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What would’ve changed if Julius Caesar had survived?

i will go sighs the authoritative voice of rome’s most important person his hesitation had been suppressed by his friend and lieutenant decimus junius brutus albinus will someone of your stature pay attention to the dreams of a woman and the omens of foolish men the man asked his superior despite his fears telling him otherwise julius caesar had decided that the trusted decimus was right though no one could ever be too cautious.

What would’ve changed if Julius Caesar had survived

as the almighty dictator prepared to meet the senate he opted to wear a layer of chain mail beneath his tunic if only to ease his paranoia accompanied by decimus and a handful of bodyguards still hoping simply to quell his discontent caesar was off to the senate session upon the entourage’s arrival caesar was approached by tilius simber who handed him.

a petition which addressed the recalling of his exiled brother simber was surrounded by the other senators by this point but caesar simply dismissed the group and attempted to carry on in an instant chaos erupted stop booms the unmistakable voice of caesar’s loyal ally mark anthony at the sound of his cry caesar turned to his friend hurtling toward him.

as simber frantically reached for the dictator’s tunic a dagger suddenly in hand caesar desperately tried to break free from the grasp as anthony reached the duo slamming simber to the ground and freeing his friend in a single moment caesar escaped with no more than a superficial cuts on his neck the rest of the senate stood in terrified and frozen silence simber struggled back to his feet a look of horror on his face anthony stood between the senators and their leader he had just saved the life of julius Caesar.

what if this had been the outcome of the events of the ides of march 44 bc what if caesar wasn’t assassinated there are a plethora of possibilities that could have saved the life of the roman dictator he had been cautioned mark anthony could have arrived in time caesar could have received more poignant warnings the mighty ruler could have lived but he didn’t so now we are left to wonder what a world without his assassination would have been and while we can’t say for certain.

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Julius Caesar had survived

What would’ve changed if Julius Caesar had survived

julius caesar would have surely retaliated against the conspirators had the situation been one in which he knew about the failed plot his supporters amongst the general public may have done so as well but caesar’s revenge would be damning still we don’t know whether he would go as far as to use this chance to turn the republic into an empire by purging the senate of opposition.

as his successor would later do but let’s assume that he would prosecute those involved without threatening the republic in this case caesar likely would have continued his populist and political reforms and he also had a few plans for further conquest in fact days after the ides of march caesar was planning on heading off for a campaign to eventually conquer all of parthia starting first in greece where he would set off for dacia the goal was to initially annex dacia currently.

under the leadership of king burabista and then more easily take parthia but the former would not be easy to seize either nevertheless caesar had already begun preparations for this campaign which he had believed would take roughly three years in total the reason why he was planning to go first to greece was that caesar had already sent over 16 legions and 10 000 cavalry for training and by march 18th.

they were supposed to be ready for the dictator and his planned endeavor and while this sounds like some good preparation it actually leads us to have some doubts about whether caesar could have even accomplished his goals in darcia the reason for this is that even if caesar had been intending to bring more than 6 legions he never seems to have amassed the necessary amount.

in the past at times he had commanded roughly a dozen legions at once but even if he could do that in darcia he still would have likely been heavily outnumbered this assumption is based on the current situation in darcia and the fact that in the 2nd century a.d emperor trajan did manage to pacify dacia but it took two campaigns and a handful of additional legions to help and even with a larger army trajan couldn’t beat adasia.

which had notably diminished since the time of caesar until the second campaign this also means that when trajan returned and won he already knew what to expect and could plan for just that whereas caesar may have been a bit too overconfident and therefore wouldn’t have realized that his six legions or even maybe a dozen were in for a serious challenge and maybe a mountain they just couldn’t climb especially given that king burabista was a skilled leader.

and military man just as caesar was so it’s quite possible that rome may have simply failed to take dacia entirely and could have even been locked in a war with the kingdom until caesar’s death at the least but let’s pretend for the sake of our imaginary timeline that caesar somehow did defeat king burabista and annex dacia the next target would be parthia now even if somehow rome was able to top dassia conquering parthia would be no picnic in the park either.

it was even stated by suetonius that in this case caesar knew that parthia may be too tough of an opponent and it planned to proceed cautiously according to some historians caesar surely would have had some success and maybe won enough skirmishes and battles to satisfy himself and the romans back home but there’s a very high probability that he simply would have not been able to fully conquer parthia not only were the Parthians.

a formidable enemy just like the dacians but parthia itself was too far from rome and much too large for caesar to logically be able to annex and maintain it the same additionally caesar was not in good health by this point either and he may have never even made it back from parthia either from his health problems or simply death in battle so even if the case that the parthia campaign including dacia had been able to go on or even been partially triumphant.

one thing very probably would have remained the same caesar’s successor would have been octavian due to caesar’s lack of a better alternative octavian likely would have ended up succeeding caesar nevertheless and actually may have been able to do so even more easily had caesar lived long enough to aid the transition so from the point of whenever caesar died things may not have changed too drastically.

unless one plot twist happened to occur if mark anthony had managed to reach caesar in time to save his life either in the early moments of the assassination attempt or before it even started had caesar also believed him octavian may have been sidelined anthony was an undoubtedly important roman politician and although he would not have usually been caesar’s first choice the loyalty and bravery shown.

in his actions of saving the dictator’s life may have greatly shifted caesar’s view of him in this case it is technically possible that mark anthony could have succeeded caesar and had he also been able to defeat any challenges from opposition may have altered the timeline of the roman republic’s evolution anthony also may have never died in egypt at his own hand if he had taken the place of caesar upon his death this would be because.

if caesar didn’t die for a bit longer anthony’s relationship with cleopatra may have never even begun meaning the events leading up to their deaths wouldn’t occur and so neither would the deaths themselves this scenario though less likely would have had a better chance at altering the aftermath of caesar’s death no matter what the scenario would have been had caesar survived.

though it’s hard to predict every variable and guess what the most accurate timeline would have been theories and theories abound as to what rome would have looked like without the successful assassination of julius caesar but still in most cases it does seem like the republic likely would have become an empire.

What would’ve changed if Julius Caesar had survived

in roughly the same time especially had caesar’s successor remained octavian as fun as it would be to believe that the change of one single yet theatrical event would alter all of history to some extreme degree it appears that while caesar surviving for a little longer would have changed some things it really wouldn’t have been as dramatic as we may like to think nevertheless given all the possible outcomes and timelines we will never know for sure and it will always be fun to let our imaginations run wild.

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