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Kurulus Osman Episode 87 With English Urdu Subtitles Free

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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 87 With English Urdu Subtitles Free

Hello viewers! We welcome you to Pakistanwap for the latest video of Kurulus osman series. The arrival of the new Tekfur of the Bilecik fortress is also very close. The newcomer Tekfur will extend a hand of friendship to osman Bay. But at the same time, he will have a good relationship with Nikola. Therefore, it can be said that soon the enemy is going to meet osman Bay in the form of friends like Ibrahim and Barkin Bay. Until Ibrahim’s death, the conquest of Inagol Fort is almost impossible, Kurulus Osman Episode 87

Because Ibrahim seems to be protecting Nikola in every way. First osman Bay will have to eliminate Ibrahim. After that, Nikola will be eliminated and Inagol Fort will be captured by osman Bay. osman Bay himself had said that conquering Inagol fort was not an easy task. Conquering the fortress of Inagol requires not only a large army but also many weapons. The coming episodes will see a big battle to make the story of the series even stronger. We haven’t seen such a big war in a long time, Kurulus Osman Episode 87

We saw a big fight in episode 28 of Kurulus Osman at the beginning of season 2. In the same way, we will see a great war in the time to come. In that battle, osman will be seen destroying enemies. In today’s important video we will talk about what will be the great loss of osman Bay after the union of Ibrahim and Nikola? When and how will Geyhatu return? In the coming episodes, what are the major difficulties that the woman above will face? What will be the big plan of osman Bey to catch the killers of mari and Omar Bay?, Kurulus Osman Episode 87

Why would Kosis and osman Bay ally with Nikola? When will the end of Barkin Bay be seen? What big changes will be seen in the coming episodes? There are many more important things you will find in this video. You must watch the video till the end to know the details of all these. You must like the video before proceeding with the video. If you are new to this channel, subscribe to the channel so that you get the first news related to Kurulus osman. The series of great episodes of Kurulus osman series continues, Kurulus Osman Episode 87

Nikola’s death will be on the eve of the conquest of inagol Castle. And now the conquest of inagol Fort is delayed. And inagol’s victory could be postponed until season 4. Therefore, the role of Nikola will definitely be seen till season 4. When it comes to Sultan Masood and Geyhato. One thing is for sure, the roles of Sultan Masood and Geyhatu will not be seen again in season 3. But if there is a big fight at the end of this season, then the arrival of Sultan Masood is possible. Because Sultan Masood will never leave osman Bay alone, Kurulus Osman Episode 87

Even now, if Sultan Masood does not come himself, he will send big military aid to osman Bay. If we now look at the relationship between the malhun hatun and the bala hatun. So far in Season 3, we have seen a very good relationship between Bala Khatun and Malhan Khatun. But in the future, the relationship between the bala hatun and the malhun may deteriorate for some time. And Selvi will try to ruin their relationship. viewers are also rumored to have left the series. But all this news is baseless. The role of the bala hatun will not leave the series in any case, Kurulus Osman Episode 87

Now, after Mari’s death, Mari’s first killer, Cornelia, will leave the series. Because in the next one to two episodes, the reality of Kornelia will become clear to everyone. And then we’ll see kornelia die. Nikola, who has long offered the Kossis unity. But Koss always thought of standing with osman Bay. But now Mari’s death has shattered Turgut Bay and Kosis. Now Turgat Bay and Kossis will oppose osman Bay for some time. But as soon as the truth comes out, Kossis and Turgat Bay will again appear in the ranks of osman Bay, Kurulus Osman Episode 87

Kurulus Osman Episode 87

They know that bullies can never do such a thing. Because now osman Bay’s confidence in his elder brother Gundoz Bay has increased. osman Bay will track down Omar Bay’s killers before Mari’s killers. Tracking down Omar Bay’s killers will lead osman Bay to his real enemies. When there was a big explosion in Sogut, osman Bay said that there is a devil hidden inside us. osman Bay will soon make a big plan to find the traitors. Before that we will see the bad relationship between Selvi hatun and Barkin Bay, Kurulus Osman Episode 87

The viewers selvi hatun does not know that her fiance Barkin works for Ibrahim. The Selvi hatun wants to humiliate the malhun hatun by burning her in the fire of jealousy. It is possible that the Selvi hatun did not even know that Omar Bay had been killed by Barkin. The reality of Barkin Bay will only come to light in the eyes of the Selvi hatun when Barkin kills Selvi’s father, Ivaz Bay. After the murder of Ivaz Bay, the role of Selvi hatun will also become positive. And the end of Barkin Bay will be very close. Geyhato first tried to destroy Sogut with explosives and explosions, Kurulus Osman Episode 87

Kurulus Osman Episode 87 Urdu

Now, once again, Sogut is being targeted by enemies. And as soon as Ibrahim came, he won the trust of Sheikh Adabali and osman Bay to such an extent that osman Bay allowed Ibrahim to stay in Sogut permanently. Ibrahim had a dangerous explosion at the ceremony. Unfortunately, many dervishes were martyred in this blast. And Sheikh Adabali was badly injured. Ibrahim who is the biggest enemy of Islam and calls himself the king of darkness. That is why Ibrahim wants to turn every light into darkness and fear, Kurulus Osman Episode 87

Ibrahim is seen helping the injured in the blast. Hypocrisy is also a strange thing that he wants to heal his own wounds. In the last scene of the upcoming trailer of the new episode, a man is shooting at osman Bay with a fire arrow. osman Bay will not be harmed on this occasion. Because one thing is that he is putting explosives on the target basket to spark. But osman Bay, who is standing nearby, could have been severely injured if the explosives had exploded. On this occasion, osman Bay will be pushed to the other side by Barkin without any haste, Kurulus Osman Episode 87

Kurulus Osman Episode 87 English

With Barkin Bay’s action, he will be able to win the trust of osman Bay. But that confidence is short-lived. One thing was beyond comprehension that the series has changed so much. After the death of two big positive characters Omar Bay and Mari, three negative characters came to the fore. After getting rid of Geyhato and Alam Shah, we were waiting for the happiness of osman Bay. Because osman Bay had asked his soldiers to lay siege to Inagol. Because osman Bay was now very close to conquering inagol fort, Kurulus Osman Episode 87

Turgat Bay and Kossis were also strong allies of osman Bay. At the same time, osman Bay had the full support of many Turkish tribes. But Ibrahim turned osman Bay’s new friendship into an old one. Ibrahim Fiqhi forbade the life of Gunduz Bay in an instant. Gunduz Bay is considered a liar and a murderer. At the same time, Kosis is not listening to any of osman Bay in his sister’s grief. And now Turgat Bay and Kosis will run their own movement separately, Kurulus Osman Episode 87

Turgat Bay and Koss will also demand from osman Bay that either Gunduz Bay be beheaded or they will want to separate from him. In my personal opinion, Gundoz Bay will now prove his innocence. When there is an explosion in Sogut, Gunduz will try to find the killer. Viewers, You can ask any question related to kurulus osman series in the comment box, Kurulus Osman Episode 87

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 87 Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 87 English Subtitles

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