Teskilat Episode 49 ( Teskilat Season 2 Final ) Free

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Teskilat Episode 49 ( Teskilat Season 2 Final ) Free

Teskilat Episode 49 ( Teskilat Season 2 Final ) Free ) With English Urdu Subtitles Free

Hello Kurulus osman viewers, Welcome to Pakistanwap. The first trailer of the upcoming episode of Kurulus osman series has been aired. So nowadays the trailers of Kurulus osman are coming out untimely. But as always, this trailer was awesome. We will reveal to you the truth of the important secrets hidden in the trailer. Everyone was anxiously awaiting the capture of Barkin Bay after the death of Selvi hatun. Now, after a long wait, the time has come for osman Bay to find out about the big traitor Barkin Bay. Along with Barkin Bay, the Mongol commander cebe will also reach his end. Teskilat Episode 49

Because osman Bay has captured the cebe. Barkin Bay’s fears of cebe arrest were palpable. Hassamuddin, a close associate of Barkin Bay, told Barkin that osman Bay had seized the cebe. cebe, along with Romanos, had a big plan against osman Bay. But there is little to commend osman Bay’s intelligence. osman Bay does not make the mistake of trusting his enemies. Teskilat Episode 49

On the contrary, osman Bay always thinks one step ahead of his enemies. When the Mongol commander cebe told osman Bay that he had captured the Byzantine commander Romanos. So osman went to his cebe with incomplete planning. cebe changed the game as soon as he got there. As soon as osman Bay arrived there, Teskilat Episode 49

he found out that it was a conspiracy with the cebe, romanos. It is possible that Romanos will run away in this fight. But all the soldiers in the cebe will be killed. And the Mongol commander cebe will be captured. We have already mentioned that these are the last entries of the Mongols in the Kurulus osman series. Teskilat Episode 49

After cebe’s death, the Mongols will not be shown again in the series. Because of the historical period that is being shown in the series, the Mongols were on the decline at that time. On the other hand, osman Bay angrily expelled the envoy of the Seljuk Empire from his tent. At the same time, he rejected orders from the Seljuk government. Teskilat Episode 49

From which it is clear that now osman is about to announce the establishment of the kingdom soon. The flag of justice will fly everywhere in the kingdom of osman Bay. Historically, after the conquest of inagol Fort, osman Bay had announced the establishment of an empire. But now more osman Bay victories will be shown to add to the thrill of the series. osman Bey is targeting Yenisehir and iznik. Kumral Abdal and Dawood Ustad who are sending important news from Yeni city to osman Bay. In the next episode, we will see the end of Barkin Bay and cebe. So in this season’s finale we will be able to see the victory of the yenisehir. Teskilat Episode 49

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 49

If the last episode of the same season does not show the victory of the yenisehir. So osman will start besieging the city. And with this siege, the season will come to an end. And at the beginning of the coming season, the victory of yenisehir will be shown with a big battle. Right now, fans are looking forward to seeing Barkin Bay’s death more than any victory. Teskilat Episode 49

Barkin Bay had gone insane after the death of a selvi hatun. The Bala hatun also questioned his angry actions. The bala hatun seemed to be saying to aygul that Selvi was gone, but this caused us great trouble. There is no doubt that Barkin Bay was still a big problem for osman Bay and his family. Teskilat Episode 49

Because a hypocrite traitor is more dangerous than a thousand enemies. Barkin who stayed with osman Bay like a shadow and kept informing the enemy about the bridge of osman Bay. Where osman Bay grabbed the cebe, osman Bay told his soldiers. There was another person involved in this crime and that was Barkin Bay. And surprisingly, when osman Bay told of Barkin Bay’s betrayal, Barkin Bay was still in osman Bay’s ranks.

In this way, the hypocrites, along with their enemies, have always done great harm to osman Bay. But in the end, the necks of such hypocrites are severed. Another important scene in the trailer is shown in which Malhan hatun is seen avenging the death of Selvi hatun along with the sisters. If we talk about osman Bay’s enemies this season, Teskilat Episode 49

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