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Tokyo Olympics: Indian hockey team’s first high-flying medal

Tokyo Olympics: Indian hockey team's first high-flying medal

Tokyo Olympics: Indian hockey team’s first high-flying medal

There was a time when they were losing 3-1. Then the score line changed and India took a 5-3 lead.

With the last four minutes of the game remaining, all the German players, including the goalkeeper, came on the field and clung to India’s goal.

Then, just six seconds before the end of the match, Germany got a penalty corner. Although Lux Windfeeder also pushed him behind the net, he could not influence India’s lead and thus the Indian players in blue uniforms celebrated winning an Olympic medal in hockey after 41 years.

On the other hand, the Indian women’s team is also currently chasing the third position and will compete against the United Kingdom for the bronze medal on Friday.

But while the impressive performances of India’s men’s and women’s hockey teams at the Tokyo Olympics have created an atmosphere of excitement and joy in India, the question has also arisen as to what magic India has done that its hockey once Then the heights began to touch?

And if India is doing that, then why is its neighbor Pakistan still not able to get out of the decline of hockey and it is out of the international mainstream.

Before comparing Pakistan and India hockey, let’s take a look at the performance of the Indian team in the Olympics.

Although India’s men’s hockey team lost to world champions Belgium in the semi-finals of the Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday, reaching the semi-finals of the Olympics was considered a major achievement.

At the Tokyo Olympics, the Indian team defeated Britain in the quarterfinals. In the group stage, they lost to Australia 7-1 after their victory over New Zealand, but lost to Japan, Argentina and Spain.

On the other hand, the Indian women’s hockey team has made it to the semi-finals of the Olympics for the first time by defeating favorite Australia.

Long awaited Olympic medal
Reaching the semi-finals for India’s men’s hockey team was extraordinary in that they last reached the semi-finals of the 1972 Munich Olympics, where they defeated the Netherlands in the third-place match to win the bronze medal. Had won a medal.

Although India won a gold medal at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, the nine major international hockey teams, including Pakistan, were absent due to the boycott against the Soviet Union. The medal was won.

The Indian hockey team’s performance has been declining since the Moscow Olympics, and there was a time when it failed to qualify for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. At the 2012 London Olympics, she was ranked 12th, while at the 2016 Rio Olympics, she was ranked eighth.

How did performance improve?

Harbinder Singh was a member of the Indian hockey team that won a gold medal at the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo and now Harbinder Singh is among those who have selected the team that has gone to Tokyo.

Speaking to BBC Hindi’s Adish Kumar Gupta, Harbinder Singh says that the Indian team did not get a chance to play much this year due to the code. Earlier, he also performed well in the Pro Hockey League and won matches against big teams.

“When these teams come in front of you again, your confidence naturally increases and your morale rises. This is one of the reasons why the team performed so well at the Tokyo Olympics. The team’s combination is good and their fitness is very good and because of the code they have spent most of their time in the training camp in Bangalore which has benefited the players a lot.
Former Indian Olympian and captain of the 1975 World Cup winning team Ajit Pal Singh told BBC Urdu that when the Indian team came last in the London Olympics, the media wrote condolences calling it the death of Indian hockey. Gone but then India worked hard to bring the performance up

Ajit Pal Singh said, “India has never been bad about why foreign coaches were brought in because we all want to see Indian hockey at the top.”

Ajit Pal Singh says it is a big thing for the Indian team to reach the semi-finals of the Tokyo Olympics because it has competed with the big teams of the time, while in 1980 when it won the Olympic gold medal it was only against Spain. ۔ ‘

Ajit Pal Singh says that it is very important for Pakistan to rise again for international hockey because what Pakistan has done in hockey can be written in golden letters. Pakistan has to raise the standard of its hockey again. Have to work hard The world wants to see the traditional hockey of Pak India again

Speaking to BBC Urdu, Kuldeep Lal, a journalist in India, says that the performance of the Indian hockey team has not improved overnight but it has made this journey in stages in which the government, sponsors and the federation have all played an important role. ۔ʹ

“When the Indian team was knocked out of the Beijing Olympics and finished last in the London Olympics, the Orissa government took a keen interest in hockey, after which hockey was given full attention in other areas as well,” says Kuldeep Lal.

Kuldeep Lal says that the Indian Hockey League has also had a positive impact on Indian hockey. The arrival of foreign coaches also made a significant difference in performance

Remember that the current coach of the Indian hockey team is Graham Reid from Australia. Before them came Indian hockey.

Kuldeep Lal, who has reported for five Olympics, is deeply saddened that Pakistan has disappeared from the international hockey scene.

“International hockey is incomplete without Pakistan, but sadly we have lost the traditional match between India and Pakistan,” he said.

The vow of Pakistani hockey politics
Former Pakistani hockey Olympian Samiullah, speaking to BBC Urdu, says that India has once again made its presence felt at the international level by organizing hockey at the grassroots level. On the contrary, Pakistan’s hockey politics The offering went up and today she is ranked 18th in the world

Samiullah mentions the names of his two teammates Qasim Zia and Akhtar Rasool. Both of them became the president of Pakistan Hockey Federation but both of them did not do much for the development of hockey. Sadly, the Pakistan Sports Board also did not pay attention to whether what is happening in national hockey is right or not. The government did give money to the federation but also invested its people there

Samiullah says that in our time, players used to get permanent jobs in PIA, customs and banks, but now the teams of these institutions are no more. In WAPDA, players are kept on contract, but the question is, what will a player do if he does not have a permanent job after the end of his career?
Samiullah says, “When the players stopped getting jobs based on hockey, they found a way to play in foreign hockey leagues to meet their financial needs.”

Samiullah says that at one time there were a large number of local tournaments across the country. Clubs used to hold tournaments at school, college and university level where talent used to come from.

Samiullah dismisses the notion that our hockey has declined since the advent of the astroturf.

He says that despite the advent of astroturf, grass players continued to perform exceptionally well until 1984.

“Fitness is very important in today’s international hockey and our players are far from it,” says Samiullah. Pakistan hockey today needs selfless people like Brigadier Atif, Brigadier Hamidi, Colonel Zafari, Zakauddin who worked day and night to keep hockey at a high level but when a wave came in which bogus clubs and on paper When hockey started to be played on academies and WhatsApp, the result is in front of us today.

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