Kurulus Osman Episode 88 With English Urdu Subtitles Free

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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 88 With English Urdu Subtitles Free

Hello viewers! Kurulus osman welcomes pakistanwap to share important information related to the series. Master Aryus, Barkin Bay, Selvi hatun and Cornelia together surround the Qayi tribe and the Sogut. Together they do not let any opportunity go unnoticed and continue to harm osman Bay. In all of these roles, Cornelia’s role is somewhat weak. Cornelia will soon show her weakness. And one or the other will leave evidence that will catch Cornelia. Because Master Arius also knows better when and how to use Cornelia, Kurulus Osman Episode 88

Aryus is using Cornelia as a serial killer. And when the time comes, Aryus himself will destroy Cornelia. Because the same character will not be shown to do great harm and not be caught again and again. By poisoning Mari, Cornelia blamed Ayesha hatun and she succeeded. But now that Sheikh Adabali has been poisoned, Cornelia will be unable to do anything. Because Kumral Abdal has come to know that Sheikh has been poisoned. Therefore, osman Bay will now investigate more carefully. Because Sheikh Adabali was given soup and poison was mixed in the soup, Kurulus Osman Episode 88

The soup was made by Selcan hatun. While Zahra hatun and Cornelia took soup. And after that the Bala hatun had given soup to her father Sheikh Adabali. Now osman Bay will side with Selcan and Bala hatun this time. On the other hand, Cornelia and Zahra, who were involved in this incident, will survive. The suspicion of the Bala hatun will not go to Zahra hatun at all. Cornelia, who was also involved in the earlier poisoning of Mari. Therefore, osman Bay will be convinced that it is Cornelia who has mixed poison in Sheikh Adabali’s soup, Kurulus Osman Episode 88

But here, osman Bay will not allow Cornelia to feel that he has become suspicious. On the contrary, osman Bay will prove that Zahra hatun has poisoned Sheikh Adabali. And so Cornelia would think that osman Bay or the rest of the tribe considered him innocent. So she will continue to make her dangerous plans. While osman Bay will also ask Aygul hatun and Malhan hatun to chase Cornelia. But in the meanwhile, the Malahan hatun will tell the whole story to the selvi hatun, Kurulus Osman Episode 88

So the selvi hatun will also tell Barkin Bay that osman Bay and everyone else is suspicious of Cornelia. And osman Bay plans to capture Cornelia. Barkin Bay will then report the matter to Master Aryus. And then either Master Aryus himself will kill Cornelia or he will tell Barkin Bay to get rid of Cornelia. In this way, the role of Cornelia will be removed from the series. And osman Bay will not be able to reach the real enemy again. Because Aryus feels more dangerous than all the enemies. But osman Bay’s series of victories has also begun, Kurulus Osman Episode 88

Therefore, when Aryus finds out that osman Bay has conquered inhsar fort, he will tremble. Because the bigger the wound, the stronger Osman emerges. Whenever Arius tries to break up osman Bay’s allies, he is fed up. While Kosis and Turgat Bay have full confidence in osman Bay in every way. The role of Koh-i-Noor Alp is being shown to be very important. The role of Koh Noor Alp is a historical one. Who was part of many important campaigns with osman Bay. Right now, both Koss and Turgat Bay are with osman Bay because of the intelligence of Koh Noor Alp, Kurulus Osman Episode 88

Because after Mari’s murder, Turgat Bay and Kosis became emotional and wanted to separate from Osman Bay. Turgat Bay and Koss thought that Osman could no longer do injustice. And not only that, but the people of the QaYi tribe also doubted and criticized Osman Bay’s justice. Now Koh-e-Noor Alp persuaded Turgat Bay to believe in osman Bay. And don’t leave osman Bay in this difficult time. Because Koh-e-Noor Alp has full confidence in osman Bay that osman is a figure of injustice. koh-e- Noor Alp also came to mind in Turgat Bay, Kurulus Osman Episode 88

Kurulus Osman Episode 88

And then it was Turgut Bay who convinced Kosis that osman Bay had done nothing wrong. On the contrary, one should always support osman Bay to reach the real enemy. Because Koss was about to burn in the fire of rage, thinking that Gunduz Bay was the killer of Mari. But Turgat Bay and Koh-e- Noor Alp reached the spot and saved the life of Gunduz Bay. Now Gunduz Bay which is now in Harmankaya Fort. But news of Gundoz Bay’s murder has become commonplace. The Selvi hatun is also convinced that Gundoz Bay is dead, Kurulus Osman Episode 88

Kurulus Osman Episode 88 Urdu

Upon hearing the news of Gunduz Bay’s death, Nikola also reached Harmankaya fort near Kosas. Now Nikola can’t believe that Koss has avenged his sister’s murder by killing Gundoz Bay. Nikola, who has always been offered to unite with him. But this plot to kill Gunduz Bay will surely bring the enemy of osman Bay to the fore. When the real enemy comes to the fore, Kosis will also be ashamed and will apologize to Gundoz Bay for his bad behavior. And then again, Kurulus Osman Episode 88

Kosis will never doubt osman Bay or any of his tri And it is also possible that after the real enemy has come to the fore, he will become a Muslim. The news of Kossis being a Muslim will make Nikola scream. And then Harmankaya Fort will also come under osman Bay. Together with kosis, osman bay will achieve many victories. Koh-e-Noor Alp will now be part of every important mission of osman Bay. osman Bay had just sent Koh-e-Noor to the Governor of inhsar Fort, Kurulus Osman Episode 88

Kurulus Osman Episode 88 English

Takfur of inhsar fort is very cruel and he is very cruel to Turkish traders. osman Bay asked Koh-e-Noor Alp to explain to inhsar Governor. But Takfur of inhsar fort was killed in his pride. He did not treat Koh-e-Noor Alp well. After that osman Bay along with Kosis and Turgat Bay conquered insar fort. After inhsar Fort, osman Bay’s next target is inagol Fort. But my personal opinion is that osman will also conquer the Bilecik fortress before conquering the inagol fortress, Kurulus Osman Episode 88

Because it is necessary to eliminate the big enemies before the conquest of inagol fort. At the same time, osman Bay will have to gather a lot of power. viewers now discuss some of the more important questions in detail in the next part of the video. Talk about when will the real face of Ustad Aryus come before osman Bay? What will Cornelia do to osman Bay before he dies? When is the role of Selcan hatun and Sheikh Adabali leaving the series?, Kurulus Osman Episode 88

After the martyrdom of Akca Koca, which historical character will be entered in the series? What will Barkin Bay do after Cornelia’s death? How will the Selvi hatun harm the Bala hatun now? There are many more important things you will find in this video. You must watch the video till the end to know the details of all these. You must like the video before proceeding with the video. If you are new to this channel, subscribe to the channel so that you get the first news related to Kurulus osman, Kurulus Osman Episode 88

Kurulus osman’s brilliant episodes seem to be breaking the rating record. In the coming time, every episode of Kurulus osman will be full of thrills. Because now big dangerous characters have come to the fore. And all together, they are trying their best to spoil the game of osman Bay. And anyway, all the enemies that are coming now are in the form of hypocrites. And the hypocritical enemy cannot be as clear an enemy as the dangerous one. The damage done to Islam by the hypocrites could not be done by any other enemy, Kurulus Osman Episode 88

The hypocrite in the form of Ibrahim had killed Ivaz Bay and his companions while they were praying. Seeing this incident, I remembered the incident of martyrdom of Hazrat Umar (R.A). When Hazrat Umar (R.A) was walking in the bazaar, the devil would leave the bazaar and run away. The great enemies used to tremble at the challenge of Hazrat Umar (R.A). When the enemy could not harm Hazrat Umar (R.A) on the battlefield, he resorted to hypocrisy. Hazrat Umar (R.A) was offering Fajr prayers when the enemy was hiding behind the pulpit, Kurulus Osman Episode 88

When Hazrat Umar (R.A) went into prostration, this tyrant attacked Hazrat Umar with a poisoned dagger. And later this unfortunate person took his own life. Hazrat Omar (R.A) was martyred while not recovering from his wounds. Hypocrites have never missed an opportunity to harm Islam. Just as Hazrat Umar(R.A) was present in those days to drive away Satan. In the same way, now Ibrahim, the ustad Aryus, will try to escape from the fear of osman Bay, Kurulus Osman Episode 88

But even osman Bay will only kill Aryus and put him to death. Because Aryus has done great harm to osman Bay. Selvi hatun will now try her best to spoil the relationship between Malhan and Bala hatun. And the Selvi hatun will succeed in her conspiracy. Because the Malhan hatun will now come to the words of the of Selvi hatun. But it will be seen for a very short time, Kurulus Osman Episode 88

Then Malhan hatun will also understand the conspiracies of Selvi. While Barkin Bay will continue its conspiracies. But osman will soon make a secret plan to capture Barkin Bay and Aryus. How did you feel about the incident of martyrdom of Hazrat Umar (R.A)? Will definitely tell in the comment box, Kurulus Osman Episode 88


Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 88 Urdu Subtitles

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