Why did the Carolingian/Frankish Empire Collapse?


in this article, we will talk about that why did the Carolingian/Frankish Empire Collapse? the francs emerged in the 3rd century as a term covering germanic tribes living on the northern rhine border of the roman empire many of these frankish tribes had a tradition in participating in roman military the eastern kingdom was initially called Australia.

Why did the CarolingianFrankish Empire Collapse

the original core of the frankish kingdom from this territory the empire will expand and will evolve in time the germanic tribe known as the franks established and ruled the frankish empire from the 5th through the 10th century in the ancient territory of gol controlling at its peak territories of modern day.

france belgium netherlands luxembourg switzerland germany austria and italy with approximation of course the carolinian empire refers to the rule of the carolingian dynasty which ruled the frankish empire during the early middle ages from 800 to 888 in the year 800 the frankish king charlemagne was crowned emperor in rome by pope leo iii in an effort to revive the roman empire.

in the west’s many believe that this could be a chance for this empire to be reborn during its period of domination the frankish empire spanning parts of present-day france in germany had two monastic genesees the carolingian being the second and the most influential.

one the frankish empire under the rule of carolingian dynasty was one of the most powerful empires in western europe during the early middle ages today the carolingian empire is considered to be the precursor of the modern states of france and germany as well as the historical forerunner to the holy roman empire charlemagne made some huge reforms and brought scholars from all over.

europe these scholars were responsible for creating textbooks and for establishing the basic foundation for medieval education grammar logic arithmetic and astronomy a major theme in charlemagne’s rhyme and the caringian renaissance was an attempt to unite the diverse ethnic cultural and linguistic groups within the kingdom because in this empire lived many ethnic groups by knowing that this empire was a real power in that time with around 1 million and 100 000 square kilometers.

we can ask ourselves why did the frankish or the carolingian empire collapse one of the most substantial trends to the carolinian dynasty and the frankish empire at that time was the practice of gobble-kind which created the division of the empire among the king’s sons this would eventually be replaced in the western europe by the practice of primogeniture.

which involved passing down the majority of a family’s property to the eldest son after charlemagne’s died his son louis took charge of this empire without many problems but his son louis had more sons on his own and here is the simple problem to present to you as simple as possible the situation was like this and this all the law if a king had many sons the power will not be given to the eldest.

The Frankish Empire Collapse


but will be spread to every one of them we can say that this was the main reason for the end of this empire the king’s law we all know is that the power is given to the first son the women didn’t have the rights to thrown but even this rule could have created instability and hate between the firstborn and the younger brothers there were some examples in history where brothers fought for power.

but in any case it didn’t divide a structure to give parts of the power to every sun so imagine this is your box and you have five suns for example applying the gover-kind rule after your death every sun will take a part of this box and if they don’t have some good administration skills and some respect for your work the box will be divided and broken in pieces so louis was made con emperor in 1830 and the entire.

empire passed to him with charlemagne’s death in the winter of 814 louis de pines often had to struggle to maintain control of the empire meanwhile in 817 louis had established three new carolinian kingships for his sons from his first marriage lother was made king of italy and co-emperor pepin was made king of aquitaine and louis the german was made king of bavoria his attempts in 823 to bring his four son from his second marriage Charles.

the bald into the will was more by the resistance of his eldest sons and the last years of his rhine were plugged by civil war the conflict started mainly for power his sons fought against each other providing great instability for the empire the war would end when the sides settled in 843 the partition of the empire was made by and between louis de pine’s three sons in the treaty of verdun each of the three brothers was already established in one kingdom lothar.

in kingdom of italy louis the germany kingdom of bavaria and charles the bald in the kingdom of aquitan charles the bald received the west francia portion of the empire which later became the kingdom of france charles received online’s west of rome called west francie lothar the first received middle franchise the central portion of the empire.

a territory hard to control and to defend against west or east due to the massive border that existed there in these settlements lother who had been named co-emperor in 1870 retained his title as emperor but it comforted only normal ownership of his brother lands his domain later became the low countries lorraine burgundy province and the kingdom of Italy.

the kingdom of italy was practically the northern health of the italian peninsula the northern part of this territory will be divided and lost for the middle franchise due to multiple ethnicities that existed there because it was hard to defend as they said so and because it passed to different suns again louis the german received the east francia portion of the empire he was guaranteed a kinship of all lands to the east of the rhine and to the north and east of italy called east francia.

this territory was populated in majority by germans and will become the holy roman empire in its future charlemagne descendants were poor rulers who fought among themselves instead of uniting against powerful local lords by 870 the middle kingdom had broken up it was divided between the eastern and western kingdoms.


this empire collapsed not only because of internal fields but also because invaders came into the empire from every direction from the east came the slavs who press central europe also from these came a new group of nomads the magyars which after some raids they settled down and established a kingdom in what is now the country of hungary from the north the vikings came they were primarily farmers.

but they also gathered fished and hunted the vikings started raiding in europe during 800s a growing population caused a serious food shortage in scandinavia many vikings left their homeland in search of food and treasure they sailed across the atlantic ocean to iceland and then to greenland and north America.

in time other vikings settled in england ireland france and eastern europe a large settlement in the northwest france will became normandy from the french word normans meaning north men the vikings seem to enjoy to fight in battles they use their force to strike terror and to conquer the muslims expanded hugely through north africa and then through iberian peninsula up to france.

even if the empire had some success against the muslims there was still a possible danger affecting even the trade which was very important for the local economies the roman empire was organized around situate which allowed fast and efficient communication around the ring of the mediterranean sea as well as cheap and fast trade bringing riches.

the land-based frankish empire had no such advantage needing to cooperate and communicate mostly over land which was slower on map we can see a pretty strong border on this empire it can look solid united dominating the western Europe.

however it was like a personal union where the king technically ruled as a number of different kingdoms beyond that there was nothing but legend of charlemagne’s and respect for his heirs to keep the empire together.

which was in truth culturally and linguistically a mess which was unable to function as an effective state in theory the empire remained a single unit with a single emperor ruling through its subordinates but the reality on the ground was already a collection of rewarding successor states with different languages and cultures.


which would only drift fada further apart over time the carolinian dynasty will end officially in 888 the frankish empire was a big country an example of bad administration where internal conflicts were the key in collapse of this structure which created a foundation stone for the new states which will be created in western Europe. in the next centuries.

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