How Powerful is America? | Why is America so powerful?


How powerful is America? Estimate the power of the United States from the fact that there is not a single country in the world on whose land or on whose border the United States has not established a military base or its fleet. There are 800 military bases outside, while after the United States, the three major powers of the world, Russia, France and Great Britain, have a total of 30 military bases. This shows the long and strong arms of America.

How Powerful is America? 

How Powerful is America? | Why is America so powerful? | What is the secret of America’s power?

The American military budget is 611 billion dollars. This defense budget is more than the combined budget of the seven major powers after the United States, China, Russia, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, India and Germany. In today’s world, the aircraft carrier is considered a great combat power. The United States alone has eleven aircraft carriers. After the United States, the world’s other major military powers, Russia, China, France and Great Britain, do not have more than two aircraft carriers.

The political influence of the United States is also very high in the world, in such a way that the United States has veto power in the most powerful body of the United Nations, the Security Council. The world’s three largest institutions, the United Nations, NATO and the World Bank , cannot exist without American aid, so these three institutions remain under the influence of the United States. The United States provides military and economic aid to most of the world according to its needs, due to which these countries and geographies live under its political influence.

Seventeen of the universities are in the U.S. Silicon Valley, the birthplace of technology, is in the U.S. state of California, where the best minds from around the world come to seek knowledge, experience, or money . The best minds are brought here on good packages Big companies like Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft are present in Silicon Valley. Economically speaking, the American economy is the largest economy in the world with 18.57 trillion dollars. After the United States,

China has the number, but the size of the Chinese economy is seven trillion dollars less than that of the United States. In terms of minerals, the United States is rich in such a way that the world’s largest and best coal is found in the American soil and the tenth largest oil reserves are also present in the American soil. America creates the world’s most advanced technology and manufactures the most expensive products. That’s why America’s profile is that of the First World. While the countries that are its competitors, Russia and China, their trade profile is of the third world.

America’s strength is its successful and oldest democracy, which has been uninterrupted for nearly two centuries. This is the reason why America’s institutions became independent and strong over time. The propaganda power of Hollywood and the understanding of the English language throughout the world is also a great strength of America. America is at the best location in the world in terms of its geography. Where the sea of ​​thousands of kilometers to its east and west serves as a strategic depth for America.

America has better than best relations with Canada to its north. While America’s relations with Mexico in the south are not so bad that its territory can be used against America. So in short, America is the only superpower in the world, but to maintain its superpower status,

America has to continuously increase its exports. In order to increase exports , America has to continuously innovate its products. It needs the best minds in the world to innovate. And if even one link of this continuum is lost , America’s superpower status may be in jeopardy.

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