What was NASA’s mission? | ناسا کا مشن کیا تھا؟


Welcome to Pakistanwap! Man’s desires are infinite. He intends to reach the moon and the stars while living on the earth. In this vast universe, although the existence of man is very small, he is determined to conquer space. Our today’s Article is about such an organization whose achievements have not only taken man to the moon, but also introduced the man to the other planets and the vastness of the universe. How was NASA founded? What was the space race between Russia and America? How much money does NASA spend on its projects?

What was NASA’s mission? | ناسا کا مشن کیا تھا؟ | What is the reality of spacecraft? | خلائی جہاز کی حقیقت کیا ہے؟ | What is the history of spacecraft? | خلائی جہاز کی تاریخ کیا ہے؟ | ناسا کی تاریخ کیا ہے؟ | What is the history of NASA? | ناسا کی حقیقت کیا تھی؟ | What was the reality of NASA? | ناسا کا مشن کیوں اور کیسے بنایا ؟ | Why and how was the NASA mission built?

What was NASA's mission? |  ناسا کا مشن کیا تھا؟

You may have recently heard of NASA’s James Webb Telescope. What does this telescope do? Let’s first learn about the history of Russia’s space missions. Russia’s achievements In 1957, Russia built the world’s first artificial satellite. Although this invention was a great achievement in human history, the United States was not happy about it. Before NASA, there was an organization in the United States called the “National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics”.

Its job was to research on space. But still, Russia was far ahead of the United States in space technology. The United States felt that this was a threat to its security. Friends, research on space provides information about space and the universe, but this information is also useful in building rockets, jets, and other warships. That is why the success of Russia was unacceptable to the United States. Even after the Second World War, the relations between the two countries were bad. NASA establishment and space race On July 29, 1958,

National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) was established in the American capital, Washington. On October 1, 1958, NASA formally started working. At the same time, the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States began. Space race or space warfare means that these two superpowers were trying to beat each other in space technology. So far no one was able to be send into the space Both countries wanted to take the first ever step into the space.

After Russia succeeded in one of its most important missions on April 12, 1961, Soviet Union gained an early lead and a Soviet pilot was sent into space At the same time, a wave of outrage swept through the US government, US President John F. Kennedy told NASA to land on the moon before the end of the 1960s. NASA’s activities accelerated. End of space race and space station In 1969, NASA astronauts first landed on the moon. The mission cost 25.4 billion dollars.

At the same time, the United States gained a clear lead over Russia in the space race. In 1972, the ongoing space race between the Soviet Union was formally ended and their leaders signed an agreement. Under this agreement, the two countries were now friends rather than rivals in space missions. This was followed by the construction of the International Space Station in 1998. It cost one hundred and sixty billion dollars.

This international space station is actually a kind of artificial satellite that stays suspended in the earth’s orbit in space and acts like a laboratory Every ninety minutes it rotates around the earth and a crew of seven astronauts lives in it. It has been created in collaboration with the space agencies of five countries. These include space agencies from the United States, Russia, Japan, Europe and Canada. Different experiments are carried out in this space station. Experiments carried out in space are more important than the Earth experiments, so this space station is a kind of space lab for all countries.

Some of NASA’s most expensive projects NASA spends billions of dollars every year on its projects. NASA’s budget in 2021 was 23.3 billion US dollars. The total number of employees was seventeen thousand in 2020 Let’s take a look at some of the NASA projects that have cost NASA billions of dollars. These projects helped not only to discover the secrets of our planet but also allowed us to get knowledge about the creation of this universe. NASA launched the space shuttle program in 1977.

NASA spent 209 billion dollars on this program. NASA completed 135 different missions under this program. A space shuttle is a spacecraft that successfully completes its mission in space, lands back on the earth and can be used again in another mission. Five space shuttles participated in the space shuttle program, and the use of these space shuttles was discontinued in 2011 The shuttles were used to build the space station, and to launch astronauts and various satellites into space.

Friends, wherever you go, if you want to find a way, you use “GPS”. This facility was first made available to us by NASA. Work on this mission began in 1973 and was completed in 1994. In the meantime, 24 Satellites were installed in space. The mission cost 12 billion dollars. In 1990, Hubble telescope was launched into space. It was the largest telescope of its time. With the help of this telescope, new galaxies have been discovered and research on black holes has progressed. This telescope is still working and has cost 10 billion dollars so far. What is NASA’s James Webb Telescope? Today,

NASA’s James Webb Telescope is making waves around the world. This state-of-the-art telescope is the largest and most powerful telescope ever. Its purpose is to know about the creation of this universe. From the Big Bang to the present day, what changes have taken place in the universe, how the planets came into being, how aliens, different galaxies, and stars were created, this telescope will be able to investigate this You may have heard of this telescope that it can see in the past.

This actually means that this telescope will provide information about the creation of the world and the Big Bang. The light that was created after the explosion of big bang is still present somewhere in space, we will be able to see this light. The mission began in 1996. According to plan, it was supposed to be launched in 2007, but it was not possible. It took many years to build and the telescope was completed in 2016. It cost 10 billion dollars. On December 25, 2021, it was launched into space,

and in about 30 days, it covered a distance of 1.5 million kilometers and reached a point in space where gravity could not affect it. The telescope is getting popular in the world today. And now let’s see how useful this telescope is. However, the results of its research will take many more years. NASA on Mars NASA also conducts research on many other planets, but the most successful is on Mars.

NASA’s first Mars mission began in 1964. Since then, NASA has carried out several more Mars missions successfully. On November 14, 1971, a NASA rocket reached the orbit of Mars for the first time. The rocket collected a lot of important information about this red planet and also took some pictures of Mars. In 1992, NASA launched another rocket to Mars. However, the rocket was lost before it reached Mars and NASA lost contact with it. The spacecraft had cost 813 million dollars. However, all this money of NASA was wasted. In 1997,

NASA identified the presence of water on Mars. In 2014, NASA began searching for signs of life on the planet. According to NASA, life existed here thousands of years ago Signs of ice were also found on Mars in 2016. NASA has also announced plans to build a human settlement on Mars by the 2030s. You can also apply to go to Mars by visiting the NASA website. Some more interesting information about NASA As NASA is a government agency, all NASA projects and missions are reported to the US President.

NASA has also opened its museums and visit centers in many countries In 1961, some officers of Pakistan’s space agency SUPARCO were sent to NASA for training. In 1962, Pakistan launched its first rocket “Rehbar-One”. NASA provided full support to Pakistan in this regard However, US set a condition that Pakistan will provide all information about this rocket and its launch to the United States.

NASA was working on its moon mission those days and wanted to get information about airspeed, temperature and other such information of the upper atmosphere through this rocket launch.۔ Today, NASA is the largest space agency in the world.

Every day we hear news about some successful mission of NASA. Black holes, aliens, galaxies, and planets, all of these definitely increase human curiosity. And man goes in search of this knowledge. NASA is playing a key role in quenching this thirst for knowledge. Friends, tell us in the comments how you like our Article today

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