Yalniz Kurt Urdu Subtitles

Yalniz kurt Episode 19 ( The Lone Wolf) Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost

Watch And Download Yalniz Kurt Episode 19 Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost , Yalniz Kurt Episode 19 ( The Lone Wolf) Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost, And Also Watch Kurulus Osman Season 4 , Alp Arslan Season 2, Only On Pakwap.

Yalniz kurt Episode 19 ( The Lone Wolf) Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost

Yalniz kurt Episode 19 ( The Lone Wolf) Urdu Subtitle Free Of Cost

And it should be remembered that Prince Murad will not be born to them first, but Süleyman Paşa who was the eldest son of Orhan Bey And Süleyman Paşa was born in 1316 By this time it will not be possible to reach the end of the new season , Yalniz kurt Episode 19

So chances are Holofira will be a mother at the end of next season While her son will not be shown yet Another important topic is whether the Turks are going to face each other in the upcoming season As there are strong chances of Germiyanoğulları tribe coming up in the new season

So history also makes it clear that they faced the Ottomans in the battlefield as well But it didn’t happen all of a sudden This dispute lasted for a long time And at one time the intensity had increased Not only that,

the Germiyands went so far in opposing the Ottomans in every era that they started supporting the enemies During the reign of Osman Bey, he supported the Mongol commander çavdar The two forces also clashed on the battlefield , Yalniz kurt Episode 19

The main reason for this conflict was that Eskişehir was given to Osman Bey by the Seljuk Sultan. But Germiyands was angry about it They repeatedly tried to capture Eskişehir And claimed that it was in his sovereignty The conflict turned into a bloody war

when the Germiyands planned with the Tatars and Mongols to attack Eskişehir. To which the Ottomans gave a strong response And the Mongol commander was captured The Germiyands had also imposed a tax in the market of Karachaisar

They also wanted to impose their influence on the Ottoman territories Due to these conditions, the battle field was greatly tested And the Germiyands were defeated Now in the series, when Germiyanoğulları will be brought to the fore , Yalniz kurt Episode 19

So we will get to see all these events as well In which only the Turks will stand with their swords drawn against each other In the series,

the appearance of Germiyands was shown in the form of Gongür Bey From there it was clear what was going to happen next Gongur Bey appeared not only to be at odds with Osman Bey Rather,

he also wanted to kill Osman Bey Another important topic is under discussion Osman Bey’s victories in the last season were already inferred That now there will be no shortage of enemies Osman Bey will advance as much as possible You will also have to face big enemies In the upcoming season,

Osman Bey will now face the great Byzantine state And instead of governors and commanders, the emperor himself will jump into battle Where everyone knows that Osman Bey’s dream is the victory of Bursa Also keep in mind that the governor of Bursa will be shown as very dangerous , Yalniz kurt Episode 19

Which has been mentioned in the last season And he is also aware of all the actions of Osman Bey Because the traitor Barkın had already informed the governor of Bursa by writing a letter about Osman Bey Now where the governor of Bursa knows about

Osman Bey So Osman Bey will be unaware of his enemies, it is not possible Everyone is aware of Osman Bey’s high intelligence He is always two steps ahead of the enemy Which is the main reason for its success Osman Bey has started gathering information about his enemies to defeat them If you remember,

somewhere behind Kosis’ move to Bursa was the planning of Osman Bey It was he who stopped him from participating in the war and told him to go there Now when Kosis returns next season So the secret will be revealed as to what purpose that Bursa went

He will definitely bring such information from there Who will now help Osman Bey in major wars In other words, Osman Bey’s eyes and ears will be Kosis for the time being in Bursa And then news will continue to be received from the white beards What is going on there?

And what is being planned As the story progresses His action will reach the extreme Now we will see a large-scale war How eager you are to see this action Be sure to let us know in the comments and share the article See You Soon!

Yalniz kurt Episode 19 ( The lonely wolf ) Urdu Subtitle

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