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History of Great Spain | The History of Spanish

the earliest record of harmonies living in Western Europe was sown in Spain 1.2 million years ago before the Roman conquests the major cultures in Spain were appearance in the east the cells in the interior and Nord ouest the Lucy turns into us and the tart Asians in the southwest the Greeks are responsible for the name Iberia apparently after the river Ebro the Roman Empire conquered the peninsula in 19 BC

History of Spain  The History of Spanish

Romans named the entire barren peninsula Hispania which was the name used from 2nd century BC the people from this land were very influenced by the Roman culture after the fall of the Western Roman Empire part of Hispania came under the rule of some Germanic tribes such as vandals or Visigoths the visigothic kingdom conquered all of Hispania and ruled it until the early 8th century.

when the peninsula fell to the muslim conquests the Muslim State in Iberia came to be known as al-andalus the Muslim invasions led to the Christian process of reckon Crysta which was from 8 to 15 century after the Reconquista process was done the kingdoms of Spain were united under Habsburg rule in 1516 that unified the crown of Castile and the crown of Aragon and some smaller kingdoms under the same rule at the same time the Spanish Empire.

History of Spain

History of Spain

began since the very discovery of America and 1492 marking the beginning of the Golden Age of Spain building a huge overseas Empire from 1500 to 6 and 15 Habsburg Spain was the most powerful state in the world during this period Spain was involved in all major European Wars in the later 17th century however Spanish power began to decline being marked by the war of the Spanish Succession.

which happened because of the death of the last Habsburg rule after the Bourbon dynasty came in Spain never regained its former strength the beginning of the 19th century met Spain unprepared for war the Spanish army was easily defeated by Napoleon and then they aligned with the revolutionary French the former Spanish king Ferdinand was dethroned by Napoleon who put his own brother on the throne.


after Napoleon was defeated Ferdinand was restored as a king because Spain was at war with Great Britain between 1798 to 1808 the British Navy cut off its ties to its colonies then the colonies had achieved economic independence from Spain seeking their full independence after multiple revolutions Spain lost all of its North and South American colonies except Cuba and Puerto Rico the spanish-american war happened in 1898 and afterwards Spain lost Cuba Puerto Rico and Guam by 1900.

Spanish tried to re-establish their stability but I felt instability was one of the reasons for not being involve in World War one and in 1936 a civil war broke out the word ended in a nationalist dictatorship led by Francisco Franco which controlled the Spanish government until 1975 this country wasn’t involved in world war ii.

but it supported Germany and Italy after Franco’s death Spain returned to bourbon a constitutional monarchy headed by Prince Juan Carlos it became a member of NATO in 1982 and one of the European community members in 1986 the economic crisis from 2007 hit Spain so hard ending there are 10 years of good economic growth.

 of Spain  The History of Spanish

even if today this country is not so powerful as it was back in the day their past actions influence the world enough may say Spain has a population of more than 40 million people now but on the entire world’s more than 480 million people are speaking this language.

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