Why did the Macedonian Empire Collapse?


in this article, we will talk about that why did the Macedonian Empire Collapse? it is the Year 323 BC more than 2,300 years ago a young king Alexander managed to conquer and expand his apply this was the biggest Empire ever seen at that moment the Macedonian Empire more than 100 years before Macedonia was small initially a Persian vassal Alexander.

Why did the Macedonian Empire Collapse

in ancient Greece the rise of Macedon from a small Kingdom at the periphery of fascicle Greek refers to one which came to dominate the entire Hellenic woods and beyond occurred in the span of just 35 years between 359 and 336 BC this ascendancy is largely linked to the personality and policies of Philip.

the father of Alexander the Great in addition to utilise effective diplomacy and marriage alliances to achieve his political aims philip ii was also responsible for reforming the asian Macedonian army in Turin an effective fighting force after the Corinthian war.

in which the Persian Empire was involved Macedon under philip ii quickly forced the city-states into being united by the League of Corinth which led to the conquering of the Persian Empire Philip became king in 359 BC managed to consolidate the areas around northern Greece under his power until he was killed in 336 BC Philip was a greek patriot his biggest ambition was to led a major expedition of a unified greece against the Persian Empire to avenge for the earlier Persian incursions.

on this land he was killed and his son Alexander was proclaimed king by the noblemen and by the army the news of Philips death Rose many states into revolt Alexander his son responded quickly him also to restore order Thessaly joined him and not in suit for peace at Corinth he was given the title hegemon of the Greek forces against the Persians before crossing to Asia.

Alexander wanted to create a safe zone his northern borders defeating some tribes and kingdoms then some city-states in the south rebelled again but in the final always in place the Greeks were united the dream of his father can now became possible in 334 BC the King Alexander crossed the Dardanelles in this early months dar used the third king of Persia refused to take Alexander seriously.

the first battle was at the Granicus River in May 334 BC and was a huge victory for Alexander to avoid possible rebellions in Asia Minor he wanted to appear to be a liberator so he freed a population and allowed self-government to the cities city after city surrendered to him with almost no resistance ambassadors from other Greek cities.

The Macedonian Empire Collapse


in Anatolia came to Alexander they offered submission and support if he allowed their democracies to continue Alexander granted their wish and allowed them to stop paying taxes to Persia but only if they joined the League of Corinth they accepted after the siege of hala cornices the Greeks marched Riga hearing about the defeated Granicus River.

the king of Persia Darius took personal charge of his army creating a big force with soldiers from all of the Empire the two forces met at Issus achieving a huge breakthrough in the Bavo the Greece created disorder and the Persians fled even if the Greek Macedonian army was outnumbered more than twice the battle was the beginning of the end for the mighty Persian Empire.

it was the first time the Persian army was defeated with his King on the field of bel in this bad situation that is offered to pay for some prisoners of war to become an ally and to give half of his empire to Alexander the responsive Alexander was unexpected the response began the King Alexander.

the Darius were was told scenarios that he and Alexander were not equals Alexander claimed that Darius was not a king and he’s responsible for the death of his father and for planning to invade Macedonia anyway the Greek invaders accepted to return the prisoners of war without any payment marching to the south two cities were besieged.

the siege of Tyre and afterwards the siege of Gaza Egypt is next here the situation was pretty seen the Egyptians were part of the Persian Empire because they were conquered by them so they hated the Persians here in Egypt people welcomed Alexander as their king place him on the tone of the Pharaohs giving him the crown of the Opera and the Lower Egypt and named him the incarnation of rah and Osiris. there were some cities founded with his name but here in Egypt was found the most important one which is alive even today with more than 5 million people back to ancient times leaving Egypt he marched to Mesopotamia in this time Darius was building up a massive army again hoping to crunch Alexander.

this time the Battle of Gaugamela the Persians again had the numbers Macedonians had a tactics and organization Alexander began by ordering his infantry to march in Palance formation towards the center of the enemy line smashing the Persians resisting the flanks and almost killing Darius a spear will kill his charioteer instead many believe that their king is dead and disaffected even more the result against them after this the marsh continued to the east defeating.

the last Persian forces and fighting even with the Indians and by this year Alexander’s Empire was a big powerful Empire emerged after defeating the boy the Persian Empire the question as always is why did a Macedonian Empire collapse first of all.

the kingdom of Macedonia existed before that and will lost another 200 years as a smaller one but I’m referring in this topic about Alexander’s Empire I’ve made a large introduction until this point towards the question because it’s very important you know what was before and how it was achieved Alexander wanted to reach the heads of the worlds and to go for into India but his army refused to march further east.

they wanted to see their parents their wives their children and their homeland he made a turning back and planned a series of new campaigns beginning with an invasion of Arabia but the young king died in Babylon at the age of 32 years old for many scholars this was the main reason for the fall of their part but it’s a very plausible reason due to the fact that Alexander was an oddity Hugh was the core of its Empire.

this Empire existed at his huge dimensions due to his vision braveness and intelligence to win essential battles but also he was the son of philip ii de baad who reformed the Macedon Alexander proved to his old people that even if he is young he deserves to be in command the true son of Philip but he believed dead and now that he was poisoned Alexander had no legitimate hair his son Alexander.


the fourth who was born after his death a new commander was requested there was support for Alexander’s half-brother Philip our hideous decides Rick assault and often the birth of Alexander the 4th he and Philip were appointed joyed Kings dissension and rivalry soon affected the Macedonians however each general used to bid for power.

after the assassination of perdicas a general in 331 BC the Macedonian unity collapsed and 40 years of war between the successors happened before the Hellenistic world settled into four stable power blocks Ptolemaic Egypt Seleucid Mesopotamia in Central Asia Italia d’Italia an anti God in Macedon.

in the process both Alexander the 4th and Philip were killed the fight for power and the division was the result of Alexander’s death as I said he was the core the Conqueror the grid this is a real proof in our history that some people were willing to fight each other for power is sent to compromise for the greater good but is this the only reason.

actually it holds the main one not the only one but let’s see a look at the problems of Alexander’s vast empire the big problem was that Empire was huge around 5 million square kilometers the logistics of rolling an empire sighs of alexander’s was hugely as you can see from any map of his empire and extended from Greece.

the northern day India a territory pretty hard to control with very harsh conditions in some places to live in where it was very hard to travel from one point to another the territory was conquered pretty fast there are many people out there with different cultures and languages just think for a second that this.

Empire had Greek Egyptian Persian Indian in some other cultures in it it covered many major ancient civilization the Greek culture has spread into Egypt Persia and Northwest India too but it wasn’t enough to roll them higher without any rebellions or any other crises based.

on different cultures and seeing the Greeks as invaders there was a process to Hollin eyes the territories but it couldn’t happen overnight even if Alexander at his Empire died of the reserve period of true domination his accomplishments and legacy have been depicted in many cultures.


he became a legend an inspiration and was admired by many historical figures starting with Romans especially generals and emperors and adding with present-day people as I said even if this Empire died a long time ago each story remained eternal.

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