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How did the worst air crash in history happen? | تاریخ کا بدترین فضائی حادثہ کیسے ہوا؟

Welcome to Pakistanwap! It was March 27, 1977. The hustle at Spain’s Tenerife Airport was greater than usual. Many airplanes, large and small, were parked on all the runway routes. There were also two jumbo jets from the Netherlands and U.S.A and an accident involving these, was about to take place shortly after which is considered as the worst aviation accident in the world today.

How did the worst air crash in history happen? | تاریخ کا بدترین فضائی حادثہ کیسے ہوا؟ | History’s Worst Airline Accident | تاریخ کا بدترین ایئر لائن حادثہ | How did the worst accident in the history of aviation happen? | ایوی ایشن کی تاریخ کا بدترین حادثہ کیسے ہوا ؟ | Worst air crash | بدترین فضائی حادثہ

How did the worst air crash in history happen? | تاریخ کا بدترین فضائی حادثہ کیسے ہوا؟

How did this accident happen? Why the crowdedness at the airport was more than usual? Why these planes were stopped at Tenerife airport when their destination was somewhere else? How disastrous this accident was? This is what you will learn in this video. Accident day and background Friends, the beginning of March 27, 1977 was normal.

Everything was going as usual at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City, USA and as well as at Netherlands in the Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. Different airplanes were ready to take off at their times. Pan American Airways airplane at New York Airport was also ready to depart with 380 passengers on board. On the other hand, the KLM Airlines airplane at Amsterdam Airport was also ready to fly with 280 passengers.

These two planes had the same destination. And they had to go to the island of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands of Spain. The Canary Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean, are a famous tourists spot and include a total of eight islands. Most of the passengers on these two airplanes were tourists who were going to Gran Canaria Island for a fun tour. Both airplanes were double-decker. As opposed to ordinary ones, they were very big, that’s why they were called jumbo jets And both were made by Boeing company.

The airplanes left for their destinations on time. By air, the journey takes about ten hours to reach Gran Canaria from New York. while the journey from Amsterdam takes five hours. These two planes were heading towards their destination but no one knew about the coming accident. The first unfortunate incident There was an accident before the actual accident which actually caused the subsequent accident.

It so happened that when the two planes were traveling and heading towards Gran Canaria, the airport where the two planes had to land, there was a blast at this airport. Soon after the blast, the airport was evacuated due to a threat of second blast. Canary Islands is a good tourist attraction. And most of the flights coming here are landed at Gran Canaria Airport. Even at that time ,air traffic was heavy. Therefore, all airplanes bound for the Canary Islands were instructed to land at Tenerife, one of the eight islands. It takes half an hour to fly from Tenerife to Gran Canaria by plane.

Landing at Tenerife Island American Airlines plane Pan Am landed at Tenerife after getting instructions. Although the pilots and crew of the airplane did not want to land on the island. However, according to the instructions of the air controller, the plane had to land at the airport of Tenerife Island. On the other hand, the KLM plane flying from Amsterdam also landed on the island. Tenerife Island Airport The island’s airport was quite small.

It was generally designed for private and small flights That is why this airport had only one runway on which only one big plane could land or take off at a time. There was no radar system at the airport to detect the presence of aircrafts. Nor was there a system to keep an eye on the runway. In addition to the runways, there are other routes built at airports. These are called taxiways. They are designed to make the plane move easily and get to the runway There was only one runway at Tenerife airport and a total of five taxiways were built to reach it and move planes.

One of these was parallel to the runway, while the other four connected the two. When all the planes bound for Gran Canaria and all the nearing islands landed on Tenerife Island, there was less space for planes at the airport. Planes had to be parked even on runway and all taxiways. There was no space left for the planes to reach the runway. Preparing for the return of the planes Meanwhile, Gran Canaria’s airport was thoroughly checked after the blast and the airport was declared clear for flights arriving and departing At the same time, several small planes took off from Tenerife Island as soon as the possible.

Now the pilots of the American plane also wanted to reach their destination But they were told that there was no way to reach the runway because KLM was parked on the taxiway If the American plane had turned and go to the runway from other side, there would not have been enough space for this jumbo jet to turn. So this American plane had to wait. On the other hand, the KLM crew was also in a hurry.

It had been several hours since they had started their journey and they had not yet reached Gran Canaria Island According to Dutch law, pilots and crews have to complete the journey within a certain period of time. If the time is too long then action will be taken against them Now KLM crew wanted to reach Gran Canaria as soon as possible so that they could return to Amsterdam within time. But friends it took some more time to get back all passengers on board .

On the other hand, the crew of the American plane was also in a hurry. But they could not take off because KLM was standing in the way. Meanwhile, KLM started refueling on the taxiway. However, the plane still had a good amount of fuel. It is estimated that the plane was filled with 55,000 liters of fuel. It was late afternoon on Tenerife island and the weather was getting worse. The clouds were coming and the fog was beginning to form. The range of vision was also decreasing. The crew of both planes had an idea of the bad weather.

And they wanted to take off before it got dark۔ How did the accident happen? KLM had now reached one side of the runway with permission from the control tower. The American plane was also on the same runway and was asked to evacuate the runway using the third taxiway Because of the heavy fog, the American plane was having a hard time finding a third taxiway. The runway was not even visible to the control tower Meanwhile, the KLM pilot misunderstood that the control tower had allowed him to take off.

In the same confusion, the KLM, advancing for takeoff, collided with the American plane with a speed of 260 kilometers per hour. The engines of both the planes caught fire and caused loud explosions. The roofs of the planes blew up and caught fire. The KLM exploded in the air, hitting the ground. The fire completely burnt the planes. The fog was so heavy that the control tower did not understand the cause of the fire. When they did not receive any messages from the pilots of the two planes, they realized what had happened.

With that the rescue operation began. No KLM passengers or crew survived, and all 248 people were dead. On American plane, of the 396 passengers on board, 335 lost their lives Survivors included the pilots of the American plane too. A total of 583 people lost their lives as a result of this accident. That is why it is called the worst accident in the history of aviation. Possible causes of the accident Friends, this accident was investigated in three countries. Namely, the United States, the Netherlands and Spain.

The investigation says that the crash happened due to the pilots’ haste and misunderstandings between the control tower and the pilots The control tower did not allow KLM to take off. The American plane was asked to leave through third taxiway. Most of the control tower staff was Spanish. Their style of speaking English was different, which the pilots did not understand. One of the major causes of this accident was communication problem.

What are the changes in aviation after this accident? Friends, the conversation between the control tower and the pilots after this accident was standardized to avoid any confusion. That is, they will be allowed to speak only the sentences already stated so that there will be no room for misunderstanding.

Similarly, a training program like CRM (crew resource management) was started after this accident. So that the crew can better deal with any unforeseen situation. A new airport on also built on Tenerife Island. This accident is considered to be one of the worst accidents in history. The two planes that collided did not had to land on the island where luck had brought them. However, man becomes helpless against fate. How did you like today’s Article, please let us know in the comments. Thank You!

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