Who Was Walt Disney? | والٹ ڈزنی کون تھا؟


Welcome to Pakistanwap! Friends, you must have heard the success stories of many famous people, how they got out of poverty, reached the heights of fame and made a lot of money Our Article today is about one such person. But friends, this man’s story is different from others in a way that the business he started, was a new field. Friends, all of you in your childhood must have watched Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Ostwald The Lucky Rabbit cartoons with great interest.

Who Was Walt Disney? | والٹ ڈزنی کون تھا؟ | How Mickey Mouse was created | مکی ماؤس کی تخلیق کیسے ہوئی؟ | Who created Mickey Mouse? | مکی ماؤس کس نے بنایا؟

Who Was Walt Disney? | والٹ ڈزنی کون تھا؟

And you may have seen a lot of movies that started with Walt Disney Studios logo and Disneyland’s picture in the background. So friends, most of you must have wondered then what is this Walt Disney? By now you may know that Walt Disney is the name of a person who used to produce these movies. But friends, did you know that he was also an animator, writer, and voice actor, – and even considered one of the pioneers of animated cartoon movies?

After all, who was this person, how did he come up with the idea to go into this unique and different kind of business? Apart from Mickey Mouse, which other cartoon characters did Walt Disney create and how many Oscar awards does he have? How did he come up with the idea of building the world’s largest amusement park, Disney World? And what was the secret in the last words of Walt Disney ? This is what we will learn in today’s Article.

Childhood and wish for being a cartoonist Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, USA. Disney’s father was a common man, he had tried his luck in two or three different jobs in his life to support his family. He even delivered newspapers from house to house. Walt Disney has been fascinated with cartoons and drawing since childhood. He would try drawing various cartoons from the newspapers.

Then in school he met a classmate who introduced Disney to motion pictures or, to put it simply, a movie. Nowadays movies are a common thing but friends, this was the beginning of the twentieth century and people knew very little about these things because these things were still very new. Disney started animation courses from an institution. He later became a cartoonist for his own school newspaper. He also made some cartoons on the occasion of World War I In 1919, he got a job at a commercial art studio in Kansas. He also made cartoons for commercials and theater programs.

He was eighteen at the time. The first step in the world of cartoons Friends In 1920, Disney and a friend started a cartoon animation business in Kansas. However, they could not find customers. And they both left their business and joined another company. Friends, this company used to make cartoons using animation techniques. Disney also became interested in animation and learned some new ways of animation by reading books on his own He then resumed his business, set up a studio, and this time was approached by a local theater.

Disney created short cartoons using new animation techniques named Laugh O Grams. For two years, Disney’s cartoon animations became very popular. And he hired more animators at his company. Disney then made another 12-minute cartoon Alice’s Wonderland, named after the famous children’s novel Alice in the Wonderland Establishment of Walt Disney Studios In 1923, even after Alice’s Wonderland, Disney’s business was running at a loss.

Disney’s business was finished and in those days he moved from Kansas to Los Angeles he finally got a great offer and signed a deal with a film distributor. Disney then set up a studio in Los Angeles with his brother and renamed it Disney Brothers Studio Three years later, the name was changed to Walt Disney Company. It is also called Disney Studios. Two more Alice’s Wonderland series were made, which were well liked. The first Disney cartoon character Mickey Mouse is generally considered to be the first cartoon character created by Disney.

But friends, it’s not like that. Mickey Mouse was second Disney character. His first character was Ostwald the Lucky Rabbit which was created for universal pictures in 1927. But friends, something happened that disrupted the Disney’s relationship with universal pictures. Universal Pictures had all the rights of Ostwald the lucky rabbit character . And they refused to pay Disney. Given the situation, Disney introduced a new character that became even more popular than the previous one. Friends, this was the same Mickey Mouse character that the whole world is still a fan of today.

In 1934, Disney introduced another character. It was the character of Donald Duck. It is a interesting fact that Disney thought of this character by watching a person reciting a poem in a weird voice, his voice created a cartoon character in Disney’s mind. Use of sounds in cartoons It would not be wrong to say that Disney was one of the first persons to introduce sounds in the animations. Sounds were first used in a Disney Studios animated movie in 1928.

Disney got more work after this movie. And many companies made deals with him. Famous Disney cartoon films Disney made a movie called The Skeleton Dance in 1929. Then he made Nine Old Men, it also got very popular. Then for the first time in 1932, Disney used colors in its cartoon movie Flowers and Trees. That is, until now, all these movies were black and white. This cartoon movie also got an award. Not only that but Disney was also given an award for the character of Mickey Mouse.

So far, Disney has more than 200 employees in its company. But friends, so far he was only making short movies. In 1934, he took a step further and began producing snow-white and the seven dwarfs. It took three years to make this movie. And it cost 1.5 million. It was a one and a half hour movie and Disney used a lot of new techniques in its animation. Friends, this movie is still considered one of the most successful movies in history In the first two years,

Disney earned 65 lacs dollars from this movie . Disney then made Pinocchio and Fantasia, which were not so successful. However, Dumbo got a good response. World War II began in 1939. Even in the days of the war, Disney made a number of cartoons to raise the morale of his country’s army However, he was starting to get a business loss. One of the reasons was that now the companies such as Warner Bros. and MGM were also in this business. However,

Disney Studios somehow got back its position. Cinderella, a favorite of children and adults, was released in 1950, which earned about eight million dollars in its first year Similarly, Treasure Island was released in 1950 in which human beings played a role instead of animation. Friends then Robin Hood, and Peter Pan were also released. Disney Studios was at the top of its success at the time Disneyland idea Friends Walt Disney’s dream was to create a wonderful theme park where not only children but people of all ages could enjoy

. And they feel like they’ve come to an imaginary world. In 1955, Disney fulfilled that dream, and one such theme park opened in California. It cost 1 crore 70 lac dollars to build. Disneyland is estimated to cover more than 100 acres. In the first year, Disneyland was visited by 3.6 million people. In 1971, Disney Studios opened a similar theme park in Florida, USA. It was named Disney World It is spread over an area of about 25,000 acres and is thus considered to be the largest theme park in the world However,

half of it is still vacant. It cost more than 40 crore dollars to build. So far, Disney Company has built four more such theme parks in addition to these two. Walt Disney’s death He died of lung cancer in 1966 at the age of 65. Interestingly, Disney wrote the name of Kirt Russell, a child actor working in Disney movies, on a piece of paper before he died. It is said that this was an indication that the contract with the child actor should not be terminated Even after Disney, Disney Studios continued to be successful.

The company was taken over by Disney’s brother Roy. Now their focus was on making live action films instead of animation. The journey of Disney Studios continues today and Disney has made many record breaking movies like Frozen, Frozen 2, Tangled, The Lion King, and many more like this. Some more interesting information about Walt Disney At the age of sixteen, Disney became interested in joining the army. However, due to his young age, he could not join the army.

But he worked as an ambulance driver for some time. Disney got married at the age of 24 and had two daughters. Disney has the record of most Oscars nominations. Disney won 26 Oscars and was nominated 59 times. The Disney Channel also started in 1983. Friends, you have often seen in Disney movies that they do not have the role of mother, the reason being that Disney’s mother died due to gas leakage and Disney used to blame himself for it.

Friends, another interesting thing is that there is also a small planet/meteoroid named after Disney. It is named 4017 Disneya. It was discovered in 1980. It is said that at the time of Walt Disney’s death, his net worth was one billion dollars. Friends, Disney Studios has so far produced more than 900 feature films, more than 700 short films and 118 TV movies.

Disney Studios had a net income of 1.9 billion dollars in 2021 . Even today, Disney Studios is a big name in the world of movies. Tell us in the comments which is your favorite Disney movie and which character is your favorite. Thanks!

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