Teskilat Episode 43 In English Urdu Subtitles Free

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Teskilat Episode 43 In English Urdu Subtitles Free

Teskilat Episode 43 In English Urdu Subtitles Free

Hello Friends! Welcome to Pakistanwap Tv Teskilat series is testing the patience of the fans Fans were eagerly awaiting the trailer for the new episode And this time the first trailer was not released on time Everyone is wondering what is the real reason behind this While Teskilat’s team sat quietly Watching the spectacle curiosity and restlessness of the fans There are a lot of rumors about the series right now, Teskilat Episode 43

Teskilat Episode 43 Urdu

It is sometimes said that the season is coming to an end And sometimes rumors circulate that the season is over And no one smelled it Such news has put the fans in a strange dilemma Everyone is wondering what is going to happen Is the season going to end prematurely this time? Or all this confusion is pointing to a new era And as the season progresses we will be given a big surprise And a few years apart, a new story will begin, Teskilat Episode 43

This question has puzzled everyone Due to the end of the season, time gap, discussion on historical characters and wars, the trailer of Kuruluş Osman series will not be released. It’s a tough test for fans These waiting moments are making them very impatient In today’s video we will talk about all these topics Which are the cause of this commotion Fans want to know what was the main reason behind not releasing the trailer Is the season really coming to an end or is a new era beginning? Teskilat Episode 43

And the series is coming back with a tremendous time gap? If the time gap is really shown, which characters will be brought to the fore? How many children of Osman Bey will be shown? Will Bala Hatun have more children? Which big enemies and friends are going to have entries? Will the episode come out late? This time we will share all the details with you in this video So you must watch the video till the end And subscribe to our channel The Kurulus Osman series has put fans in trouble at the moment Trailer times have changed a lot this season, Teskilat Episode 43

Teskilat Episode 43 English

And trailers have not been released many times Every time there was something wrong with the release of the second trailer of the new episode But in the last few days, the series had begun to take a strange turn The first trailer was delayed after the release of the episode But this time the matter became serious Because the trailer was not released even at the time of date delay And these rumors intensified That the season has come to an end There has been a lot of discussion about this, Teskilat Episode 43

But we have already told you in detail that all the rumors about the end of the season are false We also told you that the season will not end in an emergency Rather, it will end on its own in the month of June There are still about ten episodes left So stay calm The series will not end abruptly The surprise is yet to come Everyone is waiting for the moment what Kurulus Osman’s team has planned now Fans are eager to know But Kurulus Osman’s team has kept quiet, Teskilat Episode 43

And no news was released about it But big claims are being made at the moment And most likely the time gap has been shown It is said that a new era will begin Therefore, Kurulus Osman’s team will surprise the fans by suddenly releasing new highlights We’ve already shared some information about the time gap Time gaps are strong So let’s take a look at the changes in the series in the form of time gap, Teskilat Episode 43

Teskilat Episode 43 English Subtitles

There will be many positive and negative characters in the series when the time gap comes Now all eyes are on who those characters will be Enemy characters don’t need much research Nicola already exists And in exchange for sleeping on the time gap, he may have bought some enemies They will be shown as dangerous like the Catlanio’s The governor of Belgium will appear Which Will quite a devilish trait, Teskilat Episode 43

When it comes to positive characters So there will be a lot of confusion The son of Ektimur Bey Gunduz Bey will appear in clear roles Sheikh Adabali’s eloquent daughter and her son-in-law Tursun Fakih will also come forward History character Akca will make an entry in the series Remember that the character of Akca that came before him was just a Fictional shepherd At the same time, I would like to give you a great news that the character of Samsa Cavus can be brought to the fore in a new form, Teskilat Episode 43

There is no doubt that the new characters will add four moons to the series Fans are looking forward to a new era Coming in the latter part of the season, this time gap could take the series to the heights of ratings Earlier, a similar series Barbaroslar saw a time gap between the two seasons. Which was well received by the fans Now the Kurulus Osman series is about to bring a similar surprise Many questions have been raised about this What changes will be seen in Osman Bey’s tent? Teskilat Episode 43

How many children will she have? We told you that Osman Bey’s two sons would grow up Because there could be an interval of eight to ten years And during this break, another child of Malhun hatun will be shown Which will be small And Malhun will probably be a mother again This is because Malhun Hatun had about seven children So we will see their children every now and then On the other hand, the same is being asked about the Bala Hatun Will she get to see more children? Teskilat Episode 43

Teskilat Episode 43 Urdu Subtitles

Many people know the exact answer There is no contradiction in history Aladdin was the only child Alaeddin Bey of Bala Hatun Other than that, there is no such argument that they had other children That she loved the rest of Osman Bey’s children immensely After this time, the eyes of the fans will be on Osman Bey new look In what form do you looking forward to seeing Osman? Be sure to mention in the comments Now fans are waiting for the new episode When will it be released? Teskilat Episode 43

And will the episode be delayed due to time gap? At such a time, the thorny competition of the historical series is going on It would be dangerous to take a step back at that time That too in a situation where the rating of the series has suddenly dropped We don’t think there will be any delay Fans’ curiosity is being aroused by not releasing the trailer, Teskilat Episode 43

Teskilat Episode 43 Download

The Kuruluş Osman series will traditionally be the last to step on the field And it will win everyone’s heart It doesn’t look like the episode has been lost due to time gap Timely episode highlights can be delayed as a surprise. But they will soon appear in a day or two And it will be clear if there is a time gap, Teskilat Episode 43

And on what day will the episode be released Right now, Kuruluş Osman’s team is missing from the silent spectator scene A trailer will be released by them soon Or the big news will come as a surprise You must give your opinion about this in the comment box Like and share the video See You Soon! Teskilat Episode 43

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