territory the Dutch sighs some productive areas.

History of Great Brazil


in the Northeast Brazil and afterwards they were expelled from this land the French tried to avoid FLT in time gold and diamonds to earth-toned and Portugal was so happy because they needed a lot of money because of these discoveries a huge amount of immigrants came in Brazil in the 18th century and the economy became stronger and stronger in that time at the economy base was the mining of gold and diamonds butter coffee and sugar plantations.

in 1808 the Portuguese court fleeing from Napoleon’s invasion of Portugal moved the government in Brazil in stop themselves in the city of Rio de Janeiro in 1815 the United Kingdom of Portugal Brazil and Algarve Eze was born the King John the 6th of Portugal left Brazil to return to Portugal in 1821 his elder son Pedro stayed in Brazil one year later Pedro wanted to separate Brazil from Portugal and led the independence war assuming himself as the power of Brazil.

Great Brazil  The History of Brazilian

it was father against the Sun and the Sun got his independence pretty familiar the Empire of Brazil period was between 1822 and 1889 when the Republic of Brazil was established after a coop the country’s name became the republic of the United States of Brazil which in 1967 was changed to Federative Republic of Brazil in the first world war Brazil had a tiny rule sending troops in Europe to a citizen turned against the Central Powers in 1930.

the government’s continued industrial and agricultural growth and development of the vast interior of Brazil until that time the coastal parts of Brazil were the center of the economy during world war ii brazil was an ally of the united states and send its military to Europe.


after the war in the 50s the country experienced an economic boom and the capital was moved from the coastal Rio de Janeiro to more central Brasilia this period resisted until 1964 when a military regime was installed until 1985 read democratization began from 1985 to the present days where Brazil is a fast and developing country a potential superpower with more than 200 million people.

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