The Oath (Soz) Season 1 Urdu Subtitles

The Oath (Soz) Episode 8 Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Now ❤ Watch And Download The Oath (Soz) Episode 8 Urdu Subtitles Free Of Cost | The Oath (Soz) Episode 8 | The Oath (Soz) Episode 8 Urdu Subtitles | And Watch More Historic Series Like Kurulus Osman | Alp Arslan | Barbrosslar | Teskilat

The Oath (Soz) Episode 8 Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

The Oath (Soz) Episode 8 Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

The series Yargı (The Judgment) hit the screens after the summer vacation with an episode that piqued the curiosity of viewers. Yargı, which aired its 35th episode on Sunday night, received rave reviews from viewers. The first episode of the new season saw the introduction of new characters to the series as well, along with the departure of several names from the series. Slowly observe why things got out of hand afterward!

Ellen was caught escaping with a bloody knife in the season finale, and everyone was taken aback by the question, “Why did you kill Irgaz Kaya?” This shocking reaction left people confused about what happened between Seirin and Irgaz and how it all happened.The Oath (Soz) Episode 8

The couple, who made headlines for their happily married life in the first episode of the new season, met up with relatives at Seirin’s birthday party. Blowing out the candles on the cake, Seirin said, “It’s a beautiful cake,” drawing attention to the details of the cake.The Oath (Soz) Episode 8

Have you seen the details of the Yargı series of cakes? Seirin also paid attention to details! 1

“Look at your bag. Didn’t you forget my headphones?” said Ceylin, gradually sharing cake-sweet details with viewers in new episodes of the series. Seirin’s cake, a lawyer in the Yargi series, is carefully crafted with robes, jackets, bags, and headphones with a tangled rope that is often used when making calls.

The Oath (Soz) Episode 8

The fact that Seirin also references the smiley detail on the cake in the series added another joy to this scene.Seirin’s birthday was also celebrated on the series’ official social media accounts!

His September 18th, the start date of the new season of the series, is also Seirin’s birthday. Happy Birthday Ceylin’ note was dropped…The Oath (Soz) Episode 8

The Destan (Epic) series was a production that wowed audiences when it started last season. Especially for those who have seen Eble’s Shahin in her series Hell Kai, this time in the role of Akkus, she was in for an unexpected surprise. The Destan series garnered a lot of attention for its story in Central Asia, where the Turks did not convert to Islam.

The series Destan, which differs in spoken language, period clothing, and location, put him at number one in Tuesday Night’s ratings at the beginning of its first season. However, she was puzzled by the question of whether the series, which shed blood towards the end of the season, would be completed by ATV.

The decision to continue the series at the end of the season pleased loyal viewers. But when the storyline for the show’s new season wasn’t happy with the sudden decision, the channel didn’t want to take a chance and opted for Destaing’s finale. The final episode was filmed on screen and aired last week.

Ebul Shahin, who was widely recognized by domestic and international fans for his role of Akzu in the Destan series, will share the leading roles with Oedip Teperi and Selim Bairakthal. Having started working on her role in the series a few months ago, Ebul Shahin caused a big surprise when she returned to the screen with a completely different character than Rayyan from Hell Kai!

Akın Akınözü, along with the TV series Hercai, have been heard by millions of fans in many countries around the world. Akın Akınözü marked the most significant breakthrough of his career with the successful partnership with Ebru Şahin and the wide spread of the series. Many fans also thought this debut would continue in future projects. However, although the actor impressed fans with a series titled Kaderimin Oyun (My Destiny Game), he did not garner the same level of interest as the Hell Kai series.

The Oath (Soz) Episode 8 Urdu

On the other hand, it turns out that Bence Sorall is in a similar situation. Bence Solal, who won wide audience acclaim for her role as Melek in the television series Ichelde (Inside), made the most significant debut of her career. However, after that she did not work out as an actress. Her Bensu Soral, who was on the agenda for her eight-part summer series called Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceilings), recently returned to the set of the Tuzak (Trap) series after a long hiatus.

Eylem Canpolat, the screenwriter of the new TV series “Tuzak”, will soon meet the audience on the TV8 screen. Judging by the stories he’s written before, the new series is expected to be very exciting and action-packed. The duo of Akın Akınözü and Bensu Soral are also making strides towards their goal of signing the new debut of their career as partners in the series.The Oath (Soz) Episode 8

Both players are now in a very important process. If the Tuzak series were liked and reached a wider audience, it would provide a long-awaited and effective career end and increase its popularity. Of course, each new project brings new opportunities for experience, and their collaboration seems to be an important process for advancing each other’s careers.

Bensu Soral and Akın Akınözü enter a crucial period in the Tuzak series! 2. The TV series ‘Tuzak’ also features Talat Burut and is sure to grab attention with its original story and innovative storytelling style. The line is also led by veteran names like Riza Kojaowl, who has proven herself in previous works.

Tussack tells the story of a wealthy and powerful family who changed their family’s fortunes, and a man who vows to take revenge on all who have wronged him. Faced with years of devastating revenge plots underway, the clever and strong daughter of an enemy becomes a mystery.

The Oath (Soz) Episode 8 Urdu English

Oktay Kaynarca’s new series Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam (I Don’t Fit In This World), which he stars in and is also produced by his partner, hit audiences on Tuesday, September 20th on ATV screens. There was also a lot of interest in actors who have a lot of fans. Oktay Kaynarca, who previously presented the series claim with the words “this will be the locomotive of the season”,

also showed great effort in casting the series. After acting, the famous actor, who had a very busy period due to the production involved, reappeared before the audience with his new character, Cezayir Turk.The new series lasted six seasons, Eşkıya Dünyaya. A ray of hope for those upset by the sudden cancellation of Hükümdar Olmaz (The Bandits) this time last year.

Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz and many TV series fans who still cannot forget the character prompted Oktay Kaynarca to bring his old co-stars to the new series. The Oath (Soz) Episode 8

One of the main characters in Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz, İlyasÇakırbeyli was played by Ozan Akbaba, AlparslanÇakırbeyli by Yunus Emre Yıldırımer, and Hızır AliÇakırbeyli by Yalçın Hafızoğlu.The Oath (Soz) Episode 8

A number of people made similar requests on his social media in a short period of time, getting his attention by removing his edho tag from the top of the agenda. Oktay Kaynarca fans shared various comments wanting these three games to be included in the Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam series.

I don’t know if this request from fans of the series, who express that they couldn’t forget the old series and found in the new series they couldn’t find exactly what they were looking for, will reach the famous actor, but it makes sense. Great attention and love shown to Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz canceled from ATV after a long time.

The Oath (Soz) Episode 8 Urdu Subtitles

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