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Indian hockey team in semi-finals for the first time

Indian hockey team in semi-finals for the first time

The Indian women’s hockey team has reached the semi-finals of the Tokyo Olympics and is being lauded by all quarters.

In 2010, Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Chak De India’ was based on the story of the women’s Indian hockey team. Sports in India and the interference of politics in them was made the subject of this film and this subject also sparked a debate in the society.

On Monday, the Indian women’s hockey team defeated a strong Australian team at the Tokyo Olympics and the team’s coach Shard Marin was also praised. Following the victory, the Dutch coach of the Indian women’s hockey team tweeted a picture with the players and wrote,

“I will come back later in the whole family.”
Retweeting this tweet from Shard Marine, Shah Rukh Khan, the actor of the previous film ‘Chak De India’ on the subject of women’s hockey in India, tweeted, ‘Yes, yes, it doesn’t matter, just bring gold back. For the sake of a family of one billion people. This time Dhanteras is also on November 2 – former coach, Kabir Khan.

In fact, Shah Rukh had played the role of team coach Kabir Khan in the film Chak De India.

Replying to his tweet, Marin wrote, “Thank you for your support and love. We’re ready to die again – the real coach. “

Among those congratulating the Indian women’s hockey team on social media are politicians, players and several Bollywood personalities.

Prime Minister Modi tweeted congratulations to the Indian women’s and men’s hockey team.

“Not only did PV Sindhu win medals but we also saw the historic performance of Indian men’s and women’s teams in hockey. I hope that 130 million Indians will continue to strive to take the country to new heights,” he wrote. Will
Former opener Virender Sehwag tweeted, “Perhaps no other victory has felt so happy.” It’s a wonderful moment, the Indian team has made it to the semi-finals for the first time. Chak De India.
Federal Minister for Sports Anurag Thakur also congratulated the Indian hockey team and wrote, “A brilliant performance. The women’s hockey team is making history at every step of the Tokyo Olympics. We are in the semi-finals after beating Australia for the first time.

130 crore Indians stand with the women’s hockey team.
Rochra Chatterjee writes, “There are such thugs, what a historic victory our women’s hockey team has won.”

Actress Preity Zinta has also expressed her happiness by writing # Congratulations to the women’s and men’s team of #HockyIndia for entering the semi-finals of the Olympics. I am very proud of the performance of the men’s and women’s teams.

My best wishes and hopes are that the Indian team will make history.
Women’s team goalkeeper Swetha Punia is also being praised. He played a key role in this success. Swetha did not give Australia a single chance to score in the match.
“People forgot we were in Tokyo.”
Vijay Kumar Srivastava tweeted, “It’s a very exciting victory, emotions are boiling.” Congratulations to the Indian girls for their excellent performance.

“After the first three matches, most people forgot that we were in Tokyo,” writes Sanjeev Hota. But we got up from the bottom and beat Australia 1-0 to reach the semi-finals.
Actress Siamese Kher has posted a video expressing happiness over the success of the women’s Indian hockey team and also wrote, “These scenes are tearful.”

Pakistan’s poor performance in the Olympics

Over the past two weeks, you may have seen a lot of debate over the disappointing performance of the athletes representing Pakistan in the Tokyo Olympics and decades of hearing about the declining quality of sports in the country, but now this debate is also at the official level. Has arrived

Yesterday, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, in a question on social media during a direct phone call to the nation, referred to the story of weightlifter Talha Talib and the insufficient government support he received, as well as the neglect of various sports in the PTI government. Was asked

Imran Khan claimed that he has a triple PhD in sports and admitted that he has not been able to give the time he should have got.

“From day one, our problems got worse,” he said. It was the people who were suffering, it was the inflation that caused all the attention to go to these issues and I could not give the time I should have given to sports.

Imran Khan blamed the previous governments for the state of affairs in sports and said, “… they put their people in sports institutions, put up recommendations and see where the sports have come from.”

Imran Khan’s statement came at a time when 9 out of 10 Pakistani athletes and athletes are about to return from the Tokyo Olympics without winning a medal, while the Pakistani hockey team has not been able to qualify for the second consecutive Olympics.

Today, Pakistani athlete Najma Parveen is also being criticized for finishing last in the heat competitions and completing the 200 meters in more time than her best performance.

On the other hand, the Indian hockey team which came last in the 2012 London Olympics, its men’s team defeated the United Kingdom yesterday while the women’s hockey team defeated Australia today to reach the semi-finals of the Tokyo Olympics. Has qualified.

While most people are enthusiastic about Pakistan’s disappointing performance, there is also talk of why the current government is not taking steps in this regard and why India’s performance is getting better than ours. But first we know what more Imran Khan has said about the current state of sports.
“Small country like New Zealand has more cricket grounds than Pakistan”

Imran Khan spoke in detail about Pakistan’s poor performance in sports globally and the poor condition of sports-related institutions in the country.

“Where was Pakistan in hockey when we were young, and in cricket, Pakistan came down from below and won the World Cup and became one of the best teams in the world,” he said, citing past examples.

And then in Skash, Jahangir Khan and Jan Sher Khan were our great players who have ruled the world for 10, 10 years. And then we saw its decline, and unfortunately we have come down to these two families who have destroyed this country, one is to rob money, one is to destroy institutions, to rob you of weak institutions. Have to

“In a world where institutions are good, they are thinking of improving, they are thinking of ways to improve their merit, they are thinking of bringing in modern training techniques,” he said. Because there are professionals sitting on these institutions.

Pointing out the problems, he said, “When Jahangir Khan and Jan Sher Khan were squash champions for ten years, no one thought of making squash an institution in Pakistan.

“Wherever talent could be brought up through competitions from all over the country, on the heads of these two we thought our squash was very good, as soon as those two went our performances started going down.”
Citing the example of hockey, he said: “It was the same with hockey. As long as there was hockey on the grass, we had talent and we were very good, but after the advent of astroturf, when the game changed, we changed with it. Did not happen

“Today was also the day to see that Pakistan’s hockey does not qualify for the Olympics.”

Explaining the solution to this problem, Imran Khan said, “Pakistan’s sports have to be transformed into an institution. In the last two years, I have been focusing on sports, which will look at hockey issues and cricket.

Citing the example of the New Zealand cricket team, Imran Khan said, “Pakistan is in such a bad situation in a country of 220 million and there are more grounds in New Zealand which is a country with a population of only a few lakhs.

“His team is beating India in the World Test Championship, while reaching the final of the ODI World Cup, because their institutions are strong.”

“Pakistan and India are on two different paths”
In the last few days, Pakistan has been talking about India’s victories in the Olympics and their men’s and women’s hockey teams are very close to winning gold medals in the Olympics. Earlier, Indian badminton player PV Sindhu had won a bronze medal.

When user Sarah Waris tweeted that seven of India’s nine Olympic medals have been won by women, Hassan Cheema, media manager and sports analyst at PSL franchise Islamabad United, wrote, “I thought if India If he performs well in sports, our soldiers and babus will probably try to do something based on his hatred and we will understand that the decline in hockey and cricket is not due to corruption, it is due to system problems.

“But when I read such news, I realize that Pakistan and India are on two different paths,” he wrote.
One user, Osama, wrote that it is heartening to win an Olympic medal so that we do not lag behind in so many countries, in so many sports. Even if you don’t win, if you run in the race to win a medal, your heart becomes happy.

Most of the users also reacted to Imran Khan’s statement about three PhDs in sports. A user named Abdul Qayyum Kundi wrote that “Pakistan won zero medals in the Olympics during the tenure of the Prime Minister with these three PhDs”.

One user wrote, “Does Imran Khan have to do all the work himself?” He didn’t even learn in three years that he had to come up with an idea and work with the team. “

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