How did Queen Elizabeth II rule over 16 countries? | ملکہ الزبتھ دوئم نے 16 ممالک پر حکمرانی کیسے کی؟


Welcome to Pakistanwap! Who doesn’t know the British Royal Family? This family has been ruling Britain and its subsidiary states for centuries. Our Articletoday is about the head of the same royal family, ‘Queen Elizabeth II’, who has been on the throne for almost seventy years When and how did she become queen, what is her influence, what privileges does she has?

How did Queen Elizabeth II rule over 16 countries? | ملکہ الزبتھ دوئم نے 16 ممالک پر حکمرانی کیسے کی؟ | ملکہ الزبتھ کون تھی ؟ | ملکہ الزبتھ نے کتنے سال حکمرانی کی؟ | ملکہ الزبتھ نے کن ممالک پر حکمرانی کی ؟ | Who was Queen Elizabeth? | How many years did Queen Elizabeth rule? | Which countries did Queen Elizabeth rule?

How did Queen Elizabeth II rule over 16 countries? | ملکہ الزبتھ دوئم نے 16 ممالک پر حکمرانی کیسے کی؟

How powerful the queen is politically, how popular she is among the people, and how rich this queen is. Let us all know. When did Princess Elizabeth become Queen? In 1936, three years before World War II, the princess’s grandfather, the then king, died. And the king’s eldest son, Edward, the uncle of Princess Elizabeth, took the throne. At the time, no one could have imagined that Princess Elizabeth would one day take the throne. Surprisingly, however, King Edward abdicated

– why did King Edward abdicate? We’ve told you this very interesting story on Big Socho before. If you haven’t seen it, link is available in the end of the video, must watch it . After King Edward’s abdication, his brother and Princess Elizabeth’s father became king The princess was only ten years old at the time.

All eyes were now on the princess because she was the heir to the throne and when she grew up, she was to wear the crown. Now special attention was being paid to the education and training of the princess In 1952, the princess’s father, the then king,

died and the throne passed to the princess She was barely twenty-six at the time. A formal coronation ceremony for the princess was held in June 1953. It was broadcasted in 39 different languages by different TV channels and millions of people around the world watched it on TV screens. Some Interesting Facts about the Queen Friends, what privileges does Queen Elizabeth has as a royal family’s and state’s head, and how luxurious her life is.

You will be amazed to know this. Queen Elizabeth II is ruling over 16 countries including Australia, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, and some other states.

All these states are also called as Common Wealth Nations In all of these states, the role of the queen is similar to that of a head of state. Although this role is symbolic, it is still unusual for one person to rule so many countries in the 21st century. the queen does not need to drive herself, but if she ever drives, the queen does not need a license. Similarly, Queen Elizabeth does not need a British passport. She travels without a passport. According to British law, queen is above the law and cannot be prosecuted .

The queen does not have to pay taxes, but she does pay taxes on her will. Friends, many people do not know that Prince Philip, the Queen’s husband, is not British by birth. Rather, he was born into a royal family of Greece and Denmark. Thus he was a prince before his marriage to Princess Elizabeth – the two met at a wedding. The queen is not particularly fond of giving interviews on television or any other media. That’s why it took 22 years for the BBC to reach the Queen for a documentary. Queen Elizabeth has been fond of horse riding since childhood.

The queen still not only rides the horse but also regularly watches horse riding competitions. The queen’s own horses also take part in races. In 1981, a young man opened fire on the Queen while she was riding. However, the Queen was not shot and the target was missed. The young man was charged with treason for the act.

At the age of eighteen, the princess asked her father to join the army. And so Princess Elizabeth became the first woman in her family to join the army. She was trained as a mechanic and military truck driver, and so the princess played a little part in World War II.

The Queen loves modern technology and is quick to adopt it. Queen Elizabeth first sent an e-mail in 1976. That is, at the time when access to technology and the Internet was limited to a handful of computer professionals only. The queen also has a personal poet. Only famous and well-working poets are selected for this position The Queen and the royal family are also associated with more than six hundred charity organizations.

The Queen’s mere affiliation with these organizations is of great benefit to these organizations as the funds received by these institutions are greatly increased because of the Queen. Queen Elizabeth’s birthday is celebrated twice a year. Her actual birthday is April 21, while her official birthday is celebrated on a Saturday in June when the weather is pleasant On this occasion, gun salutes are given in different parts of the country and there is a public holiday in some parts of the Commonwealth. What are the authorities as Queen?

Despite being a queen, Queen Elizabeth does not has complete control over the British government. The powers and role of the queen or king have diminished considerably over time. The queen is the representative of the state while the representative of the government is the elected prime minister The role of the queen in the government has diminished considerably. In 1215, following the Magna Carta Agreement,

it was decided to reduce the powers of the royal family And so the British Parliament was formed and its powers increased But parliament cannot make all decisions on its own. The queen’s approval is also required for this. The queen also has the power to reject the advice of any minister or government official Queen plays an important role in forming and dissolving parliament but cannot cast her vote. And if any bill is to be passed, it must have the approval of the Queen after the approval of Parliament.

But, it is not the case that the Queen is under pressure of Parliament As a queen, she uses many other ways to achieve her goals. An example of this is the process of passing a bill. It is generally believed that if a new law is to be passed, it is first passed by Parliament and then sent to the Queen. However, another case is that if the bill, if passed,

would have a direct effect on the royal family, it would be sent to the Queen first At that instant, the queen can use her power and authority to change the bill as she wishes No documentary evidence of such an amendment can be found, as such documents are kept confidential.

Interestingly, however, “The Gaurdian ” has found such documents , according to which, in 1973, the Queen, with the help of her personal lawyer, made such amendments in the proposed bill that no one could keep an eye on the Queen’s property and assets. One day after the election in Britain,

the Queen invites the leader of the party with the most seats as head of state to form the government Once Parliament is formed, the work begins with the Queen’s speech. The Queen also represents the United Kingdom at various forums and events nationally and internationally.

It is the Queen’s duty to attend and speak at various festivals and special occasions Representatives of other countries are also invited by the Queen to the UK. And at the invitation of other countries, the Queen visits as the UK’s representative A weekly meeting between the Queen and the Prime Minister is must , in which the Queen is briefed on important matters. The Queen is also the Commander-in-Chief of the British Army. If the country is in a state of war, it will be announced by the Queen, but this is done only on the advice of the government.

Queen Elizabeth also heads the Church of England and Bishops etc. are also recruited with the approval of the Queen. However, the advice of the Prime Minister is also required. It is also Queen Elizabeth’s duty to honor British citizens for outstanding performance in various fields. How wealthy is the Queen? Friends Queen Elizabeth became the owner of her first home when she was just six years old. It was a very small house that was given to the princess as a gift. Now the queen – in addition to Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace – owns 27 palaces at various locations.

The queen has eight of the most expensive cars. it is difficult to find out the total wealth and all the assets of the queen, but it is said that she is the richest person of the British royal family The Queen’s total wealth is estimated at between 530 million US dollars and 11 billion US dollars. The queen’s crown is worth about three to five billion pounds. And it weighs more than a kilo and a half. It is adorned with gold, silver , platinum and all kinds of precious jewels. Koh-i-Noor, which is considered to be the most precious and heaviest diamond in the world, is also part of the queen’s crown.

Interestingly, on the queen’s crown are engraved the symbols of the various states where she is ruling. The queen also has her own cash machine. That means she doesn’t has to go to a bank. In River Thames , all swans belong to the queen. In addition, all the dolphins in the UK are owned by the Queen. The queen owns an elephant, two large turtles, and a Jaguar is also included. These animals were given to the queen as gifts by different figures and now these animals are in London Zoo. Important events during the reign of the Queen Friends, Queen Elizabeth is now about ninety-five years old.

And seven decades have passed since she took over the throne. Her reign has become the longest reign of the British royal family so far. Fourteen UK Prime Ministers have been replaced during this period. Among these fourteen prime ministers, Winston Churchill was the earliest. Let’s take a look at some of the important events that took place in the Queen’s long reign In 1939, World War II began. At that moment, the princess’s father has taken the throne.

The princess’s mother was offered to leave the country, but she flatly refused to leave her husband, the then King, and Princess Elizabeth and her sister were taken to the Scotland’s palace in the UK, away from the London riots. Princess Elizabeth was only thirteen at the time From November 1953 to May 1954, the Queen visited a total of thirteen countries. The queen also visited Australia and New Zealand for the first time as head of state. Never before had a member of the British royal family paid an official visit to Australia or New Zealand.

More than twenty nations separated from Britain in the 1960’s and 1970’s. It included mostly African countries After this, relations between Britain and the rest of Europe also improved. And in 1973 the UK became a permanent member of the European Economic Community, now the European Union In 1969, the Queen’s eldest son, Prince Charles, succeeded to the throne – in 1981, Prince Charles married Lady Diana. Friends, the issues between Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth have always received a lot of coverage in the international media.

At Princess Diana’s death in 1997, Queen showed cold- blooded attitude, which raised many questions At a time when the whole world was mourning the death of Princess Diana, the Queen’s silence and the flag of Buckingham Palace not being lowered was surprising. The people were very disappointed with the Queen because Princess Diana was very popular. But Queen Elizabeth later issued a statement of condolence for princess Diana’s death. The Queen also visited China in 1986. Queen Elizabeth also addressed a joint session of the US Congress in 1991.

On the fiftieth anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s accession to the throne, a grand celebration was held in 2002, which included a parade of ships across the River Thames. In 2011 Queen Elizabeth II visited the Republic of Ireland. Ireland was last visited by the British royal family in 1911, when Ireland was still part of the UK. Queen Elizabeth and Pakistan Friends, Pakistan became the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 1956. That is, Pakistan , symbolically for nine years even after independence, was associated with the British Empire This association ended legally in 1956.

Before that, legally, Queen Elizabeth was also the Queen of Pakistan. The Queen has visited Pakistan twice. She made her first visit in 1961. She was accompanied by Prince Philip. They visited Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Lahore and northern areas. A large number of people were present to see the royal people. The queen called Pakistan a major power in the Islamic world. The second visit took place in 1997. Some important facts about the Queen’s personal life Friends, there has been another Queen Elizabeth in the Britain’s history.

Officially, the first queen is known as Queen Elizabeth I and the current Queen Elizabeth II as Queen Elizabeth II But Queen Elizabeth II is generally referred to as Queen Elizabeth . The full name of Queen Elizabeth II is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. She was born on April 21, 1926 in London, England. The throne was then held by Princess Elizabeth’s grandfather, George V. The princess’s early education began at home. The best teachers were called home to teach the princess. Later, after her father became king, the princess studied history and law.

Four years after the birth of Princess Elizabeth, her sister was born. Besides, she has no other sister or brother. The two sisters spent most of their time in London, in their Windsor Great Park Palace. It is fair to say that the princess was very loved since her childhood. Princess Elizabeth first met Prince Philip when she was eight years old On November 20, 1947, at the age of 21, the princess married Prince Philip.

The wedding got famous around the world. Prince Philip’s first meeting with Princess Elizabeth was at the wedding of one of his cousins who was getting married to a relative of Princess Elizabeth A year after the princess’s marriage, Prince Charles was born. The queen has a total of four children. Since they are the children of the queen, so their surname refers to the mother instead of the father. Friends, Queen Elizabeth II is indeed one of the most influential and powerful women in the world. She has been on the throne for more than seventy years.

The next heir to the throne is currently the Queen’s eldest son, Prince Charles and will be succeeded by Prince William, the eldest son of Prince Charles Prince William has already taken on a variety of responsibilities and is often seen at various events. Friends, how do you like this story of the greatest queen of modern times, How did you like this Article? Tell us in comments. Thanks!

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