History of Great Nigeria | The History of Nigerian


in this article, we will talk about the history of Nigerian the history of Nigeria can be traced back to the prehistoric settlers or Nigerians living in these areas as early as 11,000 BC many ancient African civilizations settled in this region is today Nigeria.

History of Great Nigeria  The History of Nigerian

in this part of Africa the large River Niger provided water essential for communities to grow the earliest known example of a human skeleton found anywhere in West Africa was found in today’s Nigeria micro ethic and ceramic industries were also developed by savanna people from at least the 4th millennium BC and were considered by agricultural communities their least iron using Nigerian culture is that of the Nok culture in 900 BC.

in the Hausa kingdom’s leave the house of people and were situated between the Niger River and the Lake Chad this part of Nigerian history is reflected by a mythological story the bhaiyyaji the legend the legend describes the adventure of the hero by Judah he came from the Middle East traveled the desert married the local queen and had a child and another one of the Queen’s maidservant the legend says that house estates were founded by the sons of bhaiyyaji de the house of kingdoms were first mentioned.

in the ninth century and they were by the 15th century important trading centres competing with kanem-bornu or the Mali Empire the premier experts were slaves leather gold plus salt : arts or animal hides during this time many African civilization existed in this region that is today Nigerian such as kingdoms of Neriah Benin Empire or oil Empire is believed that Islam reached Nigeria.

The History of Nigerian


through the borer Empire somewhere in the 11th century house estates were touched by this religion around 1385 in the 16th century larger Yoruba Empire develops speaking about the Benin Empire their fame is not based on power but are having the contact with Portuguese this is the coastal Kingdom which the Portuguese discover when they reach the mouth of nature in the 14th 70s bringing back to Europe news about the African artifacts Christianity came here in the 15th century.

due to Portuguese speaking more in detail about the states that existed here before 1500 on today’s Nigerian territory we could find the kingdoms of when in Borga house’ croire rafa eb buena ride Nupur worried and the umpires of lani kanem-bornu oil and some guy during the 16th century the songhai empire reached its peak stretching on a large area and for more than 100 years.

influencing and shaping the history of nigeria this period is marred by diverse conflicts one example the conflict between the Touareg and Borno from the start of the 19th century there was a pretty high interest for the British in this land in 1821 British government sponsors an expedition south through the Sahara to reach the kingdom of Borno.

its members became the first Europeans to reach lake chad slaves or trade for Appian goods following the Napoleonic Wars British expanded the trade with a Nigerian interior in 1885 British claim the West African sphere of influence receiving international recognition the realm Niger company was created under this name in 1886 in 1900 the company’s territory came under the control of the British government on 1st of January 1901.


Nigeria became a British protectorate and parts of the British Empire between 1886 and 1940 the partition of Africa happened between the colonial powers the borders of Nigeria were created and Nigeria as a part of British Empire Western education and development of a modern economy proceeded more rapidly in the southern.

in the north in this territory which consequences felt in a curious political life ever since after the war war 2 Nigerian nationalism was on the rise on 1st of October 1954 the colony became the autonomous Federation of Nigeria and in 1958 Britain agreed that Nigeria would become an independent state on the 1st of October 1964 republics existed here.

The History of Nigerian

in this land ruled by stability from that period to the present days if authored the world the population of Nigeria was around 30 million people today in this country we can find almost 200 million people there are more to say of course but this was Nigeria.

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