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in this article we will talk about the history of England in the Lower Paleolithic period the habitation of the British Isles was made by early hominids more than 10,000 years ago British islands were laying to continental Europe by a territory named doggerland by the Mesolithic period Homo sapiens or the modern humans were the only hominid species to still survive here between 4500 BC to 600 BC.

The English History  History of England

the agriculture was adopted and many people started form in the course of the first 1000 near BC emigration from continental Europe resulted in the establishment of Celtic languages in the British pounds from 40 to 410 AD the Soudan Britain was part of the Roman Empire expeditions were made in today’s Scotland – named Caledonia by Romans but in the north of the island the native population treated invaders with hostility many Roman forts were destroyed by fire after the end of the Roman period.

the early medieval times saw a series of invasions of Britain by the german-speaking Saxons beginning with a 5th century anglo-saxons kingdoms were formed and to words with British states they came to cover the territory of present-day England after that period the anglo-saxon state were Christianized in the 9th century Vikings from Norway and Denmark conquered the most of England only the kingdom of Wessex under the Alfred the Great survived and even managed to reconquer and innovate England for much of the 10th century but in the early 11th century.

History of England


the subjugation of England to Denmark under 10 new to degrade happened Danish rule was overthrown and the local house of Wessex was restored to power under the Edward the Confessor from both two decades under his debt in 1066 but William Duke of Normandy said he was the rightful hire of the English throne and he invaded England proclaiming himself to be the King William.

the first he threatened his regime by appointing loyal members of the norman led to many position of authority in the kingdom after that England faced a period of succession crisis known as the anarchy by thirty forty eight black there was in England and one of three people were killed because of these disease a succession crisis in France led to a hundred years worth a series of conflicts involving.

the people of both nations France won and England had its own succession Wars again what I think in the Middle Ages anyone wants to be a king and to have power humans Henry Tudor ended the War of the Roses and established the Tudor dynasty in 1486 the most known king in that era was Harry v8 which embarked on a war in France just for personal desire and glory even if his sister was married with a King of France Harry had six wives he killed two of them.


he divorced of two of them one died and one survived but in that time there wasn’t possible to divorce this was a law from Catholic Church while Harry decided to simply create his own Reformation English Reformation where the Pope couldn’t be the big boss anymore but a king was Elizabeth the first started a golden era in England poetry and music cultures were growing the economy was stronger and by military point of view in that time English managed to defeat a Spanish fleet Armada which was the great fleet at least they say so after the Tudors the stewards came in in the union of counts another civil war happened the King Charles was killed in 1649.


a Commonwealth was established than a protectorate and after that the stores came again in 1660 the colonial period officially began in 1607 when England built an establishment at Jamestown in today’s United States the union between the kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland was made possible by both Parliament’s in 1707 which dissolved them in order to form a Kingdom of Great Britain governed by a unified Parliament of Great Britain according to the Treaty of Union the acts joined the kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland in a single Kingdom the Kingdom of Great Britain.

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