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History of Great Texas | The History of Texan

in this article, we will talk about the history of Great Texas the recorded history of Texas is starting with arrival of the first Spanish conquistadores in 1519 in this region lived many Native American tribes which had been there for more than 10,000 years the first European to see Texas was alone so alvarez de Pineda while searching for a passage between the Gulf of Mexico and Asia even if the Spanish explorer claimed the land for Spain the region was ignored for the next 160 years.

History of Great Texas  The History of Texan

in April 16 82 the French will claim all the Mississippi River Valley splitting the new Spain from Spanish Florida but they landed more to the west the force Alois was constructed in 1685 Spain felt that the French colony was a trap they tried to find the san luis for the 4th and the French settlement was destroyed by native attacks Spanish conquistadors learned.

a lot about the Texas geography when they searched for the French settlement in January 1691 Spain appointed the first governor of Texas general Domingo Taryn de los ríos in the next year’s Christians tried to convert the natives but they felt many American Indians regularly stole the cattle and horses from missionaries some conflict happened between the French and Spanish in the war of quadruple Alliance Spanish colonies missionaries and remaining soldiers fled to San Antonio afterwards.

History of Great Texas


the Spanish drove the French away and build the new fort lost a dice which became the capital of Texas over the next 110 years Penn established numerous villages and missions in the province in 1762 French finally relinquish their clan to Texas by setting all of Louisiana west of Mississippi River to Spain after the Seven Years War in 1799 spain give Louisiana back to French in exchange for the promise of a troll in the center Italy then in 1803 Napoleon solo easy Anna to the United States.

when Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821 Texas was part of Mexico the 1824 constitution of Mexico joined Texas with Quaqua litter from the state of Coahuila eat a hoss because in this territory weren’t living so many people mexico tried to make some reforms and laws to encourage people move in even from the United States in the first place many Americans migrated.

History of Great Texas

in slavery was against Mexican law but Americans brought slaves to Texas many settlers didn’t like the laws made by Mexico President Texas revolted and gained independence in 1836 in 1845 Texas will become a state.

in the United States of America because of this Mexican government brought the diplomatic relations with the United States and due to some border tensions the Mexican American War started in 1846 Texas leave the United States in 1961 and join the Confederate States of America on March 1861 after the Civil War Texas was the subject of reconstruction.

of Great Texas  The History of Texans

in the Union cotton ranching and farming dominated the economy until 1900 in 1901 oil was discovered and here a huge oil production industry was developed one of the largest in the world from that time on Texas population has grown from 3 to 27 million people being one of the most powerful states in the u.s. and yeah the assassination of JFK happened here in Dallas on November 22nd 1963.

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