Why did the Spanish Empire Collapse?


in this article, we will talk about that why did the Spanish Empire collapse? after the collapse of the western roman empire new kingdoms were created and new populations entered in the former roman territories the eastern part of the empire later known as the byzantine empire tried to regain some of its lost lands.

Why did the Spanish Empire collapse

in the next decades and they succeeded partially what remained of the roman empire expanded again in north africa italy and in some parts of iberian peninsula in where a visigothic kingdom was established the byzantines lost these territories in time and the visigoths became the masters of iberia but this will not last for long the arabs expande.

 in levant and north africa and all the way up in today’s iberia the umayyad caliphate reached its peak in 750 a.d having almost all of iberia this dynasty was overthrown by the abbasid dynasty and instability was caused in this islamic empire some new kingdoms emerged in the north and the conflict between christians and muslims was on this was a period known as the Reconquista.

in which there christian kingdoms managed to gain lands the crown of castile and the crown of aragon united under a marriage in which will be later known as spain in the future after expelling muslim rulers and after a conquista the crown of castile began to explore across the atlantic ocean in 1492.

gaining knowledge of a new world they expanded quickly into this new continent before other powers like france or england the spanish empire was the first global empire it was also one of the largest empires in the world history in 16th century spain and portugal were in the vanguard of european global exploration and colonial expansion.

this new world empire was at first a disappointment for the spaniards as the population here in this new continent had little to trade some diseases that arrived where the conquistadors killed the native population in the south and central america especially in the very densely populated regions of some civilizations this was a bad sign and it reduced the economic potential of the new lands due to the instability that followed the massive expansion happened.

when something was discovered by the spanish gold and silver which was found in pretty large quantity and this transformed the empire the 16th century was marked by large-scale extraction of rich deposits voyages to asia existed and a trade road was inaugurated across the pacific between the philippines and mexico due to all of this the spanish economy was stronger than.

ever the spanish empire was at a time a true world power knowing all of this we can ask again another interesting [Music] question [Music] as in other cases the decline of the spanish empire was brought about by many factors for a massive structure like this is not so easy to fall or to become weaker something important happened and the starting reason is money.

The Spanish Empire collapse


money was tied for the spanish during the 17th century despite tons of gold that were sent from the colonies of americans but colonizing some territories and forming an empire wasn’t so hard for them the hardest part was to maintain it in just 100 years after columbus voyages spain expanded hugely in the americas from today’s mexico to chile and at that time british and french weren’t so involved in creating colonies spain had a great start but.

they were overextended in such a short time and we can see that from that time on little progress was made in expanding the colonies one of the reasons money something happened but until that let’s see how european spain evolved spain enjoyed its golden age in 16th and 17th centuries it was considered the greatest power of the world at that time the resource-rich colonies of spain thus caused large cash inflows into the country for a period.

the spanish empire dominated the oceans with its huge and professional navy they even ruled the european battlefield with its fearsome and well-trained infantry but let’s go again back in time at the beginning of 16th century when after the union between castile and aragon a new king from the house of habsburg came in power in what will become spain in that time.

a single king could have ruled one two or more countries in europe in fact one man could have gained immense power spain’s first hubspot ruler was charles the first and he became king of spain in 1516 from that time on the territory of spain became central to the dynastic struggles of europe after becoming king of spain.

charles also became charles v in the holy roman empire having under him the spanish and the holy roman empire as well as the south of italy which was part of the former aragon and austrian territories tensions existed between some kingdoms in that time for many reasons.

an important one was a religion as you may think that there was christianity and there was nothing to worry about well think again because the protestants grew in numbers and their movements were seen as a heresy by the holy catholic church the hamsburgs were catholics and in that time religion was a very serious thing the massive rule of the habsburgs created difficulties.

in its administration and charles wanted to divide the house in two parts one for the holy roman empire and other for spain and its possessions the son of charles philip ii came to the throne and ruined from 1556 until 1598.

as it was presented religion was a very serious thing spain banned heresy and they massively supported catholics in their religious conflicts in europe by promoting catholicism philip saw himself as a champion of the church in these religious wars the netherlands were under spanish crown the people here rose again.

the spanish administration because it seems that the rulers were not really interested in their needs and of course spain wanted to crush the revolt and to destroy the protestant movement in these territories an 80-year war will happen in which other powers will be evolved like france or england spain wants you to invade england also and want berserk thinking that can put an end to the protestants.


it was a huge effort to run the war for many years and lost it millions of ducats were lost in this campaign with a lack of money poor investments were made in americas after this fell spain was cut up by other powers instability followed in the next decades in the 17th century and spain was eclipsed in the european theater by france and its allies the last habsburg ruler of spain was charles ii.

which died without any hair after his death the war of spanish succession happened and in the final a new monarch from the french house of bourbon was named king the 18th century will be marked by new wars and alliances in europe in which spain will be present over and over again these conflicts will weaken the Spanish.

in time and not so much will be gained after all these wars they managed to expand further up in the north america speaking of the americas new colonies were created here by other powers and their colonies were more stable due to the fact that were better administrated and smaller unlike the other european powers the spanish largely subjugated or executed.

the natives they found managing to focus more on gold and silver also there was far too much empire to govern and the lack of central administrative rule led to corruption instability and small economic centers in the colonial power structure.

the 19th century was marked by tensions revolutions wars independence and other big events that would shape the history of the entire world spain was a great actor in this time the spanish still had it possession much of the american continent as well as other territories.

in asia and africa but the main colonies were across the atlantic meanwhile the french and the british focused on other places too the napoleonic wars marked the beginning of the century a french invasion followed and a new king was put on throne this caused a great instability and the thirst for independence reached.

the colonies in the americas and this led to movement after movement in the colonies revolutions happened and new countries were born spain lost all of its american colonies except cuba and puerto rico but at the end of the 19th century cubans wanted their independence and after the intervention of the united states the american spanish war started.


in which spain was defeated and they lost all of its colonies including cuba puerto rico the philippines and guam to the united states in exchange for some money this officially marked the end of this empire the french and the british empire overseas territories prevailed for more decades due to their stability and due to their focus over other territories in america the bad administration and the instability that followed from the 17th century on puts an end to this once a mighty empire.

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