History of Great Germany | The History of German


in this article, we will talk about the history of Great Germany it seems that ancient people were present here 600,000 years ago the earth not Genesis of Germanic tribes is assumed to have started during the Nordic Bronze Age from their homes in southern Scandinavia in northern germany the tribes began expanding into south east and west coming into contact with salty groups as well with iranian baltic and slovak cultures by the 1st century bc.

History of Great Germany  The History of German

in the first years of the 1st century AD Roman legions conducted a long campaign in Germania the area north of the upper danube and east of rhine in time the tribes became familiar with roman tactics of warfare while maintaining the tribal identity the part of the territory of more than Germany that lay east of Ryan remained outside the Roman Empire the 3rd century saw a large number of Germanic tribes broke into the Roman control and several large german-speaking tribes.

the Visigoths Ostrogoths vandals boot unions long burn Saxons and franks moved west seeing the decline of the roman empire Christianity was spread to western germany during the roman era franks expanded into West Europe and they created an empire and then the Empire was divided between East Tawas and Middle Frankia the East part will become the Holy Roman Empire under odds of the first the Empire was an elected monarchy with a lot of kingdoms.

History of Great Germany


in there Germans in time started the colonization of sub territories into the east building settlements in their black there–he Germany in the 14th century in the 16th century in 1570 Martin Luther started a Reformation in the Catholic Church we know it today as the Protestant Reformation by the next decades in Europe were many words for territories for freedom or for a succession on at Roane in this time period the powers of Europe focused a lot on colonization and establishing their power over large.

new lands outside the old continent this wasn’t the case for German kingdoms which were anti colonial power probably because of not having a coast directly to the Atlantic and for being disunited into many kingdoms Napoleon’s French Empire puts an end to the Holy Roman Empire reorganizing some territories after Napoleon was defeated in the following years in nationally speed has increased for Germans and Italians which were disunited as well the two big German powers Austria and Prussia fought a war in 1866 by winning Prussia became the most powerful German state.


which will form the North German Confederation after winning the war against the French Germany was born officially in 1871 in 1880 a number of coins were established overseas Germans Italians and Austrians formed the Triple Alliance the untimed was formed – between Russia France and Great Britain the world started in 1914 and ended in 1918 with Germany as a defeated country.

the German Empire was no longer and a republic was proclaimed German economy was in a bad period after the world economic crises from 1929 made a situation worse for German people after the world a new nationalist movement was born it was Adolphe with his new party he became Chancellor in 1933 and after the president Hindenburg died he became known as the supreme leader the war started in 1939.

 of Great Germany  The History of German

Germany invaded Poland and ended in 1945 Germany being a ruin from that time in 1990 German was divided into two countries was any Germany with two different ideologies in 1955 the West became a NATO member and in 57 was one of the founding members of the European community which will became later the European Union the Germans unified the whole country again when the communist bloc collapsed and since then it emerged as a poor formation in Europe.

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