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Rajasthan government is trying to change historical curriculum

Rajasthan government is trying to change historical curriculum

Rajasthan government is trying to change historical curriculum

In the Indian state of Rajasthan, a plan is being drawn up to replace university-level history books, which will teach that the Mughal emperor Akbar was defeated and Rana Pratap was victorious in the Battle of the Turmeric Valley.

All the authentic historical books on the history of the subcontinent so far state that it was in this battle that Akbar’s army defeated Rana Pratap.

But according to a special report in India’s leading English-language newspaper, the Indian Express, history books at the university level in Rajasthan could be changed.

According to the newspaper, three ministers in the government of Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Sindhia have supported the proposal to change the facts of history.

According to the proposal, students will now be taught that Pratap had defeated Akbar’s army under Man Singh in the Battle of the Turmeric Valley.

According to the history books, after the battle in the Turmeric Valley in 1576, the Rajput king Maharana Pratap had gone to the mountains. Akbar later took command of the army and captured most of the region.
The Indian Express quoted Minister of State Kali Charan Saraf as saying that Akbar was an attacker from outside and in fact the battle was won by Rana Pratap.

Kali Charan says that distorted history has been taught from generation to generation and if it is now corrected and it is said that ‘the real winner of this war was Rana Pratap, then what is wrong with it?’

But renowned historian Tanuja Kothial says that drawing this conclusion from the Battle of the Turmeric Valley is not only an insult to history but also an insult to the entire educational process.

He told the newspaper: ‘Akbar defeated Rana Pratap. This is a historical fact. But the feelings and thoughts of the local people are different.

“Nevertheless, historical facts cannot be changed to take care of people’s feelings,” he said. “It will be very detrimental to both history and education.”

Just a few days ago, some hardline Hindu extremists in Rajasthan attacked and beat up the set of the film ‘Padmavati’.

He alleged that the film was an attempt to show that Rani Padmavati was in love with Sultan Aladdin Khilji of Delhi, which was contrary to the Rajputs’ view.

How is Timur Ling viewed in Indian history?

Ever since actors Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor named their newborn son Timur Khan, there has been a controversy over the 14th century invader Timur Khan in India.

In the debate on naming on social media, many people called it a personal matter for both of them, while many people objected that it is not right to name a son after a cruel attacker.

So what did Timur Ling do in India that made many people look down on him?

Rajiv Lochan, a professor of history at Punjab University, has tried to explore these same aspects in his article.

Historians say that Timur Ling, the Khan of the Chughtai Mongols, had only one dream, to conquer all of Europe and Asia, just like his ancestor Genghis Khan.
Genghis Khan wanted to bring the whole world under one empire, but Timur Ling’s intention was to oppress more people than the empire. At the same time, it would be even better if his soldiers got some loot.

There was a big difference between Genghis Khan and Timur Ling. According to Genghis Khan’s principles, open looting was not allowed. But for Timur, looting and massacres were trivial.

Timur also left us a biography of Ling, which shows what happened in the three months when Timur invaded India.

In his quest to conquer the world, Timur arrived in Afghanistan in 1398 with his cavalry. When it came time to return, he consulted with his generals.

Timur’s attack on Delhi
India was considered a very rich region in those days. Timur had heard a lot about the Indian capital, Delhi. If there was a successful attack on Delhi, there was hope for a lot of booty. But the generals rejected Timur’s proposal.

At that time Shah Naseeruddin Mahmood Tughlaq of Delhi had a large and strong army of elephants. It is said that no one could stand in front of him. At the same time, Delhi’s army was quite large.

Timur Ling said that it was only a matter of a few days and if it became more difficult, they would return. And so the Mongol army crossed the Indus and entered India.

On the way they encamped near a village called Spandi. Here Timur looted all to spread fear and panic among the people and ordered the killing of all Hindus.

Nearby was the population of fire worshipers in Tughlaqpur, nowadays we call them Parsis.

Timur Ling said that these people were followers of a wrong religion so all their houses were burnt down and whoever was caught was killed.

Then Timur’s army turned to Panipat. Hearing the news of bloodshed in Samana town of Punjab, Spandi village and Kaithal of Haryana, the people of Panipat had already left the city and fled to Delhi. When he reached Panipat, Timur ordered the city to be destroyed.

On the way, the Rajputs tried unsuccessfully to stop Timur from the fort of Loni. So far, Timur had about 100,000 Hindu prisoners. He ordered the killing of all of them before invading Delhi.

He also ordered that if any soldier hesitated to kill innocent people, he too should be killed.

The next day, Nasiruddin Mahmood Tughlaq was easily defeated by attacking Delhi. Mahmud left Delhi in fear and hid in the jungles.

While celebrating the victory over Delhi, the Mongols molested some women and the people protested. In response, Timur ordered the search and execution of all Hindus in Delhi.

In four days the whole city was covered in blood.

Timur now left Delhi for Uzbekistan. On the way, Timur defeated the fortified Elias of Meerut and killed about 30,000 Hindus in Meerut.

It took him only three months to do all this and during that time he stayed in Delhi for only 15 days.

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