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History of Great Colombia | The History of Colombian

the history of Colombia includes the settlements and society by indigenous people like the Muisca Confederation quim via civilisation and Tyrone achieved amis the Spanish arrived here in 1499 when the first expedition of Palazzo de Ojeda arrived a de cabo de la vela the Spanish made several attempts to settle along.

History of Great Colombia  The History of Colombian

the north coast of today’s Colombia in early 16th century but their first permanent settlement at Santa Marta was not established until 1525 Cartagena was founded on 1st of June 15th or III by Spanish commander pedo de Heredia this settlement grew rapidly fueled first by the gold.

in the terms of the civic culture and later by trade the thirst for golden and resulted in Spanish exploration into the Colombian mainland deeper and deeper the Spanish started a period of conquest and colonization most noteworthy being the Spanish conquest of Muisca in August 1534 Santa Fe de Bogota was founded on the site of a Muisca village in 1717.

History of Great Colombia


the Viceroyalty of New Granada was officially created the colony included some other provinces Bogota became one of the principal administrative centres of the Spanish possessions in new world along with Lima and Mexico City the 18th century was a decline for the Spanish Empire and after.

the invasion of Spain made by Napoleon the Cooney’s in the new world sought to be independent and free many movements were made in the Americas and the colony New Granada became independent with its new name Gran Colombia in 1819.

after an independent revolution led by Simon Bolivar the Gran Colombia was bigger than today’s Colombia it incorporated territories of Venezuela Panama Ecuador Brazil and British Guiana the Federation of Gran Colombia was dissolved in 1830.

 The History of Colombian

a new country the Republic of New Granada was born including Panama and today’s Colombia and some other territories which were established at the border with Brazil and Peru in 1963 the name of the Republic was changed again officially to United States of Colombia and after more than 20 years.

in 1886 the country adopted its present name Republic of Colombia in 1903 Panama separated from Colombia the interest of the United States in the region was one of the reasons the 20th century was one with zombies stability for Colombians and even the military sighs the power between 1953 to 1957 the internal conflicts escalated more after the creation of drug cartels.

Great Colombia  The History of Colombian

like the Medellin Cartel row but some guys including the well-known Pablo Escobar political crisis persisted in the 90s but then decreased from 2005 on word today Colombia has more stability than ever is one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse countries in the world with almost 50 million people living in this country.

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