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Mohammad Rafi:who ‘invented’ film singing

Mohammad Rafi:who 'invented' film singing
Mohammad Rafi

Mohammad Rafi:who ‘invented’ film singing

We are often asked that Muhammad Rafi Sahib has passed away so long ago but do you remember his songs and all of them? I tell them that the memory is made of what man forgets but father not only lives in our hearts like a heartbeat but they are the beating of millions of hearts and as long as the heart is alive Muhammad Rafi will live and keep beating in the heartbeat Will

This is to say of Shahid Rafi, son of Muhammad Rafi, the famous singer and king of songs of the subcontinent, whose father passed away on July 31, 1980, 41 years ago today.

Speaking to BBC Urdu on telephone, Shahid Rafi said, “Daddy has not left the world, it looks like he has gone to the recording and he will be back from the studio shortly after in the evening. The family will sit together and eat and talk.

On the occasion of Muhammad Rafi’s death anniversary, his family, musicians, fans, critics and his heroes were talked to on the screen.
Everyone sheds light on different aspects and layers of his flamboyant art but everyone agrees that Mohammad Rafi is one of the most unique and great singers in the world in the field of behind-the-scenes music.

Singer Talat Mahmood was a senior to Mohammad Rafi. But at the time of Muhammad Rafi’s death, they were clinging to his corpse, saying, “First you snatched my career, and then you snatched my share of death.”

Muhammad Rafi’s soul had flown away and Kishore Kumar kept his head at his feet and cried for hours.

Writer and songwriter Javed Akhtar says that Mohammad Rafi was the greatest playback singer of films and he was the first singer in the world to make playback singing a playback song.

In the earlier films, artists were cast who also sang along with acting. Noor Jahan and KL Sehgal have been examples of this.

Mohammad Rafi himself started his career with singing in 1945’s Laila Majnoon and in 1947 for director Shaukat Hussain Rizvi’s Jagnu.

Javed Akhtar argues for his claim that “Mohammad Rafi is the greatest playback singer” that Mohammad Rafi is the first singer in the world who felt that there should be a clear difference between film singing and concerts.

The song sung for the film is for a particular character. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Each actor has his own voice, tone of voice and a sense of sound that sets him apart from others. While singing the film song, Rafi Sahib not only completed all these details but also made clear the difference in the voice, movements and style of each hero on the screen.
Tunes of more than 100 musicians, 25,000 songs in more than 22 languages

According to one estimate, Muhammad Rafi has been singing continuously for almost 32 years in his 36-year career. He sang songs composed by more than 100 musicians in 22 popular languages ​​spoken in India and other popular languages ​​spoken in the world.

Muhammad Rafi had claimed in an interview given in 1979 that he would have sung 25,000 to 26,000 songs in his career but in this regard the record of about five and a half thousand songs is available.

Speaking to BBC Urdu from Mumbai, Shahid Mohammad Rafi said, “It was July 31 when Abba had a heart attack at around 10.30 am. Shahid says his father was taken to hospital but died at 10 pm.

“Usually they used to speak Punjabi at home,” he says. My mother and I were siblings with my father in Mumbai. All other relatives were in Lahore, including grandparents and grandparents. That is why Lahore was always mentioned in our house.

Shahid Rafi said that his father Muhammad Rafi was born in Kotla Sultan Singh village of Amritsar and he came to Amritsar from Amritsar with his parents about 14-15 years before the partition of India.
Muhammad Rafi, who gave hundreds of colors to the film music of the subcontinent, was influenced by a faqir

Shahid Rafi says that his father used to say that a faqir used to come to Kotla Sultan Bazaar and sing this song ‘Kheidan de din char ni maaye, Kheidan de din char’ Day four) And after listening to the song of this poor man, his father’s heart also became interested in singing.

“My grandfather Haji Ali Mohammad was a pious man and my father developed a passion for singing.”

Shahid Rafi said that Muhammad Rafi was a very simple-minded and humble man. If anyone praised them, they would point to the sky, saying, “All is the mercy of my Lord.”

For the film ‘Naseeb’, Rishi Kapoor and for Amitabh Bachchan, Lakshmi Kant Pyare Lal recorded a song in the voices of Amitabh Bachchan and Aba (Mohammad Rafi) whose lyrics were ‘Chal Chal Mere Bhai Tere Haat Jodat Hoon’.

Shahid Rafi said an interesting thing about the above two songs that this evening Muhammad Rafi entered the house and gathered all the children and said: ‘Do you know who I sang with today? We asked who he sang with, and he smiled and said, “Today I sang with Amitabh Bachchan.”

The degree of astonishment that we were surprised to hear from Shahid Rafi is even higher than the astonishment of Ghalib for whom Mirza had said, “Who should not die for this simplicity, O God.”

Of course, Amitabh Bachchan is a great actor, but in the field of singing, he is not even a child school in front of Muhammad Rafi.
“Asha Bhosle should not be sweet in her mouth”

Famous Indian singer Asha Bhosle who sang many songs with Mohammad Rafi

Everyone here knows that government awards are given by politicians and the government. Rafi Sahib did not need these awards.

India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was a big fan of Muhammad Rafi. Muhammad Rafi wrote this song in memory of Mahatma Gandhi.

The song, written by Rajendra Krishna, was awarded an official award by Indian Prime Minister Nehru to Muhammad Rafi.

Nehru was the Prime Minister of India for almost 17 years, during which time Muhammad Rafi sang his melodious music to Pandit Nehru in several public and private gatherings.

At a function, when Mohammad Rafi was singing his song ‘I would like you to wake up early in the evening’, Pandit Nehru had tears in his eyes. Come on, Nehru used to order and listen.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was very kind to Muhammad Rafi. I once asked him, ‘Rafi Sahib! What can i do for you Please order that my full name be written and called in the future.

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