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How did Germany plan to “Conquer the World” in WW1

many monarchs and political leaders have likely thought at one point or another about the idea of conquering the world we’ve seen empire after empire throughout history aimed to expand their territorial claims and diplomatic influences as far as they possibly could around the globe a handful have even found great success such as the gargantuan british empire.

How did Germany plan to conquer the World in WW1

which at one point possessed authority covering roughly 25 percent of the world’s land surface even so no empire or other worlds player has been able to rule over the entire globe but that didn’t stop others from trying to gain more influence imperial germany was one of those ambitious empires the germans just united in the second half of the 19th century and gained vast respect from the rest of the continent and the world.

as a scientific and industrial superpower racking up 20 nobel prizes between 1901 through 1918 alone spanning the categories of medicine chemistry physics and literature the year before the outbreak of world war one imperial germany also boasted the largest economy in continental europe and placed only third behind the united states and the british empire on the world scale with a robust military and rapidly prospering home status.

the german empire was ready for even more success and power and that is exactly what they would aim to take 1914 the first world war erupts imperial germany a longtime ally of the austro-hungarian empire since the establishment of the dual alliance in 1879 was quick to enter the conflict on august 1st with its declaration of war.

on russia and shortly dragged france into the dispute with a second declaration on august 3rd per the german’s pre-established war plan russia was not actually a primary focus and germany instead invaded belgium triggering great britain to declare war on the germans only one day after the second german declaration of war this explosion of discord triggered the start of imperial.

germany’s infamous schlieffen plan which later earned its name from the prominent german field marshal alfred von schliefen this meticulous design had actually been devised almost a decade prior and was meant to be a plan to win a large-scale war particularly against the french third republic the strategy was to cross through belgium and luxembourg instead of directly into france.

through its shared border with germany and create a decisive victory by attacking the french flank and rear the offensive would be split into a wing center and left wing the german first second and third armies would make up the right wing with the left wing consisting of the sixth and seventh armies and the center rounding out the strike with the fourth and fifth armies.

the assumption of the germans was that this plan could be executed fairly quickly in an estimated six weeks or so and that the russians would be slow enough in mobilizing their own troops that a smaller german defensive would be enough to hold off their eastern enemy in the meantime in the case that the schlieffen plan worked exactly or well enough as expected imperial germany’s next move would be to execute the september program.

which was an even more extensive plan for german expansion this second plan was created at the start of world war one by chancellor theobald von private secretary kurt reidzler this new set of goals established a bold plan for german expansion in and outside of the european continent and would have been the start of immense growth for the empire the september program was scheduled to go as follows first the shiflam plan would result.

in a definitive victory for germany and france would be forced to give up chunks of their territory up north and along the dunkirk coast france would also pay war reparations totaling 10 billion german marks in addition to paying off germany’s national debt subsequently wrecking the french economy next france would also be forced to destroy.

its own northern forts in an effort to partially disarm itself furthermore belgium would at minimum be annexed by germany or in another case become a german vassal state whilst also seceding certain eastern portions of its territory and providing military bases for germany luxembourg would then become a member state of imperial germany the russian empire’s lands would be re-established with some buffer states such as poland and other territories.

The Germany plan to “Conquer the World” in WW1

How did Germany plan to conquer the World in WW1

in the east being formed under german authority belgium france the netherlands denmark austria-hungary the buffer states as well as potentially sweden norway and italy would create a new economic association completely dominated by the german empire germany would massively expand its colonial power particularly by seizing french and belgian colonies in africa and aiming to gain a larger influence in the region.

than the british while opting to not necessarily take any british possessions lastly the netherlands must voluntarily come into a closer union with imperial germany in reality what actually happened was more than a small disappointment for the germans chiefly the schlieffen plan failed for one thing the speed at which the germans intended to advance on france was unobtainable and the enemy forces put up a better fight than had been anticipated which stalled the german troops.

even further there was also mistakes made throughout the execution of the plan and it finally resulted in a withdrawal the strategy seemed genius on paper but ultimately flawed in actuality because it relied on perfect and unrealistic execution that simply could have not been achieved in the heat of war the result of this failure meant that germany was now unable to enact.

the september program and instead got the one thing they wished to avoid a two-front war the russians had mobilized their troops more rapidly than the germans planned for which meant that they would be facing off with the one minimal army that had been left to defend germany from the east troops from the west had to be diverted and all of imperial germany’s hopes of expansion were rapidly dissolving as they became deeply entwined.

in an uphill battle that they had expected to avoid the quick victory that the germans had planned for was now a dream of the past and so was the september program this wasn’t the german empire’s first time failing to obtain a goal they had set for expansion and conquest though kaiser wilhelm ii made plans to invade the united states back in 1897 through 1903.

even if this plan was unrealistic his goal in this instance was not necessarily to conquer the united states but instead to weaken the country economically and politically so the germans could install their own more powerful influence over the caribbean south america and pacific oceanic regions instead the idea was considered by various junior officers and different versions of a plan were made three specifically known simply as plan one plan two and plan three but nothing could be solidified and the scheme was eventually abandoned.

in 1906 without even a single attempt at execution essentially in the best case scenario germany would have at one point or another expanded its empire across europe and the surrounding continents the goal of the imperial army was widespread influence and dominion and had things gone differently in the first world war it’s very possible that the september program would have been only the start of germany’s conquests.

though there was no immediate or clear plan for world domination imperial germany’s schemes intending to expand not only through europe but in their african colonies as well was an ambitious aim and more likely than not would have been step one not the final step still european dominion and growing colonies proved possible but imperial germany simply fell short.

How did Germany plan to conquer the World in WW1

after the failure of the war plan in the west the german empire had great potential for gaining more and more influence and that was even more visible in the second world war but during the first one the imperial power crumbled as their global dreams shattered with them.

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