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Why did Holland fight against the sea? | ہالینڈ نے سمندر سے جنگ کیوں کی؟

Welcome to Pakistanwap! Beautiful European country Holland or the Netherlands has been facing a problem for centuries it is not because of any hostility with any one but, a war with a friend with whom, how and since when is this war being fought? what is the result of this war, lets know about it War with Water? Netherlands is a beautiful small country located on the shores of the North Sea which is spread over forty one thousand eight hundred and sixty five sq. km and the number of people living here is close to 17.7 million this region of Europe is unique in the world

Why did Holland fight against the sea? | ہالینڈ نے سمندر سے جنگ کیوں کی؟ | How did Holland win the war by sea? | ہالینڈ نے سمندری راستے سے جنگ کیسے جیتی؟ | How did the centuries-long war against water take place? | پانی کے خلاف صدیوں سے جاری جنگ کیسے ہوئی؟ | Why was there a centuries-old war against water? | پانی کے خلاف صدیوں پرانی جنگ کیوں تھی؟

Why did Holland fight against the sea? | ہالینڈ نے سمندر سے جنگ کیوں کی؟

because for centuries its people have been fighting, not with an armed enemy but with water this is because its land is being regularly submerged in the sea in Netherlands to prevent water wastage the world’s largest construction campaign was launched to fight this war dykes, dams, hydraulic gates, and low-rise walls type weapons have been built dykes are like embankments tied to rivers,

which stop sea flooding however, these barriers to seawater are also having a negative effect on Dutch trade because they make it difficult for ships to dock on the shores some experts call these constructions in the war against water the eighth wonder of the world in view of the disloyalty of the land in the Netherlands artificial hills have been built for centuries so that even if the earth sinks, people’s houses will be safe on these peaks these peaks are called terpen Height

and Depth the seriousness of the situation in the Netherlands can be gauged from this that the area of Nieuwekerk has gone 7 meters below sea level even more troubling is the fact that Vaalserberg, the highest landmass in the Netherlands, is only 323 meters above sea leve on the other hand, the highest peak in the Netherlands is Mount Scenery which is 887 meters above sea level most worryingly, on the one hand, one third of the Netherlands is below sea level on the other hand,

50% of its land area is only one meter above sea level according to a Dutch geologist the Dutch land is sinking to an average of 0.03 millimeters per year although this thickness is very small but still it cannot be ignored he says that the problems are getting worse with the construction of high rise buildings he also says the loads of concrete roads and improper drainage is making matters worse there are gas fields in the northern part of the Netherlands and because of them,

earthquakes have become very common therefore, government has decided that no more wells will be drilled for gas exploration Efforts to Stop Flooding In Netherlands, the area under cultivation was being increased by making polders for centuries polder is one such system in which water is divided into different parts with the help of dykes and it is allowed to dry so that the area would come under cultivation and the sea would retreat however,

the problem is that sometimes the thin layer of the earth sinks into the water and it has to give up there are currently more than 3,000 polders operating in the Netherlands in the Netherlands as all methods of drying land are very expensive so people are also suffering from economic problems the Netherlands spends an estimated 30% of its GDP on water alone thirty kilometers long dams have been built in the Netherlands to control seawater here is the world’s most advanced anti-flood system

but climate change is still in its infancy Windmills and Peatlands Lets share another reality with you which you might never heard Netherlands is known worldwide for its over a thousand windmills and the variety of cheese flavors its water problem is also linked to both of them windmills have been used for centuries to grind grain and extract water from peat land so that the land can be prepared for agriculture and also become a pasture for animals but, this work is now being taken up by water pumping

and no more windmills are being built due to which the ground in the Netherlands is sinking and it has not been able to bear the burden of heavy construction now you may be wondering what is Peatland? It is a layer of wet soil made up of incomplete remnants of grass or plants or a layer of organic matter which prevents or mitigates the effects of climate change protecting bio diversity and to minimize water hazards this peatland plays an important role not only this,

it also helps in purifying ground water peatlands can be up to six meters thick it is the largest source of natural ground carbon it is estimated that they store more carbon than all the common plant species in the world the most dangerous thing is that just one centimeter of Peat soil emits about 9,000 tons of carbon dioxide per acre and devastated peatlands become a major source of greenhouse gas emissions another important point is that due to unfaithfulness of water if sand

or soil beneath the peatlands dries up then the rest of the pet land will easily sink into the ground then one day the land starts moving in the form of big pieces that is necessary to keep upper layer of peatland safe on the other hand, sinkholes begin to appear due to lack of peatlands and the roads become unstable in such cases, if the water level rises and storms come then the power of the earth decreases and same is happening in Netherland Buildings also Began to Collapse in the Netherlands,

it is not just agricultural land that is being eroded even houses built on weak ground are moving 1 to one 1.5 centimeters of land every year so the people who have been fighting with water for centuries are forced to relocate every eigth to ten years sometimes, people living here have to spend fifty thousand to one hundred thousand dollars to save their house although the people here are prosperous but even so,

owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person another problem is that the Netherlands is one of the most populous countries in Europe so the large settlements have been set up in the western and northern parts of the country that are causing landslides more than half of the Dutch population lives in the western part of the country so the situation here is even more troubling according to a 2016 report by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency the damage to buildings in the Netherlands due to such ground conditions is estimated to exceed 22 billion by 2050 some experts think

that there will only be water where is now Netherlands and people must have worked hard to make land or it must have been formed naturally Now, What to Do? according to experts, if climate change is not stopped then many other areas above the water will also sink deeper into the ground environmental agencies have expressed concern that over the next five decades, the soil will sink more than 50 cm and average temperature of Holland will rise by 2 degree

celcius summers will be a little longer which will cause the groundwater level to go down further and the land will sink faster some experts believe that up to twenty-three hundred and one the sea will rise further to 5.4 meters that is, areas that are out of water today may be flooded one hundred and eighty years later this country has been hit by several floods so far floods arriving in 1953 alone killed more than 1,800 people as a result,

17,000 people were forced to flee and 8% of the Netherlands was flooded experts suggest that the Netherlands should change the way it uses energy transport system needs to be restructured that’s why people prefer to travel by bicycle in Holland, the number of bicycles is more than the total population that is, everyone from a man to a prime minister has his own bicycle experts also suggest that the Netherlands has a unique place in producing different types of cheese

and for that he has to keep more animals due to which its pastures are rapidly declining and agricultural land for crops is no longer available in many areas therefore, there must be a good mechanism for food production and consumption another thing that may surprise you that is, the Netherlands alone produces 52% of the world’s flowers 1200 to 1500 varieties are cultivated here in 2020, the Netherlands earned 4. 4.2 billion from flower exports alone let me also tell you that

the Netherlands is using all its resources to ensure the availability of dry land it has eleven natural islands and Holland has built thirteen artificial islands the aim is to combine different islands and get as much dry land as possible now let’s see that affected by severe climate change this most developed and prosperous country wins the war against water or this problem will only get worse in the years to come how did you like this Article? be sure to write us in comments. Thanks!

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