History of Great Britain | The History of British


the history of Great Britain is not so great anymore it was if I’m speaking about Great Britain I could refer just on the British Islands but since the people that are managed to expand and influence the world in this video will speak about the history of the British people and the British lands let’s start from the beginnings the Kingdom of Great Britain came into being on the 1st of May 1707 as a result of the political union of the kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland.

History of Great Britain  The History of British

the Queen Anne died without any higher in 1714 and the distant German cousin George of Hannover was called to rule over the UK he couldn’t speak a word in English george ii was also German born the British Empire expanded considerably during his reign George the 3rd was the first German King to be born in England he became king during the Seven Years War the war was about the British against French and ended in the victory of the UK which acquired territories of New France.

Florida and most of the French India knock knock it’s America do you want to gain independence your name is not America your name is the 13 colonies no we’re not they threw that goatee into the water the American War of Independence broke out and in final the 13 American colonies all finally granted the independence forming the United States of America even years later.

History of Great Britain


the French Revolution broke out and the king louis xvi was killed left without head in the 1800 ear the Act of Union merged the kingdoms of Great Britain and the kingdom of Ireland well I forgot to tell you something in the 1770 Captain Cook who discovered the southeast coast of Australia she claimed that territory to be British sorry Kirk forgot about yet the United Kingdom during this time also had to face them visions of Napoleon.

who desired to conquer the whole Europe after the victory at Trafalgar at Waterloo the Great Britain reinforced its position into the world being an important and and because of the high tensions of american-british relations due to some advanced u.s. declares war in 1812 at peace some territories were changed and the peace between the film nation is still available today the 19th century would be dominated by the British Empire spreading all.

the five continents from Canada and the Caribbean to Australia and New Zealand via Africa India and Southeast Asia in 1832 Parliament abolished slavery in the Empire with a slavery abolition Act in 1833 Victoria became Queen in 1837 at the age of eighteen in her long reign until 1901 of what 1901 1901 – 1837 it’s 60 64 years yeah okay in her long run until 1901 Britain reached the zenith of the economic and political power exciting new technologies such as the steam strips photography railroads and telegraph Sapir mcnac it’s America no no no is the First World War Austria declares war.


on Serbia because of the death of this guy Russia entered on Serbian side Germany stays with Austria so there are enemies it’s rational but Russia had two friends these guys awesome right now everyone is at war the war had been won by Britain and its allies but human and financial costs were huge the work should never exist again Britain gained the German colony of Tanganyika and the part of tog land in Africa.

the anglo-irish war was fought between the crown forces and the Irish Republican Army from 1919 to 1921 the war ended with the English Irish trading of December 1921 that established the Irish Free State the north is Protestant territories remained part of the United Kingdom ever since in 1933 dis guy came into power in Germany and after British and French governments led him to archers Austria and annexed dead land in the 1st of September 1919 and was attacked by Germany UK.

in France declared war on Germany and then this happened British forces resisted against Hitler’s ambitions to conquer the island the London was bombed then Britain became the bomber on the 6th of June 1944 d-day happened Normandy beaches were assaulted by British American and Canadian Forces and they won in the final the Germans lost the game.

Great Britain  The History of British

after the war in 1949 NATO was created and UK was one of the founders the fall was near the corner for the British Empire beginning to gain independence two former provinces in Asia and in the sixties in Africa the fall is marked by decision of Hong Kong to China in 1997 they joined EU in 1973 to get out after the referendum in 2016.

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