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Welcome to! when it comes to global trade transportation costs and time are two of the most important factors. man has always tried to make trade profitable and man has been taking steps for this today we will tell you

Panama Canal | How Is panama Canal

The story of one of the largest and greatest projects in human history when, how and why a canal, the Panama Canal, was dug between the two oceans how is this canal different from the famous Suez Canal and what was America’s role in it? and most importantly, is China going to build another canal in comparison to this canal? we’ll find out this all

The idea of ​​building a canal between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean has been around since the 16th century when a Spanish expedition in 1513 discovered a thin strip of land between the two great oceans in 1534 King Charles V of Spain ordered a survey of the area to determine if a canal could be dug to connect the two seas upon completion of the survey,

it was found that digging a canal in this area is a very difficult and complicated task even after Charles, there were several attempts to build a canal from the Panama Canal, which was only 82 km wide but no serious attempt was made canal construction efforts began in the late 19th century when a French company began construction in 1881 it was the same company that first completed the construction of

the Suez Canal in 1869 the company was headed by Ferdinand De Lesseps, a French diplomat but due to poor planning and engineering, this project proved to be very difficult from the beginning the first problem was that digging here was not easy for two reasons the first reason was that the landmass in Panama was higher than the sea and much deeper digging was needed to connect

the two seas another reason for the difficulty in digging was that the soil was not as soft as in the Suez Canal area but there were hills in the area in addition to being difficult to excavate, the company was also facing severe weather conditions dense forest diseases, venomous snakes and mosquitoes conditions were so severe that by 1884, about 200 people were dying each month under these circumstances, about 20,000 workers of the company had lost their lives in view of all these difficulties,

the French decided to change the basic design of the canal for this purpose they hired the famous engineer Gustave Eiffel he is the same engineer who also designed the Eiffel Tower however, his services did not help and the company went bankrupt in 1889 the construction of this canal had cost 287 million US dollars at that time company’s top management has also faced lawsuits in France over allegations of mismanagement and corruption in 1894 another

French company took over the abandoned assets of the first company and construction of the canal resumed but soon this second company also left the project unfinished now our friend America has an entry in this project since the beginning of the 19th century United States has been seeking a shortcut from its east coast to its west coast for military and economic reasons before that, American ships had to sail around the coast of South America to reach their west coast with

the construction of the Panama Canal, the journey was to be reduced in 1902, the US Congress approved the acquisition of a French company United States bought the company’s shares and assets for 40 million $ but Colombia upon disagreements over the terms of the agreement stopped from building the canal in fact, Panama was not a separate country at the time, but was part of Colombia at that time,

there was a movement for independence from Colombia in Panama USA saw this movement as an opportunity to achieve its goals and began supporting movement in Panama US President Theodore Roosevelet also approved formal military support for Panamanian Liberals US Navy surrounds Panama on both sides of Pacific and Atlantic Oceans with the help of the United States,

the Panamanian Liberals apparently became more powerful and they gained independence from Colombia in 1903 USA immediately recognized the new country and, under an agreement with the new government acquired rights and all the land where the canal was to be located under the agreement, the United States paid a lump sum of 10 million $ to Panama plus $250,000 a year, to be paid to Panama nine years later, in 1912 U.S. government, in exchange for

this annual amount also acquired control of 5 to 8 kilometers along the canal from the Panamanian government unable to learn from the difficulties faced by the French company in 1904 United States also initially dug the middle part of the land to the required depth and tried to connect the two seas directly but they soon realized that this was not possible so now the chief engineer of

the American company advised the American president that the canal should be built under the lock system now that an encouraging thing had happened small lakes and rivers abounded in this narrow strip of Panama so the water in the area was stopped and a big lake was created one end was on the Atlantic Ocean side and the other was on the Pacific side while the lake level was higher than both oceans at the extreme ends of the lake were three sets of locks two on

the Pacific side and one on the Atlantic side let’s find out how these locks work? if a cargo ship wants to reach the Pacific Ocean from the Atlantic Ocean it will first come close to one end of the lake in the Atlantic Ocean and enter the lock here the ship will be lifted by raising the water level it will reach the water level and enter the lake waters it will then cross the lake and reach the other end, on the side of the Pacific Ocean here, when the ship enters the lock, the lock system will lower

the ship below the lake water as the Pacific Ocean water will be below the lake water and so the ship will enter the Pacific Ocean the Suez Canal has no such lock system and is built at sea level in this respect, the Panama Canal differs from the Suez Canal this grand scheme of canal construction under the Lock system was completed in 1914 and was opened to shipping the project may not had been so easy for

the United States but due to its advanced planning and advances in medical science the total number of deaths of workers working on the project was four times lower than before the total cost of the project is approximately US 639 million of which French company spent 287 million $ and US spent 352 million $ on its construction at that time, it was the most expensive construction project in American history this canal was of great economic importance

but one problem was that due to the narrow width of this canal large modern ships could not pass through nearly a century later, another $ 5.25 billion project to expand the 2007 canal began the expansion project was completed in 2016 under the project, another canal of greater width has been built on

the Atlantic side and the Pacific side of the canal allowing large ships of the present era to pass easily the canal is mostly used by cargo ships from the United States, China, Japan and South Korea and approximately 14,000 ships pass through the canal annually he toll that a large ship pays to pass through this canal is $ 450,000 but this amount depends on the size of

the ship and the cargo volume that could be less and that amounts to about 8 1.8 billion a year an interesting fact is that the minimum toll paid for crossing this canal is 36 cents it was not a ship but an American expedition that swam across the canal in 1928 a ship takes about 8 to 10 hours to cross the canal the canal remained under US control until 1999 then United States ceded all of its property to the Panamanian government Is China going to build another canal than the Panama Canal?

Another option to connect Atlantic and Pacific Oceans has been under consideration since the 16th century even before the construction of the Panama Canal, the United States had a vested interest the canal route through the Central American country of Nicaragua is a bit long but it is easier to build because there is a large clear water lake in the middle which can be used as route in 2013,

the Nicaraguan government granted rights to a Chinese company for the next 50 years he total cost of the project is estimated at $ 40 billion but environmentalists have warned that cargo ships could damage the freshwater lake and that the brackish seawater could be mixed with the lake’s clean water although it is premature to comment on the prospects for the completion of this project if this project ever reaches its completion, it will be a major economic blow to the Panama Canal how did you like this story about our Panama Canal be sure to write us in comments and what topic would you like to see the videos? Thanks

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